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8×16 Storage Sheds

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8×16 Storage Sheds

8×16 Storage Shed Uses:

  • Design Studio
  • Home Office
  • Music Studio
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Firewood Storage

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An 8×16 portable storage building makes for the perfect garden shed. With the average backyard measuring approximately 10,000 square feet, an 80 square foot shed fits just right. It is unobtrusive, taking up minimal space, and yet still spacious enough for your basic storage needs.

Furthermore, an 8×16 storage shed is great for homeowners on a budget. It will do the job without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for simple and practical, it’s the way to go.

Choosing a Material for Your 8×16 Shed

The material you select for your 8×16 storage shed depends on a number of factors. Local climate, intended use, and budget all play a role in determining what finish is best for your portable storage building. From siding to roofing, we offer three diverse material options for our 8×16 storage sheds that excel in durability and longevity.

  • Wood Storage Sheds
    Although metal sheds tend to be a preferred option among our customers, wood storage sheds provide the benefit of a more traditional aesthetic. Those looking to convert their shed into a tiny home or habitable structure may find that our sheds constructed from yellow pine wood provide a more welcoming look.

    While our 8×16 wood storage sheds will require more maintenance, they’re also easier to match to the main structure of your home. This allows you to achieve a more uniform feel on your property.

  • Metal Storage Sheds
    Our 8×16 metal storage sheds are by far the most popular material among Keen’s customers. These are our most durable and long-lasting structures, with a wind load rating of up to 160 mph.

    Typically constructed out of steel, our metal storage sheds feature thick, 29-gauge wall panels. As a result, they are impenetrable, weather-resistant, and immune to denting or scuffing. For enhanced security, a metal storage shed is the way to go.

  • Aluminum Storage Sheds
    Though not as sturdy as steel, many homeowners choose a 8×16 aluminum storage shed for its affordability and convenience. They are ideal for casual use, such as storing tools or gardening equipment. The thinner wall gauge makes them more lightweight than steel, therefore allowing for better portability and heat dispersion.

    Some choose aluminum roofing due to its ability to reflect heat off the structure, keeping it cooler in the summer. However, be mindful not to place your structure underneath any trees, as falling debris and branches could dent this material.

Customization Options for 8×16 Storage Sheds

When you purchase a portable storage building from Keen’s Buildings, you are receiving an expertly constructed shed with an extensive list of customizability options. Our structures are designed to exceed your expectations and serve all of your needs.

Our 8×16 metal storage sheds come with:

  • Your choice of 2×4 yellow pine wood or a c-channel steel frame
  • 2×6 floor joists on 16” centers
  • 4×6 pressure-treated skids
  • ¾” pressure treated flooring
  • Screws to attach floor on select models. Ask a sales rep if this option is available for you
  • Variety of metal and wood siding options (including aluminum, T1-11 wood siding, hardi-plank, vinyl, and steel)

Learn more about our siding options:

  • T1–11: Featuring a natural, wood-grained look, this siding option helps you achieve a more traditional aesthetic. Although metal and vinyl siding is more often used in contemporary projects, T1-11 wood siding is still a popular choice for a more natural finish.
  • Hardi-Plank: Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to wood siding? Hardi-Plank helps you take your sustainable structure to the next level. Although it closely resembles wood, it is a composite material made of fiber cement.
    29-Gauge Steel Panels: This is possibly the most secure and sturdy siding material of them all. Our thick, 29-gauge steel siding panels protect your portable storage building against dents, scuffs, scratches, and weathering. Wind load certified and extremely durable, this heavy-duty siding will last a lifetime.
  • Vinyl: Our vinyl siding is installed over an oriented strand board (OSB) for superior strength and endurance. One of our more affordable yet also customizable options, it’s popular for being low-maintenance.

What to Know About 8×16 Sheds

There are various benefits to choosing an 8×16 storage shed, but it helps to know a few logistics before you buy. Knowing the exact application and placement for your 8×16 shed will help you make wise design choices. Take a few of the following considerations into account.

  • Potential Uses for Your Shed
    Your first thought might be: “Well, storage, of course!” And it’s true that an 8×16 shed is popularly used to house power tools, gardening equipment, or other various outdoor items. However, it can also be used for recreational purposes. Many homeowners love to repurpose their 8×16 sheds as backyard hangouts, home offices, kids’ playhouses, and more.

