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Aluminum Sheds

Aluminum sheds from Keen’s Buildings are extremely affordable and provide you with ample space to store your valuables safely. These sheds are aesthetically pleasing and have the structural integrity that will enhance the look of your property. They are highly cost-effective, attractively unique, and perfect for your storage, commercial, and residential needs. These storage sheds are also pre-engineered, and wind load approved, giving you better protection while saving you more time and money. Call our experts at Keen’s Buildings today at (386) 339-1676 and get your dream aluminum shed at the best price.

Aluminum Sheds

Our aluminum storage sheds are:

  • Relocatable, so your portable storage building moves with you 
  • Engineered and wind load approved
  • All sheds come wired for electrical hook-up, and lights
  • Available with zero-down financing & low interest rates OR rent-to-own with no credit check 
  • Manufactured by experts, inspected by certified engineers, and delivered pre-built to you

Standard Size Options

8′ Wide 10′ Wide 12′ Wide 14′ Wide
8×6 10×6 12×6 14×20
8×8 10×8 12×8 14×24
8×10 10×10 12×10 14×30
8×12 10×12 12×12 14×32
8×14 10×14 12×14 14×36
8×16 10×16 12×16 14×40
8×20 10×20 12×20
10×24 12×24
10×30 12×30

Multi-Sections (Double Wide)

16′ Wide 20′ Wide 24′ Wide
16×16 20×20 24×20
16×20 20×24 24×24
16×24 24×36 24×30

Aluminum Storage Sheds for Florida and Georgia


Our highly customizable aluminum storage sheds are delivered pre-built to you, saving you the expense of on-site construction. Available in a large variety of colors and configurations, choose a storage shed that meets your exact requirements for size, layout, and appearance!

Our aluminum storage sheds are: 

  • Ultra-lightweight. Thinner than steel (approximately one business card thickness), these sheds are lighter and even more portable. The thinner material also makes for better heat dispersion.
  • Non-corrosive. Prevent weathering and enhance longevity with rust-resistant aluminum siding.
  • Expert engineered. Constructed with 2×4 yellow pine for the interior, 2×6 floor joists on 16” centers, 4×6 pressure treated skids, and ¾” pressure treated flooring to keep pests out. On select models, Keen’s uses screws to attach flooring, which helps keep wood from coming loose or popping up. 

Available Colors

Barn Red

Engineered and Certified for Wind and Snow Loads

All Keens structures are nationally certified by an engineer’s stamped approval, as well as inspected and approved by DBPR for building durability. 

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