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We are one of the most trusted suppliers of metal carports. We offer carports including 2-car carports, custom carports, lean-to carports, vertical roof carports, boxed-eave carports, and carports with garages. We design the pre-fabricated carports to protect your vehicles or storage with ease and peace of mind. . 

When you choose to buy metal buildings and carports from us, you can customize  your steel carport. This includes adding  features like the size, steel gauges, gables, and partially or fully enclosed sides. At Keen’s Buildings, we deliver and install carport kits for FREE – order yours today!

$0 Down financing options available

Tired of scraping dirt or tree sap off your vehicle’s exterior paint or windshield? Our certified metal carports are the solution. Carports are open metal structures, enabling convenient parking and easy access without the hassle of opening or closing doors. You can find a steel building that can house your cars, trucks, or any vehicle you have.

Direct sunlight can take its toll on your vehicle’s paint, causing it to fade over time. By using a carport, you can protect your car’s finish and keep it looking vibrant for a much longer period of time.

Carports offer a cost effective solution for parking. You can also use your car carport as a shaded outdoor lounge area if you need it to be.

Our metal carports are:

  • Engineered and in compliance with wind speed and snow load regulations
  • Certified metal structures backed by an engineer’s stamped approval
  • Highly customizable, with unlimited length options and a wide variety of color options to match your home
  • Available with $0 down financing for up to 84 months. Ask about our Interest-Free Account and our 12-month same-as-cash financing options for qualified buyers.
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Rounded Roof Carports

Good Quality

Rounded Roof Carports

Simple and affordable, this standard roofing style can accommodate smaller carports that house everyday vehicles.

A-Frame Carports

Better Quality

A-Frame Carports

This is also known as a ‘boxed-eave’ steel carport. These portable carports are engineered for wind load and are easy to match to the aesthetic of your home.

Vertical Roof Carports

Best Quality

Vertical Roof Carports

The vertical roof paneling on these portable metal carports is engineered for wind load. They allow dirt and debris to easily slide off so it doesn’t overload the roof or require too much cleaning.

Free Span Metal Carport Size Options

Carport Widths 12'- 24'

12x21 18x21 20x21 22x21 24x21
12x26 18x26 20x26 22x26 24x26
12x31 18x31 20x31 22x31 24x31
12x36 18x36 20x36 22x36 24x36
12x41 18x41 20x41 22x41 24x41

Carport Widths 32'- 40'

32x21 34x21 36x21 38x21 40x21
32x26 34x26 36x26 38x26 40x26
32x31 34x31 36x31 38x31 40x31
32x36 34x36 36x36 38x36 40x36
32x41 34x41 36x41 38x41 40x41

Carport Widths 42'-50'

42x21 44x21 46x21 48x21 50x21
42x26 44x26 46x26 48x26 50x26
42x31 44x31 46x31 48x31 50x31
42x36 44x36 46x36 48x36 50x36
42x41 44x41 46x41 48x41 50x41

Carport Widths 52'-60'

52x21 54x21 56x21 58x21 60x21
52x26 54x26 56x26 58x26 60x26
52x31 54x31 56x31 58x31 60x31
52x36 54x36 56x36 58x36 60x36
52x41 54x41 56x41 58x41 60x41

Custom Carport Lengths Available

Strong, Durable Metal Carports For all Regions

As an established dealer of portable carports and buildings, we offer a range of metal carports that would ideally meet your weather protection needs. You can find the perfect portable metal carport from our selection. We are based in Live Oak, Florida, and have 6 locations to proudly serve all 48 Continental States.

Choose from our single, double, or triple metal carports. Our metal carports are the most cost-effective way to protect your vehicles from Mother Nature’s harshest elements. They are available in various sizes with options for length, width, and leg height.

  • Our double carports, garages, and steel sheds are constructed using 2 1/2” x 2 1/2″ square tubing. And you can choose from 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel.
  • The length of your carport is unlimited, and you decide between 12′ to 60′ free span width. Leg height varies from 5′ to 20′ with optional side or end panels for added protection where you need it.
  • You can match the color of your home when you select from over a dozen exterior colors with a regular or box-eave-gable roof.

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Choose from a Wide Selection of Metal Carport Buildings!

Any Type of Steel Carport… We’ve got you Covered!

Carport Metal Building Color Options

Barn Red
slate blue
cardinal red

Common Carport FAQs


After ordering my metal carport, how long will it take for delivery?

It takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on where your site is located and the size of the carport. Everyone works very hard to get there as soon as possible.

Can adjustments be made to the legs if the ground is not level?

Installers can adjust the legs 2-3 inches on the bottom rail of the carport or steel garage to help. However,  level ground always works best.

What is the roof pitch of my carport?

Our standard is a 3/12 pitch.

Can we put our carport at the end of our home?

Yes. The installers cannot bolt the carport to any home or building, but they can install it as close as possible.

Can I add upgrade options to my carport after the initial installation?

Yes. Keen’s Portable Buildings can add options to your carport at any time. There is a $50.00 return trip fee added to any orders less than $795.00.

Will my carport be anchored?

Yes. We anchor all our carports to engineered specifications, be it ground, asphalt, or concrete.