Keen’s Buildings Wood or Steel: Which is Better?

Wood or Steel: Which is Better?

The question of which materials to build from has been a debate for quite some time. Today we’ll be looking at wooden structures versus steel structures. On the one hand, wood is a renewable resource. Metal, on the other hand, can be melted and restructured, without losing its properties or weakening metal seems to be the better option. Between the two it can be difficult to know which is material is better.

Examining the Misconception

All materials produce byproduct as a result of manufacturing. The real question then becomes which material will not harm the environment as much. To understand this, consider the following: there are three common building materials wood, concrete, and steel. Out of these three steel lasts the longest, tends to require relatively low maintenance and requires a small about to produce a structurally sound building. On all accounts, steel wins out as the material that will impact the environment the least, while also having a high durability factor.

The statement of the renewability of wood is misleading. First of all, trees take decades to grow into something that is suitable for woodwork of any kind. Additionally, to be healthy trees require nutrients from the soil. As any farmer could tell you, plants use certain minerals to grow, which can deplete the soil. Minerals in the soil need to be replenished if depleted before the next crop grows. Without this regular watering, the trees will die. Between the cost of fertilizer, and irrigation the cost of producing wood to build is simply not cost effective.

Singel purpose versus multipurpose use

Wooden frames, doors, and even some structures are typically only for single use, it is relatively challenging to repurpose wood and if damaged repairing it does not ensure the structural integrity of the structure. Treated wood also cannot be recycled, in short timber is not a reasonably good material to use for building purposes if you are looking for durability while also trying to look out for the environment.

If you are in the market for an environmentally friendly and durable building, consider steel. It’s easy to repurpose. With steel, you can rest assured that your construction will last for a long time.


Things You Need to Know Before You Start Constructing Your Metal Building

The decision to construct a metal building is a great one. There are many factors to your metal building that you have likely considered. The type, function, and aesthetics of what will be your new property are all things that have probably crossed your mind. However, there are also other factors you should consider. These considerations aren’t about the construction, but about the company itself and the quality of the products and services they provide.

Whom you decide to have constructed your metal building can be just as important as the materials, and other decisions regarding the building itself. This is because different companies may use materials of different quality, that means if you have two different companies build the same building type there will be variations between the buildings. For that reason, it’s always wise to research the company you have building for you. Look at customer reviews and complaints made to the Better Business Bureau. Thoroughly examine the company and their history to see if they are reputable. Be sure to ask about the manufacturer qualifications and process to obtain more information regarding building materials.

Low Price Doesn’t Equal Good Quality

Low price doesn’t always mean you’re getting good quality. Sometimes a higher rate may be worth it considering the cost of quality materials. Having a flimsy metal building negates its purpose. Be sure that a discount price doesn’t also mean that the quality of your construction is discounted as well.

In today’s time, there are a plethora of scammers who only want to take your money and leave you without anything. Be sure that those whom you have constructing your building are a real entity. A metal building dealer won’t have any problems verifying this for you as they will have a central location (or locations) to verify the authenticity of their existence. If you have any doubts, it’s okay to ask if they have a real office.

Do your research

Check to see if the company you have constructing your building serves your area. Far too often companies claim to be nationwide, but only serving people in specific regions. This can be an incredibly frustrating situation to deal with and certainly something you don’t want to find out after you’ve spent time (or even money) trying to put a building together.

Ask About Customizability Options

Each metal building company has a specific process when it comes to constructing buildings; however, see if they also allow for custom buildings. While having a metal building is excellent, it can be even better if the building fits the specifications you desire. Don’t let a pushy salesperson or anyone bully you into making a purchase you aren’t comfortable with. You want a company that strives to understand what you need from your metal building and truly listen, understand, and strive to meet those needs.

The Understand the Buying Process

Finally, understand the buying process. Also, any fees you may incur before, during, and after the construction phase. A good company will walk you through it and be upfront about what you can expect. Additionally, they will let you know if anything could change during the process.

At Keen’s Buildings, you’re not just another sale or a person for us to turn a profit. We value each one of our customers and strive to meet the unique needs of their project. Contact us today if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Keen’s Buildings: Order your Metal Building Today!

You’ve probably seen it a few times while driving around, a steel building. Steel buildings have drastically increased in popularity over the past few years. From the country, the suburbs more and more people are taking advantage of the many beneficial qualities of steel. Steel offers a wide array of benefits that you can’t get from building with other materials.

Here are reasons you should opt for a steel building:

Fire resistant

Steel is non-combustible and incredibly resistant to heat and fire. Meaning that even if a fire does start the building may very well come out of it relatively unscathed.


