Condensation Problems with your Metal Building? Here are some Tips You Must Read.



Metal buildings are safe from termites and rot, but excessive moisture can still damage them. This is due to condensation, which is created by damp insulation in a steel building and promotes mildew and mold growth. This makes the interior of the building smells musty and leads to asthma and allergy problems. The problem with wet insulation is that if it is in constant contact with a metal surface, it will lead to corrosion and the fasteners and panels will start collecting rust.

What causes condensation in metal buildings?

To prevent condensation in metal buildings, it is important that you learn why and how condensation takes place in metal structures. There are two main reasons for condensation to form:

1. The air must be moist

If the humidity level in the air is extremely high, it will increase the chances of condensation, because the interior of metal buildings is designed to withstand the humidity of about 30% to 50%.

2. The difference in temperature between the air and the surface

Warmer air will hold more moisture than cold air, and metal buildings in chilly weather will have very cold walls. When the warm air gets inside the building and hits the cold surface, it gets chilled and creates condensation on the metal.

However, there are different ways you can prevent condensation from occurring in metal buildings.

These include:

  • Reducing humidity inside the building, by getting proper ventilation.
  • Ensuring the air inside the building doesn’t meet with the cold metal roof and walls.

Here, at Keen’s Buildings, we want to ensure that everyone learns about the best ways to prevent condensation in metal buildings:

1. Install vapor barriers

Vapor barriers are great at protecting metal buildings from condensation. These barriers are great for keeping moisture outside the building, and the best way to work with vapor barriers is to seal the building tightly. This keeps moisture out, and vapor barriers act as radiant heat barriers, which will address humidity and temperature differential together. All side/end laps, foundation sills, doors, and windows should be sealed with vapor barriers to keep moisture out.

2. Use continuous insulation

You must get proper insulation that regulates the temperature inside the building. This keeps the interior temperature stable, whether it is day or night, and limits the amount of dew that is on the surface of metal buildings. Continuous insulation stops moisture-laden air from reach the interior of the building and therefore stops condensation from happening.

3. Look for condensation troubles up above

Make sure that the insulation underneath the roof isn’t coming in contact with the metal because this is one place where hidden condensation can take place. Moisture seeping in and roof leaks can lead to condensation because moisture buildup promotes condensation.

4. Prevent water seeping from below

Moisture can seep up from the ground as well, but you can prevent that by using drainage materials, crushed rock, or gravel under the concrete slabs. This prevents condensation around the base of the structure. You should also ensure that roof runoff water and other sources of water drain away from the metal building to prevent condensation from below.

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The Reasons You Should Get a Stained Gazebo for Your Backyard

Keens-Building-Gazebo-39-9x14If you are looking to add extra appeal to your backyard, and increase the aesthetic value of your home, getting a stained gazebo is the ideal addition. There are a lot of different designs and styles available in gazebos, which have grown in popularity, but the one everyone wants is the stained gazebo. It is not only stylish but adds another dimension to your backyard.

At Keen’s Buildings, we have an extensive selection of differently stained gazebos, which will be perfect for any home. If you are thinking about making improvements in your yard, here are the reasons you should get a stained gazebo. We invite you to view some of our beautiful gazebos on our secure website: Have questions, send us an email.

1.   Enhances your backyard

The main reason you should even think about getting a stained gazebo for your yard is that of the aesthetic value it will bring. It is a stylish feature that adds personality to any home, and the best part is that it is available in different colors, styles, and designs. Most homeowners get a gazebo to fill out the bare areas on their yard, which further enhances the appeal of the property by adding another dimension to the empty space.

2.   Perfect area to entertain

Another reason you should be thinking about getting a stained gazebo for your backyard is that it offers you with the perfect place to entertain your friends and family. Now you don’t have to worry about shade from the rain or sun because you can easily dine outside and serve food in any weather to your guests. It will take your Sunday BBQs to another level, and because gazebos provide a spacious area you can add patio furniture like swings, tables, and chairs!

3.   Enjoy the outdoors without bugs

Most gazebos you find installed in backyards come with screens, which are designed to protect from pests, mosquitoes, and bugs. Now you don’t have to worry about sitting with your family enjoying a meal outside, because the screens will ensure no insects disturb that areas.

