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14×20 Storage Sheds

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14×20 Storage Sheds

14×20 Storage Shed Uses:

  • At-Home Storage
  • Business Purposes/Office Space
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Recreational Applications
  • Artist/Photography Studio
  • Workshop

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Shop 14×20 Storage Sheds

The expanse of a 14×20 storage shed provides a multitude of possibilities. This extra-large portable storage building is an excellent solution for seasoned homeowners. With its quality construction and 280 square feet of internal storage room, it can serve a variety of purposes.

Whether you choose to utilize your 14×20 shed as an oversized storage solution, a recreational space, or a commercial facility, you’ll marvel at the uses it can provide.

Choosing a Material for Your 14×20 Shed

The material you select for your 14×20 storage shed depends on a number of factors. Local climate, intended use, and budget all play a role in determining what finish is best for your portable storage building. From siding to roofing, we offer three diverse material options for our 14×20 storage sheds that excel in durability and longevity.

  • Wood Storage Sheds
    Although metal sheds tend to be a preferred option among our customers, wood storage sheds provide the benefit of a more traditional aesthetic. Those looking to convert their shed into a tiny home or habitable structure may find that our sheds constructed from yellow pine wood provide a more welcoming look.
    While our 14×20 wood storage sheds will require more maintenance, they’re also easier to match to the main structure of your home. This allows you to achieve a more uniform feel on your property.
  • Metal Storage Sheds
    Our 14×20 metal storage sheds are by far the most popular material among Keen’s customers. These are our most durable and long-lasting structures, with a wind load rating of up to 160 mph.

    Typically constructed out of steel, our metal storage sheds feature thick, 29-gauge wall panels. As a result, they are impenetrable, weather-resistant, and immune to denting or scuffing. For enhanced security, a metal storage shed is the way to go.

  • Aluminum Storage Sheds
    Though not as sturdy as steel, many homeowners choose a 14×20 aluminum storage shed for its affordability and convenience. They are ideal for casual use, such as storing tools or gardening equipment. The thinner wall gauge makes them more lightweight than steel, therefore allowing for better portability and heat dispersion.

    Some choose aluminum roofing due to its ability to reflect heat off the structure, keeping it cooler in the summer. However, be mindful not to place your structure underneath any trees, as falling debris and branches could dent this material.

Customization Options for 14×20 Storage Sheds

When you purchase a portable storage building from Keen’s Buildings, you are receiving an expertly constructed shed with an extensive list of customizability options. Our structures are designed to exceed your expectations and serve all of your needs.

Our 14×20 metal storage sheds come with:

  • Your choice of 2×4 yellow pine wood or a c-channel steel frame
  • 2×6 floor joists on 16” centers
  • 4×6 pressure-treated skids
  • ¾” pressure treated flooring
  • Screws to attach floor on select models. Ask a sales rep if this option is available for you
  • Variety of metal and wood siding options (including aluminum, T1-11 wood siding, hardi-plank, vinyl, and steel)

Learn more about our siding options:

  • T1–11: Featuring a natural, wood-grained look, this siding option helps you achieve a more traditional aesthetic. Although metal and vinyl siding is more often used in contemporary projects, T1-11 wood siding is still a popular choice for a more natural finish.
  • Hardi-Plank: Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to wood siding? Hardi-Plank helps you take your sustainable structure to the next level. Although it closely resembles wood, it is a composite material made of fiber cement.
    29-Gauge Steel Panels: This is possibly the most secure and sturdy siding material of them all. Our thick, 29-gauge steel siding panels protect your portable storage building against dents, scuffs, scratches, and weathering. Wind load certified and extremely durable, this heavy-duty siding will last a lifetime.
  • Vinyl: Our vinyl siding is installed over an oriented strand board (OSB) for superior strength and endurance. One of our more affordable yet also customizable options, it’s popular for being low-maintenance.

Why Purchase a 14×20 Storage Shed?

There are many reasons homeowners opt for 14×20 storage sheds over some of our smaller options. For starters, the bigger the shed, the bigger the possibilities.

