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You’ve probably seen it a few times while driving around, a steel building. Steel buildings have drastically increased in popularity over the past few years. From the country, the suburbs more and more people are taking advantage of the many beneficial qualities of steel. Steel offers a wide array of benefits that you can’t get from building with other materials.

Here are reasons you should opt for a steel building:

Fire resistant

Steel is non-combustible and incredibly resistant to heat and fire. Meaning that even if a fire does start the building may very well come out of it relatively unscathed.


Depending on the specific size, dimensions, and customizations having a steel building constructed can actually cost less to build than building out of other materials. Because steel doesn’t require much to maintain the expenses you could spend on maintenance and repair is significantly lower, meaning that over time the building will ultimately pay for itself in the costs that you would have spent maintaining and repairing a structure made out of another material.

Pest resistant

Unlike other standard building materials steel does not attract termites or other pests. This is great for keeping the damage to your structure low while keeping the cleanliness high. Steel is also resistant to mildew and mold.

Easily customizable

With steel not only can you take advantage of more space (i.e., thinner walls and the reduced need for support beams) steel is also very easy to customize! You can add interior walls to repurpose a preexisting space, or even extend the building altogether. Steel allows for more elaborate and complex customizations than other materials.

Cost effective to insure

Because steel is fire and pest resistant (coupled with superior strength and is less prone to damage) many insurance companies have no problem offering lower rates for steel buildings than traditional buildings.

Don’t wait, order today!

The cost of metal fluctuates depending on a variety of factors. Don’t wait until the price goes up; order your steel building today!

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we put quality and customer satisfaction above all else. If you’re in the market for a quality Steel building in Georgia or Florida, then you’ve come to the right place! Call us now for more information.


Florida and Georgia Metal Buildings for Agriculture

An investment of any sort is an important decision that should be considered carefully. There are a lot of options to weigh. We at Keen’s Buildings understand this and want to make the process for you as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a wide variety of metal building types for you to choose from.


Barns are the staple of agriculture buildings and have been used for centuries. Wooden barns are quite popular however, they are far from ideal as they are very susceptible to heat and water damage. Unlike wooden buildings, metal buildings do not require a lot of maintenance making metal buildings the friendlier and more economical option.


Equipment is the life force of any agricultural setting; however, if left in the elements it’s only a matter of time before they become damaged. Housing your equipment, no matter, if it’s gardening tools or heavy machinery, is crucial to ensuring a long lifespan. Rain, wind, and the sun can all severely damage equipment over time. With the low maintenance and high durability of metal, you can rest assured that your steel building will last for a long time, making your initial investment well worth it.

Hay/ fodder storage

If you are keeping livestock, you may find yourself in need of a storage unit for your fodder. It is important to carefully consider how you choose to store your fodder as the storage unit specifications can determine how long your fodder will keep. Damp areas or places that retain a lot of water will cause your fodder to rot quickly making it unusable.


Create your metal building your way. We have a lot of customizability options for your metal building. From adding extensions to repurposing preexisting space. If you have an idea of the type of structure you want, contact us, and we’ll happily help you sketch out your dream building.

When it Comes to Metal Buildings Don’t trust the Discounts!

Discounts and deals, who doesn’t love them? Lower price same quality… right?

We’ve become accustomed to getting things at a cheaper price, but less expensive doesn’t always mean better, and the cost has to come out somewhere. To put it simply many companies cannot afford to create high-quality goods and sell them at a super cheap price. So, what do many of them do? They sacrifice the quality of the goods. In the end, you’ll have a low cost and a low-quality metal building that won’t last.

When trying to decide if something is truly worth it there are a few things you’ll want to consider, first is the person, entity, or company you are purchasing from trustworthy? This is a big factor, and with the sheer quantity of metal building fabricators out there it is extremely difficult to know who you can and can’t trust. A good rule of thumb is to research the company. Customer reviews are your friends, and if you’re going to invest (discount or not) then you want to make sure that your investment is worth it.

Many discount metal building dealers are trying to undercut their competition by drawing people in with low prices, but what they don’t tell you is that the quality is reduced.

A quality metal building will last.

Metal is a very durable material and a metal building, if constructed well, should last for decades. In the end, sacrificing durability and safety in exchange for a cheaper cost is not worth it.


If you are having problems pinpointing a specific physical location, or an office in the real world that should be a red flag for the authenticity of the company. Many dealers can make their site look fantastic online, but may not have a physical location. A reputable dealer will have a physical place you can go to if you would prefer to discuss things in person.


How a dealer chooses to communicate can also be an indicator of whether or not they are a legitimate business. If a business refuses to answer basic questions or seem to be elusive with their answers, it may be best to look further into the company before conducting business with them.