4.   Extra shade

If you wanted extra shade in your backyard, you should get a stained gazebo, because it affords you with extra shade, and looks classy as well. Gazebos offer an enclosed environment, which will remain cooler than the rest of your backyard, or your house. It is the perfect place to hang out or read a book during warm, lazy summer days.

5.   Serves different purposes

Getting a stained gazebo installed in your backyard provides you with a lot of different options. Throwing parties at your home will be elevated to the next level, because you have the perfect place for friends and family to gather, and you don’t have to worry about bugs. You can use gazebos for different purposes like hosting a game night with your friends, creating a protected area for a fire put at night, or getting an open space to perform your morning yoga.

Some people have even turned their gazebo into a heated spa! The best part about getting a stained gazebo for your yard is that you can add furniture or extra features to it. Most people think of adding speakers, an outdoor bar, a television screen, and a ceiling fan to their gazebo. You can even turn a stained gazebo into an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor gym, or an outdoor play area for your children!


The Best Tips for Keeping Your Shed Organized this Spring


When spring comes around, the innate desire to spend time outdoors and soak in the sunshine and fresh air takes over. It also signals the start of cleaning up, disinfecting and purging closets, homes, garages, and storage buildings. For more people, the start of spring signals the beginning of spring cleaning, and the best way to go about it is by being organized and getting done with it quickly.

It is a good idea to start cleaning out your storage spaces at the beginning of spring so that you can throw away all the junk you have accumulated over the year. If you have been keeping a lot of stuff in your storage shed, you could face a tougher task than expected. How long it takes you to clean out depends on the size of your shed, and the accumulated clutter. It could take you days, or even an entire week to declutter, clean, and organize your shed.

A well-organized shed is important, since it allows you to store more important stuff, and helps you get to your tools without knocking over other items. So, here are the best tips for keeping your shed organized this spring:

Create more space

The first thing you must do is create more space in your shed so that you have more storage space for important items. Remove all unwanted items, or stuff that has accumulated over the years, which is now practically useless to you.

Clean your garden tools

If you haven’t touched your garden tools in a while, they may start collecting rust. Make sure that you take them out of the shed and thoroughly clean the shears, spades, trowels, and shovels in the shed. Gardening seasoning is starting, and you must ensure that your tools are free of grime, dirt, and rust.

Organize all shelves

You can make your task a lot easier by organizing the shelves in your shed. This will help you keep a sense of order in the shed, and you won’t lose important tools. Get rid of empty boxes and contains, and start keeping an inventory of all supplies in your shed.

Check for signs of pests

Your shed could have become a nest for any number of pests during the winter, so when spring rolls around, you must check for signs of pests. If you do find signs of a pest living in your shed, call the pest control experts to get rid of them in a humane manner.

Wash it down

Before you organize your shed, you should give it a good wash, so that all dirt and dust that has accumulated inside is cleared. You must keep your clean, and give it a thorough mopping, sweeping, and dusting should do the job.

Most people don’t bother with proper spring cleaning since it seems like a chore that they want to get out of the way. If you go about it properly, you can easily ensure that your shed is well-organized, clean as a whistle, and fully-stocked for the coming year.

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Help Protect Your Livestock with a Metal Barn.



Farm barns have changed completely over the years, with traditional red wooden structures that used to symbolize these traditional buildings relegated to a thing of the past. Nowadays, technology and innovation have impacted the lives of people in ways they never imagined. Farmers have also benefited from modern amenities, which include the use of cutting-edge resources to construct steel buildings and structures on their farms. Metal barns have replaced traditional wooden structures, and are built from high-quality steel. The best thing about these metal structures is they can be custom-made to fit individual farming needs like sheltering livestock or storing equipment. At Keen’s Buildings, we construct high-quality metal barns, which are durable, and customized to fit the specific needs of farmers. We also offer free installation, delivery, and a 20-year warranty on all our metal barns.

