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Camper & RV Carports

RV carports from Keen’s Buildings are easy to install. They protect your RV, camper, motorhome, truck, ATV, or boat from damage caused by inclement weather conditions. We provide a wide range of RV carports. We have RV garages, lean-to RV carports, step-down RV barns, and single-double-triple-extra wide metal RV carports.

And, when you buy our portable RV carport kits, they’ll be delivered and installed for FREE. Our RV carports for sale serve as year-round metal covers for any type of vehicle or storage of other valuables. And, once your custom RV carport is installed, it is virtually maintenance-free.

RV Carports

Our metal RV carports are:

  • Custom-designed RV carport  based on your motorhome width and length
  • Engineered and wind load approved
  • Approved for all 48 States
  • Available with zero-down financing & low interest rates OR rent-to-own with no credit check
  • Manufactured by experts, inspected by certified engineers, and delivered pre-built to you
Camper Carport with Enclosed Utility Storage
22X41X12 w/ 10 Enclosed Utility
Camper & RV Carports
18X41X12 w/ 2 Extra Side Panels, 1 Gables Closed, Back Wall Closed
Camper Van Carports
18X31X10 Regular Style Carport
RV Carport
20X30X12 w/ 2 Extras Side Panels for Protection
RV Carports and Storage
20X41X12 w/ a 12X41 Enclosed Attached Lean-to
RV Carport with Lean-to Carport - Barn Style
42X31 Step Down Barn w/ Lean-to

Strong, Durable RV Carports

Protect your RV or motorhome from the elements with our certified metal RV carports. Wind load-approved and highly customizable, we’ll build you a metal RV carport that meets all your needs. We have a wide selection of carports for your RV. Some popular options include:

  • Open on all sides or fully enclosed with side panels, depending on your style preferences and local climate, measuring 18x31x10. 
  • Extra wide metal RV carport measuring 24x36x12 for luxury or executive-style motorhomes with slide-outs. 
  • Triple Motorhome Carport measuring 36×41 with pull-through bays and open sides/ends for easy loading, entry, and exit. Fits additional vehicles as well.
  • Executive Motorhome Carport measuring 24x41x16 for RVs needing higher clearance,. Ideal for high topped boats or travel trailers and top-mounted air conditioning units or luggage racks.

Check out the Carport Glossary for more information about the specs and features available.

Available RV Port Colors

Burnished Slate
Forest Green
Hawaiian Blue
Barn Red
Coco Brown
Mocha Tan
Charcoal Gray
Ash Gray
Light Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RV carports worth it?

Yes, RV carports offer excellent protection for your camper.  A high quality metal RV carport protects your camper from harmful UV rays and sun damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause your RV roof to degrade.

Steel RV carports also more convenient to have your camper on your property. You won’t have to rent a space for your RV if you have your own metal carport for RVs.

What size should an RV carport be?

This depends on the size of your RV. The primary consideration should be the dimensions of your RV. Additionally, you should also take into account any additional storage needs or future upgrades you may have in mind. By carefully considering these factors, you can confidently determine the appropriate size for your RV carport.

How can I make my carport look nice?

Metal RV carports can come in a number of colors to match your style and preference. You can also change the regular roofing style to a vertical roof style or a rounded roof style. You can also choose attached lean-to metal structure for enclosed storage spaces. This can add to the physical appeal of an RV carport.

Are RV carports safe in high winds?

Yes, they are safe for high winds. The experts at Keen’s Building craft sturdy metal buildings that are meant to withstand high wind loads. We know that our metal camper covers need to stand up to turbulent weather. This is why we use the best materials to give you quality products.

How much does a metal RV carport cost?

Metal RV carport prices and sizes will depend on what you need from your RV carport. We have a wide selection of customization options that will contribute to the overall cost. Get in touch today and let our customer service team help you find what’s right for you with a quote.

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