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12×44 Storage Sheds

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12×44 Storage Sheds

12×44 Storage Shed Uses:

  • She Shed or Man Cave
  • Artist/Photography Studio
  • Hobby Space
  • Gardening Shed
  • Office Space
  • Workshop

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Shop 12×44 Storage Sheds

Do you need a long-term oversized storage solution? If you’re looking for a unit that can house all your equipment, appliances, and extra household items, a 12×44 storage shed is the structure for you. This storage shed is popular for both residential and commercial uses. You can also use it for recreational purposes, like a man cave or she-shed, without feeling cramped!

Choosing a Material for Your 12×44 Shed

The material you select for your 12×44 storage shed depends on a number of factors. Local climate, intended use, and budget all play a role in determining what finish is best for your portable storage building. From siding to roofing, we offer three diverse material options for our 12×44 storage sheds that excel in durability and longevity.

  • Wood Storage Sheds
    Although metal sheds tend to be a preferred option among our customers, wood storage sheds provide the benefit of a more traditional aesthetic. Those looking to convert their shed into a tiny home or habitable structure may find that our sheds constructed from yellow pine wood provide a more welcoming look.

    While our 12×44 wood storage sheds will require more maintenance, they’re also easier to match to the main structure of your home. This allows you to achieve a more uniform feel on your property.

  • Metal Storage Sheds
    Our 12×44 metal storage sheds are by far the most popular material among Keen’s customers. These are our most durable and long-lasting structures, with a wind load rating of up to 160 mph.

    Typically constructed out of steel, our metal storage sheds feature thick, 29-gauge wall panels. As a result, they are impenetrable, weather-resistant, and immune to denting or scuffing. For enhanced security, a metal storage shed is the way to go.

  • Aluminum Storage Sheds
    Though not as sturdy as steel, many homeowners choose a 12×44 aluminum storage shed for its affordability and convenience. They are ideal for casual use, such as storing tools or gardening equipment. The thinner wall gauge makes them more lightweight than steel, therefore allowing for better portability and heat dispersion.

    Some choose aluminum roofing due to its ability to reflect heat off the structure, keeping it cooler in the summer. However, be mindful not to place your structure underneath any trees, as falling debris and branches could dent this material.

Customization Options for 12×44 Storage Sheds

When you purchase a portable storage building from Keen’s Buildings, you are receiving an expertly constructed shed with an extensive list of customizability options. Our structures are designed to exceed your expectations and serve all of your needs.
Our 12×44 metal storage sheds come with:

  • Your choice of 2×4 yellow pine wood or a c-channel steel frame
  • 2×6 floor joists on 16” centers
  • 4×6 pressure-treated skids
  • ¾” pressure treated flooring
  • Screws to attach floor on select models. Ask a sales rep if this option is available for you
  • Variety of metal and wood siding options (including aluminum, T1-11 wood siding, hardi-plank, vinyl, and steel)

Learn more about our siding options:

  • T1–11: Featuring a natural, wood-grained look, this siding option helps you achieve a more traditional aesthetic. Although metal and vinyl siding is more often used in contemporary projects, T1-11 wood siding is still a popular choice for a more natural finish.
  • Hardi-Plank: Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to wood siding? Hardi-Plank helps you take your sustainable structure to the next level. Although it closely resembles wood, it is a composite material made of fiber cement.
    29-Gauge Steel Panels: This is possibly the most secure and sturdy siding material of them all. Our thick, 29-gauge steel siding panels protect your portable storage building against dents, scuffs, scratches, and weathering. Wind load certified and extremely durable, this heavy-duty siding will last a lifetime.
  • Vinyl: Our vinyl siding is installed over an oriented strand board (OSB) for superior strength and endurance. One of our more affordable yet also customizable options, it’s popular for being low-maintenance.

Advantages of a 12×44 Storage Shed

There are countless benefits to owning a 12×44 storage shed. Whether you and your family choose to use it for practical purposes or you get creative with the space, you’re sure to love the possibilities it will offer. There are a number of reasons to invest in a 12×44 storage shed.

  • Declutters the House
    With an extra storage space, imagine how much room you could save in the house! Take on that closet decluttering project you’ve always wanted to by storing your less frequently used items in this portable storage building. Holiday decorations, old clothes, toolboxes, and other items can still stay secure in your new 12×44 shed.

    Tired of piling things into your attic space? Now you have a new area for your possessions.

  • More than Just Storage
    Sure, storing things is great. But with a 12×44 shed, you can also create a recreational space for you and the whole family to enjoy. Convert this storage shed into a pool house, home office, or game room, and watch it transform into the ultimate backyard hangout. A 12×44 storage shed can easily fit plenty of seating, or you can also set up a main feature like a pool table.