  • Create additional space
    If you have a small home but large property, this oversized external storage solution will maximize the space you have to keep your belongings. Furthermore, it can serve as a recreational space for your ever-growing family. The beauty of a 14×20 storage shed is it provides room for growth. Start off by using it as a space for your kids to play and allow it to evolve into a pool house, guest house, home office, or household storage.
  • Boost property value
    Real estate experts contend that a well-configured storage shed can add up to $15,000 to your home value. Pro tip: the larger the shed, the larger your home value stands to increase. Potential home buyers could see a 14×20 shed as potential for a second living space. New families will appreciate having the option of such a sizable portable storage building within easy access.
  • Declutter your home & garage

    Gone are the days of cramming your belongings in the attic, up against your vehicle – or worse – not having room for your vehicle at all. Your house and garage should be dedicated to family living, which is why a 14×20 storage shed can serve as a cure-all for your home organization needs. Move your belongings out of overstuffed closets and into your backyard storage shed to free up more room in important places.

  • Keep your valuables secure
    About nine percent of break-ins occur with the garage as the main access point. While your garage can be an okay place to store certain items related to your vehicle, it’s best to keep prized possessions in a storage shed. This way, you can keep them under lock-and-key, and away from the main house, where burglars are less likely to look.

What to Know Before Buying a 14×20 Shed

There are a number of factors to take into account when moving forward with your 14×20 storage shed purchase. Here are just a few of the logistics you’ll have to sort out prior.

  • Invest in quality

    The materials you choose for your 14×20 storage shed play a large role in its lifespan. Our metal storage sheds are some of the most popular selections, with durable materials like vinyl, aluminum, and steel providing supreme longevity. When coupled with our pressure-treated flooring and floor joists, wind-load approved construction, and steel or yellow pine framing, it’s sure to last a lifetime.

  • Choose the right foundation
    All Keen’s Building sheds arrive pre-fabricated to your property, leaving only configuration and placement once it’s delivered. We will anchor your 14×20 storage shed to the ground once placed on concrete blocks so as to ensure proper leveling. It will also be supplemented with pressure-treated skids, floors, and floor joists for a durable base.

  • Find a qualified team
    The support you receive from Keen’s is unmatched in the industry. Every prefabricated storage shed is overseen and inspected in our factory by expert engineers. With plans pre-approved by these certified engineers and the backing of various professionals, you can trust that an experienced team is behind the construction of your new portable storage building.

  • Know your zoning laws

    Any structure you place on your property is subject to zoning laws and permit requirements on behalf of your local housing authority. Before moving forward with your 14×20 storage shed purchase, ensure that you have the approval of these governing bodies. You need to confirm that your construction is in accordance with local setback requirements and other guidelines related to utility hookups, etc.

How 14×20 Storage Sheds Maximize Efficiency

What makes a 14×20 storage shed the ultimate solution to home organization and expansion? The ample space this portable storage building provides allows for infinite potential. Here are a number of reasons that a 14×20 shed is your most efficient storage option.

  • They go beyond storage

    The sizable square footage of this portable storage building means it can be used for so much more than storage! Use it as an additional living space and hangout spot where you can host guests, a home office, a fitness studio/home gym, a pool house, and more. You don’t have to use this structure as plain ol’ storage when it can be used recreationally.

  • Potential for more

    Your 14×20 metal shed can be spruced up, so it provides more than just the available surface area for storage. Customize it with wall storage solutions like hooks and floating shelves to keep your gardening tools organized. Or add on an overhead storage so you can keep less-frequently needed possessions in a loft with ladder access. You can do so much to turn this space into the workshop of your dreams.

  • The secure way to store
    Equip your 14×20 metal storage shed with a lock so you can keep prized possessions in there without easy access for others. The quality construction of a Keen’s shed also means it’s nearly impenetrable. The durable metal siding materials we use, such as steel, make it impossible to make a dent in this shed’s exterior. Furthermore, the pressure-treated floors and secure roofing keep pests, critters, and moisture out.

  • Ultra-durable & reliable
    Keeping your belongings free from pest or moisture damage is absolutely critical. Our superior siding materials make this possible, along with the elevated foundation and pressure-treated flooring solutions we employ. Choose materials like steel for your shed siding and roof to ensure that dents, scratches, and scuffs don’t occur. With our Florida-approved wind load ratings, your structure can also withstand turbulent weather conditions.