Depending on the specific size, dimensions, and customizations having a steel building constructed can actually cost less to build than building out of other materials. Because steel doesn’t require much to maintain the expenses you could spend on maintenance and repair is significantly lower, meaning that over time the building will ultimately pay for itself in the costs that you would have spent maintaining and repairing a structure made out of another material.

Pest resistant

Unlike other standard building materials steel does not attract termites or other pests. This is great for keeping the damage to your structure low while keeping the cleanliness high. Steel is also resistant to mildew and mold.

Easily customizable

With steel not only can you take advantage of more space (i.e., thinner walls and the reduced need for support beams) steel is also very easy to customize! You can add interior walls to repurpose a preexisting space, or even extend the building altogether. Steel allows for more elaborate and complex customizations than other materials.

Cost effective to insure

Because steel is fire and pest resistant (coupled with superior strength and is less prone to damage) many insurance companies have no problem offering lower rates for steel buildings than traditional buildings.

Don’t wait, order today!

The cost of metal fluctuates depending on a variety of factors. Don’t wait until the price goes up; order your steel building today!

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we put quality and customer satisfaction above all else. If you’re in the market for a quality Steel building in Georgia or Florida, then you’ve come to the right place! Call us now for more information.


Don’t let the Southern Sun Damage your Vehicles

Fun in the sun is almost always synonymous with summer. Recreational vehicles, dirt bikes, and boats are just a few of the popular cars that can be used to help take your summer fun to the next level. But sun damage can have devastating impacts on your vehicle. Having a metal building to protect your car can help prevent costly repairs.

How can the sun damage your vehicle?

UV rays oxidized the paint on cars causing them to fade which makes the vehicle to look older and more worn than it is. Additionally, the sun can also cause damage to headlights, and the rubber trims on your car as well as damage your upholstery and the tint on your windows. The interior of the vehicle, like the paint, can weaken and fade when exposed to too much sun.
Exposure to the sun can impact not only how your vehicle looks, but how it runs as well. For example, the fluids in your car are responsible for making the engine run as it should. During hot days this is extremely important as the engine is significantly more prone to heating. During the summer be sure to keep an eye on your car’s fluids, particularly the coolants, so that your engine doesn’t sustain any damage.

Protect your Vehicle

Your vehicle, no matter what it is, is an investment, a property that deserves protecting. Having the right garage to keep your property safe is the first step to making it last for many years.
One of the best things about having a building designed specifically to serve as your garage is the endless customizability options. You can determine crucial elements, such as the ceiling height and size of the building. Our steel buildings can be created to hold just about any vehicle, and we will work with you to customize and design your steel building to fit both your needs and your preferences.

Metal buildings are designed to last. Here at Keen’s Buildings use quality rust-resistant materials to ensure that your construction is not only sturdy but protected. Our buildings are specially designed to withstand harsh winds and rains, while still maintaining their appearance and structural integrity.
Having trouble financing your metal building? We’ve got you covered! Keens’ buildings offer financing options so you can get the metal building you want. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Keen’s Buildings: Create Your Building Your Way

Metal and steel buildings are an eco-friendly option to traditional wooden structures. On top of that steel buildings are far more durable and low maintenance than their wooden counterparts. The uses of a metal building are limited only by your imagination. When customized and properly equipped metal building can serve any purpose just as well as traditional buildings, without the worry of pesky termites.


If you’ve ever wanted a guest house, you can now have one, that is so durable and sturdy, you may even consider moving in! Having a guest house can solve storage problems, and any worries you may have if you want host while providing your guests’ privacy. A metal guest house is a fun and affordable option if you’re looking to utilize some extra space on your property!

Storage unit/garage

Storing your vehicles and other property is a surefire way to keep them safe from elements. You can customize your storage unite to accommodate whatever you need to store. Additionally, because metal buildings are easy to customize, you can easily add to your building should you need more space.


Workshops are fantastic to have. It provides you with a safe place to work, and you can minimize any hazards that can arise if you are using your workshop to house heavy or dangerous equipment. You can create your workshop as a standalone building or customize it to match your house.


Adding a steel building to your house is easier than ever. You can easily create a separate space to serve as your office if you require additional space to work. Because metal is durable you can also rest assured that anything you keep in your office will stay safe.

The uses of metal buildings are only limited only to your imagination. If you are in need of a metal building or want more information give us a call. We would be more than happy to help.

