How to Choose the Best RV Carport for Your Recreational Vehicle?


Families that are looking for the ideal vacationing vehicle will all agree that RVs are the best option available. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, RVs provide you with a lot of room and freedom to travel all over the country. The best part is that you don’t need to book any hotels or eat at expensive restaurants since you are taking your mobile home along with yourself on your journey.

However, RVs don’t come cheap, and if you have invested in one, it is important that you protect your investment, and cut down on maintenance costs by purchasing an RV carport. This will keep it covered from the elements, and ensure that you don’t experience any problems on the road. But how do you decide which RV carport is the best one for your recreational vehicle?

There is no shortage of options available, but that only confuses people. Here, at Carport Empire, we provide high-quality RV carports in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to choose the best RV carport for your recreational vehicle, here is how you should go about it:

What is main purpose of your RV carport?

Are you looking for additional security for your vehicle, or only want a carport that shelters your recreational vehicle from the elements? These questions will help you choose an RV carport with specific features that will provide you with exactly what you need.

Where do you plan on installing your metal RV carport?

You should consider the area you plan on installing your metal RV carport. Is it big enough for the carport cover, or do you want to install it somewhere else that has more space? Make sure you choose a size and style that fits with the space you have available.

What about local building regulations?

In some areas it is required by law to get certification for a new structure, so that it can handle snow and wind, without falling apart and damaging property. So, make sure that you check out the local building regulations for installing an RV carport on your property.

What is the weather like in your area?

The main purpose of the RV carport is to shelter your recreational vehicle from the elements. Therefore, it is important that you consider the weather conditions in your area before you buy one. Is the weather mostly wild? Or do you get a lot of thunderstorms? Choose an RV carport depending on the type of weather you will be dealing with, since there are specific types of RV carports to deal with weather.

What are your style preferences?

RV carports come in different styles, so you can choose any type that you want. Whether you want a fully enclosed carport, or one that is open from the sides, depends on your style preference. There are also a lot of color options for the carport, and you can choose to match the color of your recreational vehicle with the color of the RV carport.

Rising Demand for Steel Buildings

The popularity of steel buildings continues to increase. Steel is one of the most innovative products for commercial and residential construction. It is durable, hardy, recyclable and environment-friendly, features that people look for when choosing building material. The popularity of steel has also been fuelled by the issues that affect wooden construction: mold, mildew, termites, and lack of resistance to rough weather conditions.

The market is flooded with pre-fabricated steel buildings including storage sheds, carports, horse barns, pole barns, aircraft hangars, and more. The demand for steel structures is all set to attain a new high with falling prices. The latest Producer Price Index report from the United States Department of Labor indicates that in May 2012, iron and steel prices fell 0.9 percent.

A leading industry dealer, Keen’s Portable Buildings offers an extensive range of high quality steel buildings that offer great all-weather protection. You can choose from various DCA inspected and State certified models and several colors for roof trims and exterior panels, and aluminum lap, Hardi-plank green siding, wood-based and vinyl siding, and steel panels. The company offers customization support as well as speedy installation. While all theportable steel buildings that this dealer offers are competitively priced, customers can also benefit from easy financing plans for the purchase of any type of steel structure.

Building a Carport versus a Garage

When it comes to choosing to build a new garage versus a quality carport, cost isn’t the only consideration. There are other factors that play an important part in this decision. There are multiple types, sizes, and even colors of carports for you to choose from. Everyone needs a place to keep their vehicles protected and safe while they are at home. If you don’t have a safe parking spot and are trying to decide whether a carport or a garage is the best option for you, then consider these options on why adding a carport versus adding a garage is more beneficial:

  • Cost. Building a carport will be extremely less in cost than adding a garage. Expect to pay anywhere from around $15,000 to $60,000 on up for a basic garage with concrete floor.
    Installation & time. A durable carport can easily be built over a weekend, versus many weeks or even months to complete a garage.
  • Ability to relocate. Once a garage is attached to your home, there is no moving it. A carport can be relocated if you decide to move out of your house.
  • Value of home. Adding a carport and a garage are actually both very beneficial to adding value to your home, so why not add the more cost effective solution of a carport?

Vehicles and other assets such as trucks, boats, motorcycles, and RV’s signify great investments that homeowners want to protect against harm from outside elements. Adding a carport is a very smart option because it can protect your assets, add extra storage space and add additional value to your home!

Financing your new Car Port

If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost the value of your property, quality car ports by Keen’s Portable Buildings are a surefire solution. And yes – you can afford a beautiful new single-bay, double-bay or triple-bay car port, even if your credit history isn’t blemish-free.

Keen’s Portable Buildings knows that everyone hits a financial snag sooner or later. And this tough economic climate is forcing many homeowners to look for ways to keep their budgets in check. But life does go on. And protecting your valuables, particularly your vehicles, becomes even more important in such a time. Plus, if you’re looking to sell your home, any improvement you can afford will help. Realtors nationwide point to car ports as a no-fail way to boost your home’s resale value.

If your credit history is less than stellar, no worries. We’ve got multiple financing options that will allow you to buy a beautiful new carport with terms that fit your budget. We work with multiple outside lenders to offer you competitive interest rates. Qualified buyers can purchase new car ports with zero money down and take up to 84 months to pay. An interest-free account and 12 month same-as-cash financing options also are available. Don’t assume that a new, top-quality car port is out of your financial reach. Contact Keen’s Portable Buildings today and let one of our friendly representatives discuss your options.