    They can also be used as bicycle storage, keeping all your favorite gear secure and away from the elements.

  • What You Can Store
    Though smaller than some other sheds on the market, you would be surprised at how much an 8×16 shed can hold. This shed size provides ample square footage for gardening equipment, such as your basic lawnmower, pots, or bags of fertilizer. It can also store a small workbench and some power tools.

    Plan to use it ‘just for fun’? Create a private backyard sanctuary by placing a small loveseat and coffee table inside.

  • Creating Even More Space
    You can always find creative ways to create even more storage space within your 8×16 shed. Depending on the roof configurations you choose, there may be room for overhead storage. You can also use one wall entirely for floating shelves, to create additional surfaces for storing smaller items.

    Or, when you’re ready for a second shed on your property, your 8×16 shed will be just small enough to not get in the way.

  • Adapting to Your Backyard

    The average backyard is approximately 10,000 square feet, making this 80 square foot shed a nominal add-on. It is small enough to tuck into a corner of your yard and still leave plenty of room for play. Even if your yard leans toward the small size, an 8×16 storage shed will fit just right.

    If you do have a smaller yard, however, don’t forget to keep setback lines in mind, as this may impact the placement of your 8×16 shed.

  • Permits & Local Ordinances

    As with any additional structure on your property, you may need to undergo a permitting process. This could come in the form of your local housing authority or even approval from a Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Make sure to check local guidelines before purchasing your shed, as they could vary based on how you plan to use your 8×16 shed.

    Also, familiarize yourself with local setback ordinances so you know how close to the property line your shed can sit.

Benefits of an 8×16 Storage Shed

The biggest advantage to an 8×16 shed is its versatility. Whether you use it as overflow storage or a workspace, you’re sure to appreciate its practical nature.

  • Store Plants & Supplies in Your 8×16 Shed

    Place this structure right in your garden and utilize its abundant storage space. Not only can it serve as a potting station, it can also house your equipment. Many green thumbs love to use their 8×16 shed for holding items such as lawnmowers, plows, shovels, weedwackers, and more.

    Even the most avid gardening enthusiast will love having a place to store large bags of fertilizer, topsoil, and more.

  • Declutter the Garage by Switching to a Shed

    Does your garage runneth over? Now, you can park your car comfortably by using your 8×16 shed as overflow storage for your garage. Move items like holiday decorations, old clothes, tool chests, and outdoor gear into your 8×16 shed.

    You’ll free up your garage of those less frequently used items and use them for your more everyday needs. Plus, you’ll have more room for your automobile, no longer having to relegate it to the driveway.

What to Think About When Buying an 8×16 Shed

Naturally, there are a lot of factors to take into account before moving forward with your 8×16 shed. Your budget, outdoor space, and overall needs will play a role in your decision. Here are some of the main considerations prior to purchasing.

  • Cost & Overall Quality
    While budget plays a large role in the decision-making process, the price range of your project can vary widely based on your needs. There are plenty of ways Keen’s Buildings will work with you to find a financial fit.

    Furthermore, our 8×16 metal storage sheds are of superb quality. They are always constructed from quality steel or aluminum, expert-engineered, and wind load approved for even the most turbulent weather conditions.

  • Style & Layout
    Getting an 8×16 storage shed to match the aesthetic of your main house is important for some homeowners. With our standard side-gable sheds, you can give your portable storage building a more homey look. However, gambrel-style sheds are also popular for their superior overhead storage space and unique appearance.

    Make sure the design characteristics of your shed match the overall look you’re aiming for. Based on your shed’s intended purpose, you’ll want to ensure storage capabilities line up as well.

  • Fitting in Well with Your Yard
    Nobody wants their storage shed to stick out like a sore thumb. Carefully blending your storage shed in with your backyard aesthetic is crucial. You can do so by choosing a shed style that is uniform with your house, matching up the siding colors and roof type. It also helps to give your shed a little “curb appeal.”

    Surround the shed with garden beds, create a path leading to its entry, and perhaps even place lawn ornaments around it to make it more inviting.