Keen’s Buildings: Boost Returns on Investment with Steel Buildings

Boost Returns on Investment with Steel Buildings

A building can be the difference between a high RIO and a low one. What a structure is made of will dramatically impact the building’s overall lifespan, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality building. Below are a few reasons why you should consider using steel for your construction needs.


The roofs of steel buildings last for quite some time, even when the surrounding area has eroded away, steel continues, surviving both trial and time. Pretreated to last against harsh weather and naturally, fire resistant steel is a superb building material that can provide both stability and protection. A metal roof can last for decades. If built and maintained your structure can last for generations!

Low maintenance

In the long run, regular maintenance can cost you the same if not more than the total cost of the property (this goes doubly so for materials that are susceptible to damage, like wood). Steel buildings, on the other hand, have no such weakness and require minimal maintenance to keep them in pristine condition even against decades of harsh weather, strong winds, and torrential rains.

Grow to suit you

Steel buildings are incredibly easy to modify. If you require more room, it’s simple to expand your steel building. You can even convert your existing rooms into separate rooms to suit your needs. Additionally, it’s possible to reinforce your steel building.


Unlike other buildings, steel buildings are quite easily insulated. Having an insulated structure will save you on heating and cooling expenses all while helping protect your building from condensation. This can increase the overall lifespan of your metal building dramatically. Insulation is a great way to keep people and livestock comfortable while also preserving energy.

Insurance costs are lower

Insurance companies realize that steel is resistant to many elements that would lay a typical building to ruin. Fire resistant, pest resistant, and able to withstand extreme weather, it’s no wonder insurance companies charge less to ensure steel buildings.

If you want a quality steel building look no further than Keen’s Buildings. We have a multitude of customizability options and will gladly help you bring your steel building into fruition. We also have payment plans to help you cover the cost of your steel building. Contact us today for more information.


Reasons you should Choose a Steel Barn Versus a Pole Barn

The decision to build a barn is not one to be taken lightly. One of the decisions you’ll have to face early on is the type of barn you want to build. Generally, when building a barn, you’ll find yourself with one of two choices, the traditional pole barn or the steel barn.

If you find yourself unsure of which is better allow us to present five reasons you should select a steel barn over a pole barn.

Long term cost effectiveness

While a wooden pole barn may seem like the cheaper of the two options when paired with a steel building the upkeep suggests a different truth altogether. Wood is susceptible to many damaging factors that could easily rake up costly repairs. Steel is immune to many of the negative attributes that plague wooded structures. Termites, rot, warping, water damage, and fire are all things that can damage your wooden structure, compromising it entirely, steel, on the other hand, has no such weakness.

a steel barn will pay for itself in the costs of maintenance you would have to pay if you opted for a wooden pole barn.


Due to the fragile nature of wood safety is easily compromised. When being used to house your valuable investments or livestock steel is a much safer option as it is impervious to rain and does not damage as easily as wooden structures do. Steel buildings have relatively easy upkeep and don’t require the same time and attention as wooden structures. Pool barns also tend to sink into the ground over time (particularly when built on soft soil or areas with heavy rainfall).

Easily customizable

If you require more space or need to make any alterations, a steel building is far more flexible to change than a wooden one. Here at Keen’s Buildings, we have a multitude of specialized and custom steel structures for you to choose from. We also allow you to customize your building. You can add as many windows and doors as your heart desires.

Having trouble covering the cost of your steel building? We have payment plans so you can get your steel barn and not worry about having to pay it all at once. For more information about the services we provide or our payment options call us today!

Living in Florida: Preparing your Steel Building for High Wind Speeds

Preparing your Steel Building for High Wind Speeds

In Florida, high wind speeds are quite typical, between thunderstorms and hurricanes Florida is a pretty windy place. For that reason, you’ll want to protect your buildings and keep them safe from this unexpectedly hazardous environmental factor.

When combating wind, there are a few fundamental things that will help. One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the best frame for your building. The height of your building, for example, is a crucial factor to consider. For example, the higher you build, the more wind force it will encounter and the more likely it is to blow over (mainly if proper structural security measures aren’t utilized). You’ll want to consider using beams for additional support as well. With the adequate support and roof selected steel buildings can withstand incredibly strong winds.

Utilizing high wind anchors

Powerful anchors are necessary to provide structural integrity against mighty winds. Typical buildings, like wooden ones that use staples and nails, are unable to stand up to the force of incredibly strong winds in the same manner that steel buildings are. Nails and staples are often pulled out against the strength of the winds resulting in tremendous damage. Anchors, as well as strong bolts and screws, can help a building stay together even in hurricane-like conditions. Bolts and screws are stronger and will spread the uplift force more evenly across the entirety of the building so that it stays together as opposed to ripping apart.