Reviews are critical. From there you can see what others have experienced when working with the company. Don’t skip BBB ratings as they can provide a lot of insight into complaints.

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we strive for transparency and openness with our customers. If you ever have any questions regarding our services or products feel free to contact us. We will happily work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the building you want.

Don’t let the Southern Sun Damage your Vehicles

Fun in the sun is almost always synonymous with summer. Recreational vehicles, dirt bikes, and boats are just a few of the popular cars that can be used to help take your summer fun to the next level. But sun damage can have devastating impacts on your vehicle. Having a metal building to protect your car can help prevent costly repairs.

How can the sun damage your vehicle?

UV rays oxidized the paint on cars causing them to fade which makes the vehicle to look older and more worn than it is. Additionally, the sun can also cause damage to headlights, and the rubber trims on your car as well as damage your upholstery and the tint on your windows. The interior of the vehicle, like the paint, can weaken and fade when exposed to too much sun.
Exposure to the sun can impact not only how your vehicle looks, but how it runs as well. For example, the fluids in your car are responsible for making the engine run as it should. During hot days this is extremely important as the engine is significantly more prone to heating. During the summer be sure to keep an eye on your car’s fluids, particularly the coolants, so that your engine doesn’t sustain any damage.

Protect your Vehicle

Your vehicle, no matter what it is, is an investment, a property that deserves protecting. Having the right garage to keep your property safe is the first step to making it last for many years.
One of the best things about having a building designed specifically to serve as your garage is the endless customizability options. You can determine crucial elements, such as the ceiling height and size of the building. Our steel buildings can be created to hold just about any vehicle, and we will work with you to customize and design your steel building to fit both your needs and your preferences.

Metal buildings are designed to last. Here at Keen’s Buildings use quality rust-resistant materials to ensure that your construction is not only sturdy but protected. Our buildings are specially designed to withstand harsh winds and rains, while still maintaining their appearance and structural integrity.
Having trouble financing your metal building? We’ve got you covered! Keens’ buildings offer financing options so you can get the metal building you want. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Keen’s Buildings: Boost Returns on Investment with Steel Buildings

Boost Returns on Investment with Steel Buildings

A building can be the difference between a high RIO and a low one. What a structure is made of will dramatically impact the building’s overall lifespan, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a quality building. Below are a few reasons why you should consider using steel for your construction needs.


The roofs of steel buildings last for quite some time, even when the surrounding area has eroded away, steel continues, surviving both trial and time. Pretreated to last against harsh weather and naturally, fire resistant steel is a superb building material that can provide both stability and protection. A metal roof can last for decades. If built and maintained your structure can last for generations!

Low maintenance

In the long run, regular maintenance can cost you the same if not more than the total cost of the property (this goes doubly so for materials that are susceptible to damage, like wood). Steel buildings, on the other hand, have no such weakness and require minimal maintenance to keep them in pristine condition even against decades of harsh weather, strong winds, and torrential rains.

Grow to suit you

Steel buildings are incredibly easy to modify. If you require more room, it’s simple to expand your steel building. You can even convert your existing rooms into separate rooms to suit your needs. Additionally, it’s possible to reinforce your steel building.


Unlike other buildings, steel buildings are quite easily insulated. Having an insulated structure will save you on heating and cooling expenses all while helping protect your building from condensation. This can increase the overall lifespan of your metal building dramatically. Insulation is a great way to keep people and livestock comfortable while also preserving energy.

Insurance costs are lower

Insurance companies realize that steel is resistant to many elements that would lay a typical building to ruin. Fire resistant, pest resistant, and able to withstand extreme weather, it’s no wonder insurance companies charge less to ensure steel buildings.

If you want a quality steel building look no further than Keen’s Buildings. We have a multitude of customizability options and will gladly help you bring your steel building into fruition. We also have payment plans to help you cover the cost of your steel building. Contact us today for more information.


Keen’s Buildings: Building your Dream Garage

A metal garage is a fantastic way to protect your vehicles from the elements; however, there is so much more to it than that. A quality metal garage can increase your house resale value, making the investment well worth it! When it comes to building a garage, it’s never a bad idea to err on the side of more than less. Life often has unexpected turns, and you may have to upgrade to a larger vehicle. Investing in a large metal garage up front will save you the work of having to increase the size later, should you ever need to.

Benefits of a Metal Garage

Metal structures do not require support beams; this means when it comes to space you’ll get more bang for your buck! In addition to that, metal is fire resistant and not susceptible to rot, termite infestations, or warping. A metal building can also be constructed in a significantly shorter time frame than their wooden counterparts.