Metal barns are in demand and have changed farming Most people won’t believe the impact metal barns have had on farmers, but if you look closely, they have become the industry norm. The biggest plus point of metal barns and steel structures is that they are impenetrable, can be installed and assembled quickly, are affordable, and require little maintenance. American agricultural and livestock farmers must deal with environmental hazards like storms, high winds, fire, and pests, which can destroy their barns. Metal barns are strong and durable, while they can withstand corrosion and moisture damage. They offer great value for money and solid returns on investment. You can construct agricultural metal barns in different sizes and shapes for different functions. They range from small sheds for storing straw bales and hay to large structures that shelter livestock and oversized farm equipment. Here are some of the different ways farmers have been using metal barns and steel structures on their farms:

  • Tack/animal care building
  • Tack/animal care building
  • Seed storage
  • Poultry barn/shed
  • Livestock barn
  • Insulated workshop
  • Horse barn or stable
  • Hog barn
  • Grain/feed/crop storage building
  • Farm machinery storage
  • Farm equipment shelter
  • Dairy barn
  • Beef barn

The best thing about metal barns is that they are scalable and flexible, which offers agricultural and livestock farms with a lot of options.

Reasons you should opt for metal barns for livestock

There are a lot of reasons why choosing metal barns for livestock is a great idea. We have covered some of the most important ones below:

  • Protection from Mother Nature

Metal barns and steel buildings are incredibly strong, and therefore resistant to storm damage and high-winds. They make for the perfect farm structures in places that are prone to hurricane-force winds or tornados. You can also get specially engineered metal barns to withstand storm damage.

  • Impenetrable to intruders

You must keep your livestock in a safe environment, since they are living assets, and essential to your livelihood. Metal barns are engineered and designed to provide outstanding security and safety, and you can install security systems to further protect your investments. Most metal barns have impenetrable materials used in them, and can be patched with a modern security system to prevent access to intruders, vandals, and thieves.

The Advantages You Gain by Using Steel Buildings as Storage Units



If you are struggling to find high-quality storage spaces, and are tired of paying monthly fees to warehouses that are stockpiling your equipment, it is time you thought about getting your own storage facility.

You may think it is going to be expensive, especially with steel prices soaring right now, but that isn’t the case yet. You can still beat the rising cost of steel and aluminum and get a steel building as a storage unit today. There are lots of benefits you stand to gain by using steel buildings as storage units, which include the following:

Low-cost storage

One of the best things about steel sheds and storage units is that they cost half of what it would cost using traditional construction techniques. Steel garages are easy to build and can be erected in next to no time, which is great news for anyone that wants a brand new storage facility fast. Steel garages can be assembled on-site, and are pre-engineered, which makes them cheaper than wooden storage facilities by a long margin.

More room

One of the best things about steel storage units is that you don’t need any interior support truss or columns, which take up additional space. They are intelligently engineered to maximize more space and therefore make for excellent storage spaces. You can easily store heavy equipment in steel garages, and not worry about space requirements ever again.

Easy to expand

Another great advantage of steel garages is that you can expand them quite easily, without having to take them apart. You wouldn’t need to take out any equipment stored inside it, like you would do with a wood or brick construction. You can expand your steel garage with pre-punched holes and bolt-together connections, which are pre-numbered and cut for quick assembly.

No construction time

When you purchase a steel garage or storage facility from a recognized steel building manufacturer like Keen’s Buildings, you will get raw materials delivered on your site, ready for construction. You don’t need to wait months for your storage facility to be erected, because steel buildings can be erected in days or weeks.

Better insurance rates

One of the best reasons to get a steel garage for storage is because you can take advantage of better insurance rates. This is because steel is most durable material for construction on the planet, and that is why insurance companies offer customers extra savings on premiums. A steel storage facility has a longer lifespan than wooden or brick storage facilities. They are also fire resistant and therefore more cost-effective when you ensure it.

Low maintenance and durability

You also don’t have to worry about maintenance of your steel garage, since there are no parts that will rot, crack, warp and bend, or succumb to parasites like termites, or fungus-like mildew or mold. Quality steel buildings come with long structural warranties and tend to last for decades with no failure, and no costly maintenance requirements.

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