Our Steel Structures are Constructed Faster

At Keens Portable Buildings, we realize the need for our customers to have their carport or metal carport structure installed quickly. We have experience working with all different kinds of buyers that find themselves in all different types of situations as far as installment goes. We do many things throughout the design and delivery process to ensure your structure appears on your property as soon as possible without ever compromising quality. This is why all of our carports and other steel structures are actually pre-engineered and then delivered to your site ready to go. This is why the measurement aspect of the buying process is crucial.

Through our manufacturers, we actually ensure that anything unique that needs to be done to the structure is done in advance, making installation much easier. Any welding or drilling, for instance, that can be done in advance is completed on site at our manufacturer before it is delivered to your location.

Pre-engineering our structures so they are delivered in ready-to-install condition is only one of the ways we make accommodations for our customers. In order to experience other aspects of our uncompromising customer service, please contact us today. We would enjoy the opportunity to show you what makes us a leader in our industry. We can be reached either through our website at www.keensbuildings.com or by our customer service hotline at (386) 364-7995.

Choose Siding for Your New Storage Building

A storage building is a useful property implementation.  It can be used for storing tools, doing craftwork, housing lawn equipment, and more.  We provide our customers with several options in regard to the siding of their storage buildings.  Read about our exterior siding options.


This choice features a natural wood-grained look.  The choice is celebrated by those who enjoy the emulation of a small wood cabin.  T1-11 was once the most popular choice, but other innovations have taken shape and some of the popularity away from it.  However, those who desire a more natural look still decide on our T1-11 siding.


Green products are popular as more people become concerned about the environment and their own contributions to a green planet.  Hardi-Plank siding is an alternative to other traditional options.  Hardi-Plank or fiber cement siding is a composite material associated with the green movement; implementation of the material saves endangered trees and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.  The new-age siding material closely resembles wood when implemented on your storage building.

29-Gauge Steel Panels

29-gauge steel is the most durable choice of siding for your storage building.  This steel siding will last a lifetime and the color options provide the opportunity to match the look of your house.  Steel storage buildings can be purchased as certified or non-certified for wind speed and snow load requirements.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has grown in popularity over the years. Storage building owners like the material due to low maintenance and economic pricing.  Our storage buildings feature vinyl siding installed over OSB (oriented stand board) for strength and endurance purposes.  This choice of siding will not flake or rot.  Like steel siding, vinyl siding is available in an array of colors.

Necessary Information Regarding a Storage Shed Purchase

We want to provide our customers with the best products and service possible.  In order to do so, we urge our clients to read the following information about a storage shed or carport purchase.

Survey the land mass where you would like your storage shed situated.  If the ground is not completely leveled then you may experience dissatisfaction.  A labor charge will be implemented if the crew has to do additional work aside from what is agreed upon before the first work day.

Let the work crew know about wires, gas lines, or utility lines that may exist underneath the ground near or on the work area.  Our installers are not responsible for any damages if they are unaware of underground objects and obstacles.

We do instate a return trip fee if our installers return to upgrade your storage shed or carport.  The total cost must be a minimum of $795.00 or there will be a $50.00 return trip fee added.

A deposit is warranted on your storage shed or carport when ordered.  If 100% financing was established then there is no deposit required.

The total balance of your storage shed or carport is required at the time of installation.  If your product is financed, the dealer will address the balance after installation.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, money orders, checks, or cash at the time of installation.

There is no refund policy on storage sheds or carports which are specially ordered.

The frame of your storage shed or carport will be one foot shorter than the roof in length. This is to prevent rain from coming in the end of your product.

We are more than happy to address any questions or concerns for our customers.  Give our customer support number a call at 1 888 620 0004.  We know we can provide you with a quality storage shed or carport that exceeds your expectations!  Thank you for choosing Keen’s.

Why We Build Steel Carports

Over the past few decades, steel carports and buildings have grown in popularity. Today’s economic climate and the concerted effort on the part of homeowners and the construction industry to adopt more environmentally sensitive products and methods make steel carports and steel buildings even more desirable.

Metal and steel construction is becoming an increasingly popular choice for warehouses, churches, gyms, community centers, schools, retail outlets, sports and riding arenas, livestock barns, storage facilities, airplane hangars, even homes. And Realtors nationwide say that a steel carport can significantly boost your property’s value.

Quality carports of any type construction are property value boosters. They offer homeowners protection for their cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other vehicles, whether an enclosed carport or open carport configuration. Enclosed steel carports can be used in an endless variety of fashions, from simple storage buildings to decorated kids’ playrooms, professionally outfitted automotive and wood workshops to decked-out man caves. With the right insulation and soundproofing, you can even turn your enclosed steel carport into a working music recording and mixing studio.

Steel carports by Keen’s Buildings are constructed with heavy-duty 29-gauge standard steel panels and 14-gauge standard steel tubular framing. We use steel because it’s durable, environmentally friendly, attractive and economical. A certified steel carport is guaranteed to withstand heavy snow loads and wind speeds of 110mph and 130mph to meet all city, county and state building code and permitting requirements. It’s not at the mercy of wood boring pests like termites, and it’s resistant to mold and mildew growth. And at the end of its usable life, it’s 100% recyclable.

Steel carports are cost effective, too. On average, building a steel carport will cost you 40% to 50% less than more conventional construction materials and methods. Despite the savings, installation of an open or enclosed steel carport will increase your property’s resale value and prompt a quicker sale, according to Realtors.

To learn more about all the benefits of an expertly installed steel carport, contact Keen’s Buildings at 386-364-7995 or via our convenient, online contact form.

Preparing a Site for your New Keen’s Portable Buildings Garage, Carport or Storage Building

When preparing the site for your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building from Keen’s Portable Buildings, there are a few things you can do beforehand that will make professional installation easier, quicker and more affordable.

First, it’s critical to know the location of any underground wire, gas lines or utility lines. If the site you choose for your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building does have any of these, extra safety precautions are in order, and you may have to choose a different site if the potential for danger warrants. Please remember that Keen’s Portable Buildings is not responsible for any damages that may occur if our professional installers are unaware of buried objects.

For quicker installation, please level the ground where you want your portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building to stand. If needed, our crew can dig a base rail into the ground for an extra labor charge. Our installers also can adjust the legs up or down two to three inches on the bottom rail of your carport or steel garage if your site is not completely level.

Keen’s Portable Buildings also can install your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building on a concrete slab, stem wall or paved black top. When pouring a concrete slab, keep in mind that the frame for your unit will always be one foot shorter than the roof in length. This will help keep rain and snow from coming into the open ends. Also, know that while we can not bolt any steel building directly to any home or building, we will place it as close as possible.

Our friendly associates and professional installers can answer any other questions you may have about preparing the site for your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building. Call us today at 386-364-7995.