  • Permit Requirements & Local Ordinances
    Your Homeowners’ Association (HOA) may have some guidelines about the types of structures allowed on your property. Make sure to consult with your board before moving forward. If you do not belong to an HOA, your local housing authority could be the decision maker.

    Ensure that you follow local setback line requirements, size restrictions, and zoning limitations. Fortunately, for most smaller structures, undergoing a permitting process is not always needed.

  • Foundation Prep for Your Shed
    In most cases, your 8×16 storage shed will be carefully anchored to concrete blocks for sturdiness and proper leveling. In some cases, however, your portable storage building may need to be elevated. If you are hooking up utilities – such as water and power – to your shed, then a crawl space is required. This gives contractors room to run the lines.

    All of our structures are constructed with pressure-treated floors and floor joists for longevity and to keep pests out.

  • Construction & Installation

    Forego the hassle of store-bought and onsite constructed sheds. When you pick a prefab 8×16 storage shed from Keen’s Buildings, you can ensure that your structure is quality-controlled by expert engineers and constructed in a controlled environment. No flukes, no flubs.

    The constructed shed is then delivered to your home for blocking and anchoring, so you can begin to enjoy it right away without the DIY pains.

Bang for Your Buck with 8×16 Storage Sheds

A portable storage building can seem like a significant expense. However, improper storage can cost you even more. When you invest in an 8×16 storage shed, you’re giving your costly equipment the security it deserves. Our metal storage sheds are sturdy, wind load rated for gusts up 160 mph, and available with a 25-year-warranty.

This means that we work to ensure the longevity of your shed. With proper care and maintenance, your storage shed could last you a lifetime in the backyard of your forever home, making it a worthwhile purchase.

It also protects your high-priced equipment, such as expensive kayaks, mountain bikes, or ATVs, from the elements. You’ll expand the lifespan of all your possessions when you protect them from weathering in a quality 8×16 shed.

Should you choose to ever convert this storage shed into a habitable structure, such as a small guest room or tiny home, you might find it pays for itself. Having a permitted recreational or habitable structure on your property could significantly increase resale value, resulting in an excellent return on your initial investment.

8×16 Storage Shed Uses

The potential applications of your 8×16 storage shed are many and great. This outdoor structure provides tons of diversity with its reasonable yet roomy size.

  • Design Studio
    Artists and creatives of all kinds love using 8×16 storage sheds for a studio space. This portable storage building is large enough to house items such as dressmaker dummies or a sewing station for crafty individuals. Or, if you’re a painter or sculptor, you have plenty of space for easels, potter’s wheels, and a sculpting stand. Plus, ample wall space for windows allows plenty of natural light to filter in for your work.
  • Home Office
    Whether you work from home or are a small business owner, you might be eager to create some separation between your house and your office. With the help of a contractor and the right electrical hookups, your storage shed can serve as a private home office space. An 8×16 shed has plenty of room for a large desk and comfortable office chair. Or, you can even use it as a meeting space for clients by setting up a small conference table.
  • Music Studio
    If you’re a musician, having a space to rehearse in is essential. An 8×16 storage shed is perfect for keeping a few instruments, such as a keyboard, synthesizer, guitars, or a drum set. Furthermore, it can easily house a production set-up. To keep your space soundproof, just line the walls of your shed with acoustic foam boards. This will prevent noise leakage while giving you the feel of a proper recording studio.
  • Bicycle Storage
    Gone are the days of cramming your bicycle into a corner of the garage. Having an 8×16 storage space for your bikes helps them stay in tip-top condition. Leaving your bicycles outside will expose them to the elements, leading to issues like rusting. Not only will your shed keep them protected, it will also keep them secure.

    Defend your valuable gear against theft with an ultra-secure, lockable shed door and heavy-duty siding that prevents break-ins.

  • Firewood Storage
    If you live somewhere with frosty winters, you’re probably always looking for a place to keep your firewood. While many homeowners store firewood piles on their decks and cover them with a tarp, this does not always protect the wood against moisture. Moisture from rain or snow can render your firewood unusable, so keep it safe and dry in an 8×16 storage shed instead. With 80 square feet of space, this structure can house entire pallets of firewood that will last you through the season.
  • …and so much more!