Metal is also eco-friendly. The vast majority of metal buildings are created from recycled materials. The best part is that if you ever don’t need your metal building anymore, it can be recycled or easily moved.

How much space Do I need?

Generally, the amount of space you’ll need is relevant to the size of the vehicle you are storing. Naturally, if you are planning on storing a larger vehicle, you’ll need a larger space. You’ll also need to take into account the necessary space you’ll need to move around in comfortably. If you are planning to use your garage as a workshop, as well then more space will be required. If you are adding a workshop add about ten extra feet to your structure layout, this will allow you to fit a workbench and a tool storage area comfortably.

Customization and other utility and styling choices

To capitalize on your investment, if you wish to resell your property, you’ll want to make the garage and your home match. Depending on the style of your house and property one important consideration is whether or not you want your garage attached or detached to your home.

Installing the same panels for your garage as the ones on your house will create a uniform look to your property. If you want utilities (such as lighting and water), you’ll need additional permits. Be sure also to follow local building codes. If building regulations are not abided by you may have to rebuild all or part of your building. You may also have difficulties selling your house.

Here at Keen’s Buildings, we take great pride in providing excellent customer service and quality products! If you have any questions or inquiries, contact us today! We would love to hear from you.

Keen’s Buildings: The Problem with Renting in Florida or Georgia

The True Cost of Renting

Renting seems like a good idea, particularly if you are living in Florida or certain parts of Georgia, where the cost of living is high. The unfortunate truth is that renting is really only okay for short periods of time. This is because after a certain point you’ll start to see diminished returns. In the long run, you will end up paying more for renting than you would have if you actually purchased the property.

Renting comes what a whole host of disadvantages, such as rules and restrictions when it comes to freedom of use and renovations to the property. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the lease will be renewed on the property. This will undoubtedly leave you in a stressful situation with you having to figure out relocation arrangements. Perhaps the biggest issue is that the chances of you ever recovering the money you spent renting the property is zero. Allow me to explain. When you buy property, it is costly up front but when it is paid off, not only will you have the freedom to make alterations. You’ll also be able to resell the property if you ever decide to relocate. This means that you can recover some of the money you spent on the property.

You can also make money off your purchased property even without selling it. For example, you can rent it out to others, and you can potentially save money in the long run through tax deductions. We understand that owning a metal building can be the cause of apprehension for some. After all, there is maintenance and upkeep, that you’ll have to worry about. However, the cost to maintain a metal building is actually pretty inexpensive.

Many people in Florida and Georgia choose Keens’ Buildings. Here is why:

  • Excellent financing options
  • $0 Down financing available
  • Free Setup
  • Free Delivery
  • Custom Designs Available
  • 5 Locations to serve you
  • Largest volume dealer in Florida.
  • Largest volume dealer in Georgia
  • Military and first responder discounts

If you need a metal building You’ve come to the right place. Keen’s Buildings has helped countless people in Georgia and Florida get the building they needed. Get your free quote today, or call us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you!

Flex Space: The answer to your space-related issues

Flex Space

Traditionally, buildings are made with very solid and sturdy materials. Bricks, cement, and cinderblocks are quite common for building materials. The only trouble with building out of materials such as these is that they are incredibly difficult to make alterations to. This may be a problem because it is not uncommon for a building to not be necessary anymore (like when a business relocates). Luckily, buildings are often repurposed and used for things other than what they were originally built for. One example is converting what was once a residential area (such as an apartment building) into a business headquarter.

For a business owner deciding when to expand is an important decision. Expand too soon one will be left with too much space that is not utilized in the correct manner. Early expansion can also result a cost the business may not have been ready to make. Expand too late and the business could lose out on opportunities.

In some cases, a business will want to acquire the entire building. In other cases, a business will not want to commit to purchasing or using the entire space. That’s where flex space comes in. Flex space is an industrial space in which the space can be changed to meet the needs of whoever is using it. This means that for businesses doing things like adding or removing offices is fairly easy. Space is also significantly easier to repurpose to suit the needs of the business. Flex space is a flexible space that has the potential to become a different type of space or environment.

Can I utilize flex space with a prefabricated building?

Absolutely! In fact, flex space is perfect for buildings that have already been made. Flex space puts the control of your building layout in your hands. You can easily change the spaces and easily repurpose them. This is perfect for expanding into spaces that you haven’t wanted to incorporate and is perfect for business growth. Putting up walls (temporary or fixed) is incredibly easy.

There really isn’t a construction method that allows for easy expansion like flex space. If you’re looking to create a space for your building look no further. Keen’s Buildings will work with you every step of the way, from selecting materials, to customizing and installation. Contact us today for more information.