    No matter how you choose to use it, this structure provides tons of versatility.

  • Saves Room in the Garage
    Gone are the days of lining your garage walls with treasured possessions. Some homeowners rely on their garage storage so much, it leaves no room for their automobiles. By moving your workbench, tools, and other essential gear into your 12×44 storage shed, you can create a dedicated workshop and make room for your vehicles.

    Keep this important entry point for your home clean and free of clutter. Your car will also thank you!

  • Customizable & Attractive
    What’s the beauty of a 12×44 storage shed from Keen’s? Well, the fact that you can choose from such a wide variety of designs! We will help you customize your storage shed to match your home’s aesthetic – all the way down to siding color, roof type, and door/window configurations. All of our sheds are easy on the eyes and available in different styles, from traditional to modern.

    A shed doesn’t need to be an eyesore. We’ll create a charming, attractive structure that you’ll be proud to feature on your property.

  • Boosts Home Value
    Did you know that a well-configured storage shed can add as much as $15,000 to your home value? Especially if you transform your 12×44 storage shed into an extra living space, you can earn an impressive return on your investment when it comes time to sell. When you put your home on the market, you can advertise this additional structure as a home office, second living space, pool house, or backyard sanctuary.

    Furthermore, a storage shed could give you the competitive edge you need to appeal to interested buyers in a saturated market.

Choosing Between Storage Solutions

You might be wondering: Why should I opt for a storage shed versus a storage unit? There are various benefits to choosing a storage shed above a storage unit. From cost considerations to security measures, the choice you make will largely depend on your current circumstances, along with what you’re planning to store.

  • When should I use a storage unit?
    A storage unit can be a convenient, short-term storage solution. If privately owned outdoor space is not available to you, then you might turn to a storage unit for a quick and temporary fix. Storage units are commonly used among those downsizing from larger living spaces to smaller ones. Or, most often, those who are moving from one apartment to another might turn to a storage unit as a way to house some of their less-crucial belongings until they settle in.
  • Why are storage sheds better?
    The truth is that storage sheds are ultimately more cost-effective, secure, and efficient than renting out a storage unit. If you are looking for long-term storage, then a storage shed is the only way to go. In the long run, it will cost you less money than renting a storage unit for an extended period of time. Also, the ability to keep it on your property results in better safety and protection for your belongings.

    The average cost to rent a storage unit is some $190/mo. With our zero-down financing and rent-to-own programs, you can acquire a similar deal on a storage structure of your own.

12×44 Storage Shed Considerations

Before building and ordering your 12×44 storage shed, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into consideration. The longevity of your shed relies heavily on its structural integrity. Deciding what you intend to use your shed for, how you want it to look, and what your budget is will help in the buying process.

  • Determine the Shed’s Purpose
    What are you going to do with your new 12×44 shed? If you plan on using it as a standard storage space, then think about what you plan to store. When you want to use it for expensive power tools, then added security is a must. But, if it’ll serve as a firewood storage, then your requirements may be less stringent.

    Or, perhaps you want to use it as a recreational area. If it’s going to be an art studio, more windows for natural lighting are crucial. If it’ll be a woodworking shop or home office, then you’ll need to plan for electrical hook-ups.

  • Long-Lasting Flooring
    The lifespan of your shed depends largely on the quality of flooring. All Keen’s Buildings sheds are elevated slightly and anchored onto concrete blocks to ensure proper leveling. Our structures are also built with pressure-treated skids, floors, and floor joists for long-lasting structural integrity. Pressure-treated floors protect against weathering and the elements. With this, the flooring of your shed will be more resistant to decay, warping, splitting, cracks, pests, and more!
  • Choose the Right Roofing
    The roofing you choose for your storage shed can vary widely. If you need overhead storage space, a gambrel-style roof provides extra clearance. Aluminum roofs are a popular option for their affordability and heat dispersion, as they reflect heat off your storage structure. However, they cannot be placed under trees since falling branches or debris can damage the pliable material of this roof type. Steel roofs are sturdier and won’t dent, but they absorb more heat. Choose wisely based on your climate and surroundings!
  • Siding Options
    Due to the strength and durability of metal storage sheds, aluminum and steel siding tend to be the most popular picks. Metal siding is favorable for its resistance to weathering. Steel siding, in particular, is favored for its thicker gauge. This makes it ultra-secure and unable to dent, scuff, or scratch.

    However, if you’re looking for customizability and a more traditional aesthetic, then vinyl siding might be the best for you. It is low-maintenance, available in a number of colors, and affordable.