8×16 Storage Shed Pricing

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of your 8×16 storage shed. The materials you select will be the largest contributor, with finishes like vinyl leaning on the more affordable side and steel leaning on the more expensive side. Roof type also plays a large role, with traditional, A-frame, and boxed eave roofs serving as a more midrange option. Meanwhile, gambrel-style roofs and vertical roof panels typically cost more.

Based on these factors and more, the general pricing for an 8×16 storage shed starts at $3790 for a standard unit. For an entirely custom structure, this price will differ.

Financing Your Shed with Keen’s Buildings

We offer some of the friendliest and most flexible financing options in the industry. Just fill out our simple General Financing Application and we’ll help you work out a payment plan that best fits within your budget. Based on your financial situation, you’ll either be eligible for our Rent-to-Own program or zero-down financing.

Learn more about our financing options below.

  • Rent-to-Own: Our rent-to-own program requires NO credit check. Simply fill out our rent-to-own application and an Account Specialist will be in contact to work out the best monthly payment plan for your needs. This is a great way to work up to owning your storage shed if you’re on a budget. At any point, you can pay off the remaining balance and call it your own! Or, perhaps you’re not ready for the immediate commitment of owning a storage shed. In that case, rent-to-own is perfect for you. All it takes is a one-time deposit, and then you have time to adapt to your new storage shed lifestyle.
  • Financing: We also offer easy, zero-down financing for up to $100,000 with same-day approval. Know which portable storage building you want and are ready to take the next step? If you meet the requirements, our dealer will connect you with a lender that best suits your needs. This process guarantees low monthly payments that will then give you the added benefit of proudly owning your storage shed. Fill out our General Financing Application to get started.

Why Choose Keen’s Buildings for Your 8×16 Shed?

With more than 20 years of experience designing top-tier portable storage buildings, it’s no wonder customers rely on Keen’s Buildings time and time again for their shed needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff is always available to answer any questions and help you design the storage shed of your dreams. Each member of our team is highly qualified to configure a custom metal shed for your space.

Furthermore, our established in-house financing programs make portable storage buildings more accessible for everyone. With options for zero-down financing and rent-to-own with NO credit check, we eliminate the worry that comes with making a large purchase.

Beyond that, you will be the proud owner of an expert-engineered metal storage building that is wind load approved, blocked and anchored to code, and delivered pre-built right to your home. We offer more than 40 sizes for you to choose from – so no matter how your needs change throughout your lifetime, Keen’s Buildings has got your back!

8×16 Storage Shed FAQs

Preparing to make your decision on an 8×16 storage shed? Here are some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about this popular outdoor structure.

  1. What can an 8×16 shed fit?
    An 8×16 shed is large enough for most everyday items, such as standard gardening tools, a lawnmower, bicycles, and a tool chest. Most homeowners use them to store rakes, plows, weedwackers, ladders, and other important outdoor supplies.
  2. Are portable storage sheds easy to put together?
    Fortunately, assembly is very limited when you purchase from Keen’s Buildings. Our 8×16 storage sheds are delivered pre-built to your home and anchored by our professionals. From there, it’s up to you to configure the inside with shelving or additional storage – most of which is fairly simple.
  3. What material should I choose for my 8×16 shed?
    Our metal storage sheds are the most resilient option. While aluminum is popular for being lightweight and portable, it is also less durable and more prone to dents. However, it provides superior heat disbursement, keeping the inside of the structure cooler. Meanwhile, steel is entirely dent-proof and scratch-proof, but its heat-absorbing qualities tend to keep it warmer.
  4. How should I prepare my outdoor space for a storage shed?
    Firstly, you will want to clear a space in your yard that is slightly larger than the area of your storage shed. This allows room from the structure and any setback lines, as well as the additional foundation that may need to surround it.
  5. Do you offer various roof types?
    Absolutely! Keen’s Buildings offers a wide selection of roofing styles. Our most popular roofs are gabled roofs, as the A-frame structure matches with the traditional aesthetic of most homes. However, we also offer gambrel-style roofs for a more barn-like structure, which offers more overhead storage space. We recommend vertical roof panels for wetter climates, as the downward sloping keeps snow and debris off.

Contact a Keen’s Building Shed Specialist, at 1-386-339-1676, to design and schedule a delivery for 8×16 storage sheds in Florida or Georgia.

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