Understanding the Benefits of a Clear Span Metal Building

There are a lot of advantages to using a clear span metal building, but there are several factors that you must consider before deciding on purchasing one. Most of the factors associated are related to the budget, the use of the building, and when you need it. The great thing about clear span metal buildings is that they are both versatile and beautiful. Additionally, clear span metal buildings have a lot of amazing benefits to offer. Here, at Keen’s Buildings, we want everyone to understand the benefits of a clear span metal building. So here is everything you should know about them.

Why Own a Clear Span Metal Building?

One of the main reasons why people choose steel buildings over traditional ones is because they are more cost-effective and can be custom-built. Traditional structures may take months to be installed, but clear span metal buildings only require a few days. You also receive certified engineering documents with the building, and the installed is carried out by trained builders.

·      The different types of clear span buildings

There are several options available to you when it comes to clear span buildings. You can also choose between a multi-span or single structure. Most factories and warehouses will require a multi-span structure because they need a building with structural integrity. A single span structure is ideal for a space that is only 12 to 30 feet wide.

·      Sustainable construction

Apart from their speed of construction and cost-effectiveness, clear span metal buildings are sustainable. They are made from recycled materials, and the steel can be reused once the building outlives its life. Clear span buildings will also allow you to get a green building certification because the steel can be recycled when it reaches the end of its lifespan.

Unique Features of Clear Span Metal Buildings

There are many unique features associated with clear span metal buildings, which you won’t find in traditional buildings. These features include enduring quality, exceptional traits, and spacious interiors, while you get low maintenance and highly versatile building for your business. Here are the unique features of clear span metal buildings in greater detail:

·      Spacious Interior

You don’t require any support posts for clear span metal buildings, which means you get more space inside. The high ceilings allow you to stack goods higher, and get more storage space.

·      Exceptional Acoustics

They also feature exceptional acoustics, because of sound-absorbing walls, which sound-proofs the entire building and allows you to focus on your work. That is a great benefit if you plan on doing a lot of machine work in the building since the sound-absorbing walls won’t let noise escape the building.

·      Built to last

Clear span metal buildings are made from high-quality and durable galvanized steel that comes with corrosion and dust protection. That means that you get a building that can withstand all weather and wind challenges for maximum returns on your investment.

Get in touch with Keen’s Buildings to find out more about clear span metal buildings and the unique benefits they offer.



Prefab Garages and Portables Buildings in Florida



Are you facing storage problems in your home? No matter how much space you think you have, over time all of it seems to get used up, and you are left following the never-ending cycle of trying to find more space to store all your stuff. There are undoubtedly a lot of options available for people when it comes to finding storage solutions, but to get rid of your storage problems once and for all, you need to invest in a prefabricated garage or storage building.

Sometimes storing all the stuff in your home and garage will have you feeling claustrophobic because your entire living space will feel cramped. No one wants to walk into their home and immediately start stressing out looking at all the storage boxes piled up against the walls. Even if you do have a garage, it will soon be overflowing with your tools and other storage boxes. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate storage solution, then head on over to Keen’s Buildings and check out our pre-fabricated, stylish, and portable buildings offered to everyone in Florida.

Forget Your Storage Troubles with Pre-Built Storage Buildings

At Keen’s Buildings, we offer attractive, and stylish pre-built storage buildings that are ideal for storing all your precious belongings in a safe and organized manner. Everyone has different storage requirements, which is why we offer our pre-built storage buildings of different sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of everyone. You can even choose the styling of the building, and customize it in any way that you want. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect storage solution, and our extensive range of options ensures we can easily find one that is perfect for your needs.

The best thing about our pre-built storage buildings is that they are constructed from different materials, meaning that you get to choose structures in both wooden and steel frames. Our pre-built storage buildings are portable as well and come with vinyl, wooden, and board batten sidings. You can even choose to install garage doors on our pre-built storage buildings to ensure easier access and store larger items inside.

You have complete freedom when it comes to the personalization options, including the color and style of the pre-built storage building.

Add Greater Convenience into Your Life

Our pre-built storage buildings are designed to help save you time and will be constructed on your property after delivery. You can order online, and choose from durable and strong materials, or whether you want extra space and room in the building as well. Our goal is to help everyone acquire the best possible storage solution for their property, and therefore offer them with an extensive range of financing options for all pre-built storage buildings and garages.

There are a lot of different design options available, and you can choose the style and color of your prefab garage and portable building in Florida. Get in touch with Keen’s Buildings today and forget all about your storage problems with pre-built storage buildings.