  • Durable Skids & Floor Joists
    Our pressure-treated skids and floor joists are crucial for protecting your structure against rot and moisture. You want to make sure the foundation of your 12×44 shed is strong enough to hold all that you store without sagging or warping. Not only do these provide a stable base, the pressure treatment also keeps pests and critters out of sight.
  • Customize & Configure to Your Needs
    When you buy a 12×44 storage shed, you make a purchase that will last you a lifetime. That’s why you want to make sure your portable storage building is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Choose from 13 different color options, various roof styles, and countless door/window configurations.

    No matter how you plan to use your metal storage shed, you can give it an exact look you desire. Match it to your home for a sense of uniformity and watch your guests “ooh and aah” at its novelty.

3 Common Buying Mistakes to Avoid

A 12×44 storage shed is not an impulse buy. Chances are, you’ve spent a great deal of time planning for this purchase, thinking about where to place it, and hammering out all the logistics. Even with extensive preparation, there are certain areas that frequently get overlooked. Here are a few common mistakes homeowners make when buying a portable storage building.

  • Underestimating your storage space needs.
    Many homeowners choose a storage shed size based on their current belongings. They take stock of what’s in their garage or attic and use that to determine their needs. However, this leads to trouble in the future. As we accumulate more items, we soon realize we need to upsize, and have to undergo the process of transferring to a larger shed. Instead, be generous with your storage space estimates. Always get a slightly larger size that you think is necessary so as to accommodate potential future storage needs.
  • Overlooking quality.
    Your local hardware store may have simple plastic or plywood sheds for a nominal price, but these are not built with longevity in mind. Furthermore, without quality construction, you potentially expose valuable equipment to moisture, dirt, and more. As these cheaper shed models deteriorate, so does the quality of your gear – leaving it prone to rust and damage.

    You’ll end up spending more money to buy multiple sheds than purchasing an expert-engineered structure from the get-go.

  • Not placing the shed on a sturdy foundation.
    There’s a reason we anchor our metal storage sheds to concrete blocks. Placing your storage shed directly on the ground would make it extremely vulnerable to the elements. Firstly, this is easy access for pests and critters to enter your structure through the floorboards. Secondly, the proximity to the soil can cause moisture transfer, leading to rot and decay.

    When your shed is carefully anchored and elevated, it provides a stable foundation for maximum durability.

12×44 Storage Shed Uses & Ideas

Due to its generous size, a 12×44 storage shed can have a multitude of uses. Whether you choose to use it as a relaxation space, hobby shed, or home workshop, you’ll be pleased with the opportunities its ample room provides.

  • She Shed
    Looking for a safe haven from the chaos of domestic life? Conveniently convert your portable storage building into a she-shed by setting it up with a loveseat, some comfortable throws, and an abundance of cushions. Turn it into a soft feminine space with a plush rug and enjoy activities like reading, knitting, or meditating.
  • Man Cave
    Say “so long” to basement man caves and “hello” to your very own backyard sanctuary! Turn your 12×44 shed into a man cave by placing some posters on the wall or furnishing it with some comfortable loungers and armchairs. You can also turn it into a game room for you and your friends by setting up a pool table, dartboard, or poker table for late-night hangouts.
  • Artist’s Studio
    What better space to paint, sculpt, and create than a private backyard getaway? Line your shed walls with big windows for plenty of natural light to practice your craft. A 12×44 storage shed can easily fit an easel, sculpting station, or potter’s wheel. Cover the walls with your artwork and watch this artist’s retreat come to life.

    If you’re a writer, you can also set up a desk and use this space for quiet reflection when composing your next novel!

  • Workshop
    A 12×44 storage shed is ideal for a workshop setup. Place a large workbench alongside one wall, and you still have room for your miter saw and other power tools. Optimize your tool storage with items like a rolling tool chest, floating wall shelves, and even an overhead loft-access storage area.

    With plenty of room to keep large equipment, wood planks, and even a wall-mounted cantilever tool rack, you’re sure to love it!

  • Gardening Shed
    Need someplace to keep all your gardening gear? A 12×44 storage shed can easily hold your rake, lawnmower, shovel, plow, fertilizer bags, weedwacker, and more. Plenty of homeowners use 12×44 storage sheds as potting and maintenance stations. With plenty of room for a potting bench, you can trim and re-pot plants in this space without worrying about making a mess.

    Use wall-mounted hooks to easily hang up your essential gardening equipment while saving floor space for your pots, bags of topsoil, and other oversized items.

    …and more!

Permitting Process for 12×44 Storage Shed

With larger structures like a 12×44 storage shed, there may be a number of local ordinances you have to take into account. If you live in a community with a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), make sure to consult with them about the possibility of implementing an additional structure on your property.

