The dark blue steel frame of a storage building standing against a light blue sky with a few clouds in the background.

Properties, Characteristics, and Uses of Steel: A Sturdy Building Material

Steel is often used in the construction of all types of buildings, from barns, carports, and sheds to houses, garages, and skyscrapers. In particular, it is often used to construct the frames and foundations of buildings, as it is resilient and binds well to concrete. Becoming commonplace during World War II, steel remains a standard building material to this day.  

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A freshly poured slab of concrete, held in place by a wooden frame.

A Guide on Preparing Ground For Concrete Slab

A stable, sturdy concrete slab is essential to create a level outdoor surface, like a driveway, as well as to safely erect any type of structure, including barns, storage sheds, and carports. If you don’t place concrete properly, you run the risk of damaging the structure you place on it and diminishing the quality and lifespan of your slab. To keep your property pristine and ensure everyone’s safety, here’s what you need to know about prepping the earth for a concrete slab on your property.

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