  • A better way to get organized
    Stop fretting over where to store large or motorized items! A 14×20 shed can easily fit equipment such as riding mowers, motorbikes, or ATVs. More of an outdoorsman? Keep your kayaks, canoes, skis, or snowboards in this metal storage shed, where they’ll remain protected. Gardening enthusiasts also love this storage shed size for keeping tools like rototillers, leaf blowers, and a potting station.

14×20 Storage Sheds vs. Storage Units

Storage units can be a suitable temporary solution for when you’re moving or in a transitionary point in your life. However, if long-term home storage is what you’re looking for and you have a property, then a 14×20 storage shed is the way to go. Here are some factors that make storage sheds a favorable choice.

  • Affordability

    Over time, a storage unit can run you a fortune. The average cost to rent a storage unit runs about $190/month. Meanwhile, with Keen’s zero-down and rent-to-own programs, you can acquire a similar deal on a storage structure that you will own.

  • Unbeatable Value
    When you take into account the above pricing, also consider this: The average storage unit size is approximately 10×10. When compared to a 14×20 storage unit, that’s 180 less square feet of space! That’s about the size of an entire bedroom worth of stuff. For the cost, you’ll be receiving a lot more storage space – far more suitable for a family.

  • Ease & Convenience

    Unlike a storage unit, a storage shed is located right on your property, meaning you can access it anytime without the hassle. No more driving out to the storage unit every time you’ve forgotten something. You’ll also feel more secure knowing that your treasured belongings are a few yards away as opposed to miles apart from you.

  • More Fun!
    Can you convert your rental storage unit into a man cave? We didn’t think so! A storage unit limits the opportunities you could otherwise have with some additional storage space on your property. Decide on a 14×20 storage shed instead, and you’ll be sure to get a lot more enjoyment out of it.

4 Ways to Use a 14×20 Storage Shed

If you’re still feeling doubtful of just how much you can achieve with a 14×20 storage shed, we’ll walk you through some of the most common ways people use these structures and how you can employ them yourself.

  • At-Home Storage
    Perhaps the most obvious, but also the most practical. Instead of shoving things into attics, closets, basements, and garages, you can now have a dedicated space for your less critical belongings. Take the opportunity to reorganize and declutter, while also resting assured that all these possessions now remain in one secure spot as opposed to scattered throughout your home.
  • Business Purposes

    You might be thinking: How could I possibly use a 14×20 shed for business applications? In fact, larger storage sheds such as these are frequently used for commercial purposes. They can be turned into concession stands, bike rental shacks, photography studios, personal training facilities, and so much more. Or, if you run a small business from home, you can use this shed to house your inventory.

  • Vehicle Storage
    When you equip your 14×20 shed with a ramp, you can keep smaller motorized vehicles like vintage cars, motorcycles, motorbikes, ATVs and UTVs, and so much more. You want to keep your automobiles safe from weathering, rusting, and the elements, so let this enclosed structure do the work of protecting them.

  • Recreational Applications
    Why stop at storage? Use your 14×20 storage shed to create the game room or she-shed of your dreams! Or perhaps apply it to some more functional purposes, like livestock housing or a small hobby farm. You can even turn it into a wood-working shop. This shed size allows you to work and store all in one place.

Permitting Process for 14×20 Storage Shed

With larger structures like a 14×20 storage shed, there may be a number of local ordinances you have to take into account. If you live in a community with a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), make sure to consult with them about the possibility of implementing an additional structure on your property.

Depending on how you plan to use your shed – and whether water and electrical hook-ups are needed – you’ll also need to consult with your local housing authority. Sheds that are intended for commercial use, such as an office, may be subject to some zoning limitations. Every region also has requirements in terms of setback lines, which refers to the proximity at which a structure can sit to your property line.

Make sure to research local and regional guidelines prior to your purchase.

14×20 Storage Shed Pricing

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of your 14×20 storage shed. The materials you select will be the largest contributor, with finishes like vinyl leaning on the more affordable side and steel leaning on the more expensive side. Roof type also plays a large role, with traditional, A-frame, and boxed eave roofs serving as a more midrange option. Meanwhile, gambrel-style roofs and vertical roof panels typically cost more.

Based on these factors and more, the general pricing for a 14×20 storage shed starts at $7190 for a standard unit. For an entirely custom structure, this price will differ.

