Commercial Carports – Strong with So Many Application Possibilities

Commercial carports can suit a variety of business needs for storage and weather-protection. They are strong structures with the ones made out of metal being a more affordable and low-maintenance option compared to those made of wood. Depending on the specific requirement, they can be installed on gravel, ground or concrete surfaces.

Multiple Applications

Some of the possible applications of these carports are:

  • Car rental agencies can use them to protect their fleet of vehicles
  • They provide adequate cover for outdoor events
  • Large ones can be used to provide shade to livestock or horses or to store big tractors
  • They can be used to protect farm equipment and machinery
  • Small ones can provide cover for vegetable/fruit stands
  • Ideal shelter for outdoor retail displays
  • Parking for staff, tenants or customers
  • Completely enclosed models can be outfitted as offices, workshops or distribution centers

Other Advantages

There are other reasons why commercial carports are a great investment. They have several customization options including a wide range of color choices. Certified models provide the guarantee of having satisfied all building code and permission rules imposed by your state, county or city. Financing options are available for the carports and you can have them professionally installed by your dealer.

Carports with Additional Storage Areas

There are carports that have been designed with additional storage areas built on to them so that the owner can enjoy having all of the great qualities that a custom built garage has to offer without having to pay an installation crew to build one. A carport is a structure that covers your vehicle or other large piece of equipment that must be kept outdoors such as a tractor or riding lawn mower.

Many people who own these items may not have a garage connected to their home and therefore they need to purchase a building or structure like a carport to keep their expensive lawn equipment or vehicle protected from harmful weather or other outdoor elements.

While a standard carport is able to serve the purpose well, a carport that has additional storage space added on to it offers even more benefits because it can provide you with extra space to store away smaller lawn equipment, garden tools, or large storage containers that are full of seasonal decorations.

There are also some carports that can be used as barns, and have compartments where livestock can rest and tractors or other farm equipment can be stored away. This is a very convenient option for people who have small farms with one or two horses or cows on their land. They do not have to invest in having a large barn built when they only need an area for a handful of animals to stay. These barn ‘carports’ are made out of high quality metals that are built to last and withstand everything that nature has to throw at them.

Many carport companies will also have metal buildings in stock as well that can provide you with adequate storage space for all of your lawn equipment or seasonal holiday decorations. These steel buildings can also add value to the price of your property and a metal building will hold up much longer and provide more protection than a standard wooden storage shed could.

The Many Purposes of Storage Buildings

Storage buildings can serve many purposes for homeowners, especially those who do not have much space inside their homes to store away items that are only in use during certain times of the year.

Storage buildings can also be very useful when it comes to providing a protective and clean place to store your expensive lawn care equipment such as riding lawnmowers or trimmers. You can also find large storage buildings that have enough space to store a fishing boat or other types of water sports equipment so that it will not become damaged from harmful winds and rains or other disastrous weather conditions.

You may also want to use a storage building to store away seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or equipment for summer sports and other activities like volleyball nets or swimming pool essentials which would not be in use during colder weather.

Some storage building structures like carports can be used to protect and store your vehicles, much like a garage but less expensive to set up and maintain. Carports are available in various sizes so that you can store one single car or several automobiles at once all under the same roof.

Storage buildings can be very valuable investments because they provide you with a safe place to store your possessions so that they do not have to be left in an area where they may be damaged by moisture, wind, rain, hail or snow. They can also provide you with more space inside your home if you have been using an extra bedroom as a place to store many of your belongings. Also, a storage building can help to add more value to your property which can be very helpful if you ever need to sell your home, or take out a mortgage on the overall value of your home.

Setting up a Storage Building

When you purchase a storage building, you may have the opportunity to have the new building professionally installed. This service is typically provided by businesses that manufacture the storage buildings themselves and those who create customized buildings to suit your own personal needs.

When you work with a storage building manufacturing and installation company, you will visit the main office and choose what type of design you want along with the size of storage building that you require. Many of these places will allow you to customize the color and other designer features such as doors and windows for example as well as the materials that will be used to construct the building itself.

Once you have placed your order, the manufacturers will get to work, constructing your building the exact way that you want it. It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in order for the company to get your job completed. Once they have the building finished, they will deliver it to your home and get to work on setting it up so that it may be used.

You can specify exactly where in your yard you would like to have your storage building set up. However the installation crew may have to suggest an alternate location if the area you have chosen is on a slope or hill, or other area that may make installation difficult. This should be discussed with the manufacturers whenever you are choosing your storage building specifications so that you can think of another place to set up your building if you need to.

A storage building can be an expensive investment depending on the quality of the materials that were used to construct it, and the size of the building itself, but it can be a very worthwhile addition to your property because it serves a great purpose. You will have more room in your home once you are able to move all of those storage boxes out to the new building and all of your outdoor equipment will be safe from the wind and rain while it is stored away for the winter.

High Quality Storage Buildings

Storage buildings that are made out of high quality materials are your best choice when it comes to finding an outdoor storage solution. Metal or steel storage buildings will last much longer and provide you with more protection against the outdoor elements than typical wooden storage sheds are able to. And even though these quality storage buildings can cost much more than those made out of lesser quality materials, it is still highly recommended that you invest in one of these buildings if you want to keep the valuables that you have stored inside safe all year long.

Many times high quality storage buildings will be much larger than other types of storage sheds which will allow you to store away larger items or more boxes full of seasonal items and equipment. If you can find a storage building that is large enough to hold all of your outdoor equipment such as a riding lawn mower, or water sports equipment, then purchasing a high quality storage building will be a lifetime investment. Storage buildings of this type will protect your tools and machinery much better than standard quality sheds normally do.