As mentioned before the taller a building is, the more susceptible to winds it is. The roof you select will also play a huge role in the building’s security against winds. A flat roof will take on more wind force than a pitched roof will. To understand this concept fully, think of the wings of a plane. They are flat. Wind passes over the flat wings of an aircraft creating lift. If you have a flat roof wind is more likely to rip your roof off. Additionally, a steel roof has panels meaning that there are fewer places for the wind to get inside and create lift.

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we take great pride in providing you with the best options for your steel buildings. If you have any questions, give us a call. We would be more than happy to help!


Keen’s Buildings: Metal Buildings for Farming and Agriculture

Metal Buildings are often preferred to wooden ones for agricultural and farming for many reasons. Steel buildings are very durable and will help protect your farming equipment, livestock, and produce. Selecting the type of structure, you want is just part of the equation, there are still a variety of factors to consider when you are planning to have a metal building built on your property. The first question you’ll need to answer is the purpose of your building. The purpose of the building will help determine other factors, such as the amount of space you need.


 A metal building for equipment storage

Your equipment will last much longer when protected from the elements. Rain, snow, and heat can all damage machinery and other equipment. Furthermore, because you’ll have a single location to keep all of your equipment it will help you stay organized. Space and location are two significant factors for your metal building. You’ll want the building to be far enough away so that your household is not disturbed by the sound of the machinery, but close enough for you to be able to react to theft or tampering attempts. Selecting durable tamper-resistant locks for all entrances into the building has been shown to discourage thievery. You’ll also need to consider the amount of actual storage space you need. A good rule of thumb is to measure out the flooring and build around that. Keep in mind the area you’ll need for maneuvering as well.


A Metal Building for Livestock

When raising livestock, it’s essential to provide a safe and sturdy shelter for them to sleep and seek refuge from the elements. Unlike machinery and equipment living creatures require a bit more planning. Ventilation, space, and temperature control are all crucial to keeping animals safe and healthy. Ample space will reduce the spread of disease and prevent aggressive behavior. Ventilation ducts should be placed on the roof of the building to prevent ice build up on the roof. The size of the structure you have built will depend heavily on the type of livestock you keep.


A Metal Building for Fodder Storage

Keeping fodder for your animals is essential for most farms how the feed is stored can impact the amount of dry matter loss. Hay is a favorite food source for certain livestock. Unfortunately, it can get damp and rot, making the feed unusable in the process. Losing some hay will happen naturally; however, an optimized storage system can significantly reduce the amount of hay you’ll lose. You’ll want to select the materials you choose for your barn carefully. For example, avoid using gravel entirely for your flooring as it traps moisture and can destroy your hay. If possible, try to have a flooring with a slight slope so water that collects can drain. Additionally, a layer of cloth between the floor and hay can absorb some of the moisture that collects.

Creating your Metal Workshop with Keen’s Buildings

When compared to its wooden counterparts’ steel buildings are far more durable and cost-effective. Metal structures are also resident to fires, mildew and even rust, making it the perfect material from which to construct your metal workshop!

Power and water

When constructing a metal building there is much to consider. If you are building a workshop, chances are you’ll want to have water and electricity. Call your utility company before you start building to find out any relevant information regarding the connection. Additionally, you’ll want to determine exactly where you want to place your breaker panel within your workshop. The majority of companies will often want your breaker panel as close to the meter as possible.

Lighting is also important, allowing areas for natural light to enter your workshop can help save on the lighting bill. If you plan on utilizing skylights be sure that they are placed correctly to allow for optimal lighting within your workshop.

When should I start construction on my workshop?

Late spring is often the best time to begin construction as the ground will be dry. Additionally, you’ll have ample time to complete your structure prior to winter (as well as getting any necessary paperwork and documentation in order). Metal buildings don’t take nearly as long to construct as buildings made out of other materials. If you are planning on utilizing your workshop year round, then insulation is a must. Insulation is good because it will protect your building and help keep condensation to a minimum. Although steel buildings are resistant to rues thanks to their zinc and aluminum alloy coating, excessive exposure to water can still cause damage, decreasing the lifespan of your building.


The roof of your building will be exposed to much stress such as the sun and rain. For that reason, Keen’s Buildings ensure that the roofs we create are strong, durable, and require as little maintenance as possible.

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we put the customer first. We make sure all of our buildings are structurally sound and able to washstand incredibly harsh conditions. Contact us today to receive your free quote!