Financing Your Shed with Keen’s Buildings

We offer some of the friendliest and most flexible financing options in the industry. Just fill out our simple General Financing Application and we’ll help you work out a payment plan that best fits within your budget. Based on your financial situation, you’ll either be eligible for our Rent-to-Own program or zero-down financing.

Learn more about our financing options below.

  • Rent-to-Own: Our rent-to-own program requires NO credit check. Simply fill out our rent-to-own application and an Account Specialist will be in contact to work out the best monthly payment plan for your needs. This is a great way to work up to owning your storage shed if you’re on a budget. At any point, you can pay off the remaining balance and call it your own! Or, perhaps you’re not ready for the immediate commitment of owning a storage shed. In that case, rent-to-own is perfect for you. All it takes is a one-time deposit, and then you have time to adapt to your new storage shed lifestyle.
  • Financing: We also offer easy, zero-down financing for up to $100,000 with same-day approval. Know which portable storage building you want and are ready to take the next step? If you meet the requirements, our dealer will connect you with a lender that best suits your needs. This process guarantees low monthly payments that will then give you the added benefit of proudly owning your storage shed. Fill out our General Financing Application to get started.

Why Choose Keen’s Buildings for Your 14×20 Shed?

With more than 20 years of experience designing top-tier portable storage buildings, it’s no wonder customers rely on Keen’s Buildings time and time again for their shed needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff is always available to answer any questions and help you design the storage shed of your dreams. Each member of our team is highly qualified to configure a custom metal shed for your space.

Furthermore, our established in-house financing programs make portable storage buildings more accessible for everyone. With options for zero-down financing and rent-to-own with NO credit check, we eliminate the worry that comes with making a large purchase.

Beyond that, you will be the proud owner of an expert-engineered metal storage building that is wind load approved, blocked and anchored to code, and delivered pre-built right to your home. We offer more than 40 sizes for you to choose from – so no matter how your needs change throughout your lifetime, Keen’s Buildings has got your back!

14×20 Storage Shed FAQs

A storage shed as large as a 14×24 can be a significant investment, so you definitely want to get all your questions answered as a responsible homeowner. Here are some common inquiries we receive about our 14×24 sheds.

  1. Should I buy or build my own shed?
    A DIY shed project can be quite the undertaking, and you’re likely to achieve less desirable results. When you opt for a prefabricated storage shed like those from Keen’s Building, not only are you looking at a quicker turnaround time, but you’re also receiving better quality. We use quality, high-gauge metal materials that are difficult to handle yourself. Furthermore, you receive the same customizability options you would in a DIY attempt, so you get to save yourself the work and still receive the shed you’ve always dreamed of.

  2. Is it better to rent or buy a storage shed?

    Whether you choose to rent or buy depends entirely on your personal financial circumstances and overall budget. We offer industry-leading options for both, including zero-down financing for those interested in owning or a rent-to-own program with no credit check if you need a little more flexibility.

  3. What materials should I choose for my 14×20 storage shed?
    Although we offer vinyl siding, our most popular offering is our metal storage sheds. These sheds constructed of aluminum and steel are the most durable and affordable option. Our heavy-duty, 29-gauge steel panels are impossible to penetrate, equating to the thickness of six business cards.

  4. How do I need to prepare my property for a shed?
    First, make sure you’ve checked with your local housing authority regarding any zoning or permitting requirements you need to meet. This includes the knowledge of any setback lines, which will determine where exactly on your property you can place your shed, as it needs to be a certain distance from the actual property line. From there, you won’t need to do much else. Our expert installation will handle the implementation of your shed’s foundation, blocking and anchoring it to code.

  5. What are the roofing options for a 14×20 shed?

    The two most common roof options are aluminum and steel, but you’ll have to choose wisely based on your regional climate and shed’s surroundings. Aluminum roofs keep the structure lightweight and offer superior heat dispersion, keeping it cooler inside. However, they also dent more easily, meaning they shouldn’t be placed under vegetation where branches could fall. While a steel roof won’t dent, it also makes your structure less portable and does not disperse heat as well.

Contact a Keen’s Building Shed Specialist, at 1-386-339-1676, to design and schedule a delivery for 14×20 storage sheds in Florida or Georgia.

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