A wooden storage building is prone to draw in moisture when it is extremely hot outside, this will cause any clothing or soft material items to accumulate mildew or mold. There is also a higher chance of rodents and pests such as ants and other harmful insects building nests inside of a wooden storage building or other type of building that is not completely secured. A high quality building that has been made out of high quality steel or other metal materials will be secure, stable and durable enough to keep out most pests and hold up against strong winds and rains.

Before You Buy a Storage Building

There are several things any homeowner should know before purchasing a storage building. First, you need to make sure that you get all of the necessary permits. In most areas, you need a permit to legally make any alterations to your property.

You can get a permit at your local town hall or the office that deals with planning and zoning in your area. It is important to ask questions when you speak to one of the planning representatives so that you will have everything you need in order to get started with your project. Some towns can have very strict policies when it comes to altering properties; therefore, it is important that the permit process is followed very carefully and all the paperwork is filled out accordingly.

Placing any type of carport or storage building on your property is typically considered making a change to the land that you own, and it could also affect your property taxes as well as the overall resale value of your home. Obtaining a permit is a very standard procedure and it should not be difficult.

Make Sure To Get Your Permits

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we pride ourselves on guiding you through every step of the carport buying experience.  We will help you in the design stage of your project as well as coordinate the delivery and installation of your steel structure.  As a homeowner though there are a couple of things you will want to make sure you are doing on your end to ensure the process goes smoothly.


Whenever you will be doing anything to alter your property in most towns and cities you need to pull a permit to do so.   This can normally be done at the town hall or any local planning and zoning office that you may have in your town.  Be sure to make sure you have all of your bases covered in reference to this because some towns have strict penalties in their permit process is not followed.

Laws and Ordinances

Pulling a permit is pretty standard procedure when it comes to making any improvements or alterations to your home.  One other thing you will want to check is if your town may have any specific laws or ordinances that govern steel structures in particular. In most towns the pulling of a permit is all that will be necessary, but some towns have quirky laws that you want to be aware of.

If there is any language you do not understand while through the permit process, run it by your Keen’s Buildings’ representative and they can help you translate what the regulations mean.

Carport Side Panels and Utility Carports

If you aren’t ready to invest in an enclosed garage, you might consider a  carport with side panels. A carport with side panels can provide many of the  benefits of enclosed garages and may require a lesser investment. So what can  these side panels do for you? They can:

  • Protect your car from  the elements, including wind and rain.
  • Allow you to avoid  lifting garage doors to drive in and out of your carport.

Is it landscaping or farm equipment you need to store? You might find a  utility carport even more helpful. Utility carports offer another way to keep  your equipment protected from bad weather. Additionally, a utility  carport offers a very unique feature – a separate room. This room can be used  for many things – an office, “man cave,” or even a permanent residence. So, not  only do you protect your car from the worst nature can do, you can also make the  space your own!

Interested in a carport or utility carport? Check out our website for photos  and give us a call. Our photo gallerycontains great pictures of the types of  structures we provide. You’ll be able to see the wide variety of choices  available to you. We will be happy to help you find the best
carport option for your personal needs.

What You Should Know About Storage Buildings

Are you outgrowing your space as your business grows?  If so, then you may want to consider a storage building in order to house your valuables in a safe place.  There are companies that will engineer a storage building to fit the exact specifications that you require.  You will want to take into effect the land that you have to work with when deciding where and what shape you want the storage building to be.  This may go without saying, but from a measurement point of view you want to be sure to be accurate to avoid wasting a lot of time and money.  Are you unsure where to even begin in terms of measuring or knowing which kind of storage building you need?

Don’t worry, there are companies that make, design, and deliver these buildings for a living.  This is one of the main benefits to partnering with them.  They can walk you through any part of the process and because of their experience they can break things down so you perfectly understand them.  While you always have the final say for how your storage building will look, the company you work with will be able to give you advice in this respect as well.

Are you worried about the cost of a storage building?  If so, please do not let that be a big concern.  The reputable storage building dealers will always offer attractive financing packages to those who qualify.  The most qualified buyers have been known to received as much as zero down financing with attractive rates.

Carports Keep You Dry

We have all different kinds of clients with all different kinds of needs at Keens Buildings including those who want to take advantage of a carport’s most basic featutre: the fact that it keeps people dry.  Yes it may seem simple, but when you think about it isn’t that the most simple use of any metal protective structure?  Some of our customers were just simply sick of getting out of their car and dealing with their elements as they walked into their house.  They chose to partner with Keens Buildings because we engineer and design carports that fit seamlessly into any driveway and provide people that protection from the elements that they are searching for.

We will work with you to design structures that will fit on your land that you have available.  Do not know where to start as far as building a carport goes?  Well you are in luck because we have years experience in the industry and are ready to educate and guide you through the process.  We provide dedicated staff to your project who will be wit you every step of the way, you never have to deal with a new team member who has to get up to speed.

Some people we know chose to get carports just so their groceries would not have the chance of getting wet.  When you think about it, that actually makes sense given the price of groceries these days and how valuable they obviously are in our day to day life.  Our carports are metal structures that are not only expertly designed, but they are easy to maintain and virtually eliminate the day-to-day maintenance that wooden carports may require.  Contact us today to get a free consultation so we can show you how we can make your worries a thing of the past.