If you plan to purchase your new car port online, we understand you may be concerned about safety of your sensitive information. Again – no worries! We work with Geo Trust, the world’s second largest digital certificate provider, to process your online purchase. Geo Trust securely transmits all of your personal information and financial transactions with the ultimate in online safety. More than 70,000 companies in more than 140 countries trust Geo trust for secure transmissions of credit applications and sensitive information.

With the purchase and installation of a beautiful, custom-configured car port, you’re sure to boost the enjoyment and resale value of your property. Browse our website to see all the available options, then contact us at 1-386-364-7559 today.

Solar Panels on Commercial Carports Save Companies Money

Companies nationwide are saving on energy costs and helping to improve the local environment by installing solar panels atop their commercial carports and buildings. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is spurring such efforts by granting funds for projects that result in a significant energy conservation and money savings benefit.

San Bernadino, CA’s Economic Development Agency this month reported that the recent installation of 1,400 solar panels atop its downtown building cut $7,000 from its $12,000 monthly electric bill. Las Vegas officials expect to cut city electrical costs by $300,000 a year via a plan to install solar panels atop carports serving city buildings. And on a much smaller, but equally impressive scale, officials in Bexley, Ohio are considering installing four commercial carports topped with solar panels in the parking lot of its police station, a move estimated to save the city $338,560 over 25 years. Companies of any size can benefit. And at Keen’s Portable Buildings, we think utilizing carports in ways that help save energy, cut costs and otherwise positively contribute to a community is a great idea.

Commercial carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings are made of sturdy 14-gauge standard steel tubular framing and 29-gauge standard steel roof and side panels. So they’re able to support solar panels used to capture and harvest energy for lighting in your carport and for your nearby building. Our metal commercial carports also can be certified to withstand heavy snow loads and wind speeds of 110mph, 130mph and 150mph, assuring that your full investment is protected.

If you’re looking to add commercial carports to your business’ property, Keen’s Portable Buildings is the place to call. We offer custom design and expert installation of single-bay, double-bay and triple-bay commercial carports and financing as low as 6.9 percent with flexible payment terms and zero-money-down offers for qualified buyers. Contact us today at 1-386-364-7995 to find out how a commercial carport can benefit your business.

Residential Carports

If you’re looking for a way to protect your vehicles from the sun, rain, snow and falling leaves, a residential, steel carport by Keen’s Portable Buildings is an affordable, effective option. But beyond protecting your vehicle’s paint job, there are multiple other uses for both.

A smaller residential carport can be situated for use as a walkway cover, protecting you from the rain and snow as you dash from your car to your front door. Place a picnic table or patio chairs beneath a carport for a gazebo-like resting spot. Planning a party or family reunion? A larger residential carport is a great way to entertain friends outdoors while at the same time offering them shade from the sun.

Large carports also can be used to cover swimming pools, keeping out leaves and limbs that fall from trees. If you live in a rural area, carports can be used to cover hay and feed. Livestock and outdoor pets also can find shelter from the sun, rain and snow beneath carports of any size. And outdoor workshop areas for gardeners, artists and DIY home improvement handymen can be housed beneath carports. Add roll-up doors and your carport can be fully enclosed to protect your items from thieves and vandals.

Commercial Carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings

Owners of businesses of all sizes enjoy multiple uses of quality, steel commercial carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings. Open carports provide a shady place for employees to park their vehicles, safe from falling leaves and bird droppings, not to mention the scorching sun rays that leave a car feeling like a dry sauna on hot afternoons. This makes for a much more pleasant drive home from work.

Adding a few picnic tables beneath an open commercial carport also affords employees and guests a shady spot for an alfresco lunch or quick company meeting. And larger open carports can shade and protect your company’s equipment, tractor trailers and vehicle fleet from rain and snow.

Enclosed carports are great for warehousing of products and supplies; workshops; offices; and staging areas for employees and vendors to pick up supplies or drop off deliveries. Keen’s Portable Buildings offers enclosure of open carports with roll-up doors of up to 16 feet wide and 14 feet high. Carports also can be used to hide unsightly items such as trash bins and dumpsters or equipment awaiting repair.

Keen’s Portable Buildings’ can engineer your commercial carport to meet city, county and state permitting and code regulations and to withstand heavy snow loads as well as wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph, assuring protection of your company assets. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings at 386-364-7995 and talk with a friendly associate about your company’s needs.

Carport Empire

Keen’s Portable Buildings is announcing our new website dedicated to just carports, Carport Empire! This website is specific to just carports, however you will also be able to find a variety of other metal tubular buildings, such as metal barns, storage buildings, enclosed garages, and custom carports. We still give you access to our regular style carports, storage buildings, and steel garages; but this site will soon have more information and offers just for metal carports! Our new carport website will also offer every size carport that you need, perfect for anything from single carports for compact cars to boat and RV carports. Protecting your vehicle from damaging UV rays from the sun and harsh weather conditions has never been easier than purchase a carport from Carport Empire.  We also have carport financing available to help you get the vehicle cover or metal building. Keen’s Buildings and Carport Empire have what you need to keep your car, boat, RV, or other investments covered