Depending on how you plan to use your shed – and whether water and electrical hook-ups are needed – you’ll also need to consult with your local housing authority. Sheds that are intended for commercial use, such as an office, may be subject to some zoning limitations. Every region also has requirements in terms of setback lines, which refers to the proximity at which a structure can sit to your property line.

Make sure to research local and regional guidelines prior to your purchase.

12×44 Storage Shed Pricing

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of your 12×44 storage shed. The materials you select will be the largest contributor, with finishes like vinyl leaning on the more affordable side and steel leaning on the more expensive side. Roof type also plays a large role, with traditional, A-frame, and boxed eave roofs serving as a more midrange option. Meanwhile, gambrel-style roofs and vertical roof panels typically cost more.

Based on these factors and more, the general pricing for a 12×44 storage shed starts at $12,590 for a standard unit. For an entirely custom structure, this price will differ.

Financing Your Shed with Keen’s Buildings

We offer some of the friendliest and most flexible financing options in the industry. Just fill out our simple General Financing Application and we’ll help you work out a payment plan that best fits within your budget. Based on your financial situation, you’ll either be eligible for our Rent-to-Own program or zero-down financing.

Learn more about our financing options below.

  • Rent-to-Own: Our rent-to-own program requires NO credit check. Simply fill out our rent-to-own application and an Account Specialist will be in contact to work out the best monthly payment plan for your needs. This is a great way to work up to owning your storage shed if you’re on a budget. At any point, you can pay off the remaining balance and call it your own! Or, perhaps you’re not ready for the immediate commitment of owning a storage shed. In that case, rent-to-own is perfect for you. All it takes is a one-time deposit, and then you have time to adapt to your new storage shed lifestyle.
  • Financing: We also offer easy, zero-down financing for up to $100,000 with same-day approval. Know which portable storage building you want and are ready to take the next step? If you meet the requirements, our dealer will connect you with a lender that best suits your needs. This process guarantees low monthly payments that will then give you the added benefit of proudly owning your storage shed. Fill out our General Financing Application to get started.

Why Choose Keen’s Buildings for Your 12×44 Shed?

With more than 20 years of experience designing top-tier portable storage buildings, it’s no wonder customers rely on Keen’s Buildings time and time again for their shed needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff is always available to answer any questions and help you design the storage shed of your dreams. Each member of our team is highly qualified to configure a custom metal shed for your space.

Furthermore, our established in-house financing programs make portable storage buildings more accessible for everyone. With options for zero-down financing and rent-to-own with NO credit check, we eliminate the worry that comes with making a large purchase.

Beyond that, you will be the proud owner of an expert-engineered metal storage building that is wind load approved, blocked and anchored to code, and delivered pre-built right to your home. We offer more than 40 sizes for you to choose from – so no matter how your needs change throughout your lifetime, Keen’s Buildings has got your back!

12×44 Storage Shed FAQs

Ready to move forward with your 12×44 storage shed purchase but want to make sure all your bases are covered? Refer to these commonly asked questions for additional peace of mind.

  1. What does a 12×44 storage shed actually fit?
    When it comes to abundant storage space, few structures do it quite like a 12×44 storage shed. You can easily fit motorized equipment like motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and riding lawn mowers with plenty of clearance. Alternatively, it can also fit a fairly large workstation, such as a desk (for home office use), a workbench, or even a sofa set.
  2. Does Keen’s Buildings offer shed kits?
    We don’t need to! We save you the work of having to DIY with a shed kit by delivering a finished product directly to you. All of our sheds are constructed off-site, expert-engineered, and delivered prebuilt. No fuss, no muss. Once we get the shed on your property, we set it up, anchor it, and you’re ready to go.
  3. How can I customize my Keen’s shed?
    From roofing all the way down to siding, you can get the shed of your dreams with our personalization options. We offer 13 stylish colors for your shed siding and a variety of roof types. Want a charming, barn-style shed? Gambrel roofs have you covered! Looking for a more traditional aesthetic? A gabled roof it is!

    You can also choose your doors and windows, and place them where you please, along with your structure.

  4. What colors can I choose from?
    You can view our Color Chart and choose from any of our 13 beautiful hues. If you want a ranch-style feel, then Barn Red may be the shade for you. Or, if you want a classic, suburban feel, then Slate Blue is understated yet appealing. You can also choose from colors like White, Black, Evergreen, Tan, and more!
  5. What if I want to expand my storage shed later?
    If you’re ready for more storage space, simply trade in your existing shed, and we will buy it back from you. You can then use the trade-in cash to purchase a larger storage shed.

Contact a Keen’s Building Shed Specialist, at 1-386-339-1676, to design and schedule a delivery for 12×44 storage sheds in Florida or Georgia.

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