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Are you the proud owner of a shiny new lawnmower? Have you recently purchased a new family car? Or perhaps you simply have an overabundance of stuff filling up your home. A storage shed in Florida is a fantastic solution to protect your things no matter your needs.

Investing in storage buildings in Florida is well worth your consideration, especially if you need additional space. A Florida shed is also fantastic if you have a large project that needs a home while you work on it.

With a wide variety of size and style options, you can design and customize your metal storage shed in FL to meet your exact requirements. These FL storage buildings can be expanded upon, adapted, and transformed to suit any need or function.

At Keen’s Buildings, we have many options for Florida sheds that are ready to be delivered. You can choose to design your own storage space in FL, and we will fabricate it for you in a suitable time frame for you.

Plus, we only ever use the best quality materials. This is so our skilled shed builders in Florida can produce a solution that will withstand the test of time.

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Can Storage Sheds Handle Florida’s Violent Weather​?

If you’re a resident of Florida, you know full well how crazy the weather can be. From vicious thunderstorms to hurricanes, the Sunshine State sees its fair share of violent weather. Each year, these types of storms cause immense damage to people’s vehicles, homes, and property.

And that’s precisely why so many are turning to storage sheds and metal buildings in Florida to keep their valuables safe from the weather. These Florida sheds are durable, cost-effective, and built to last for years, no matter what Mother Nature conjures up.

Because the weather is so great all year round, more options exist for people who want to install storage sheds in Florida. Yellow pine storage sheds for sale in Florida have also become a popular and attractive choice that weathers well and looks great all year round,providing you with a storage solution that fits your specific needs.

So, whether you’re looking for a small equipment shed or a large garage for your vehicles, our customizable FL buildings will help you protect your most valuable possessions and investments from Florida’s unpredictable weather patterns. These Florida sheds for sale  come in various sizes and can be built to suit almost any need.

Types of Florida Storage Sheds

At Keen’s Buildings, we are committed to providing you with the best sheds for Florida. We have a wide  range of storage sheds in Florida for you to choose from. Some of the most popular Florida-approved shed options that are requested include:

Two Story Sheds

When you need versatile and large storage space, then a two-story shed may be a great choice. It not only allows you to maximize the floor space but provides you with different space to store your items in a way that best suits your needs. These Florida sheds can be adapted for several uses, ranging from office spaces to workshops and everything in between.

Portable Sheds Florida

Installing a new shed does not need to be a permanent fixture, as there are many portable sheds in Florida to choose from. These are particularly popular with clients who plan to move home or who want to be able to change the purpose of their Florida shed as their needs change.

Aluminum Sheds

These metal storage sheds for Florida are much like any storage shed, except they’re constructed from aluminum. These Florida sheds are  a great choice to expand the storage you have.  An aluminum shed is perfect for both safely storing items that would normally be kept inside your home or gardening tools and such.

Storage Buildings

Picking wooden storage sheds in Florida is hugely popular as they offer the quality needed to last for many years to come while aging and looking stunning on your land.

Steel Storage Sheds Florida

If a wooden Florida shed is not for you, then steel storage sheds in Florida are also popular and often come prefabricated and ready for installation. They last well and are easily maintained.

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What Are The Different Ways You Can Use Your Storage Sheds?

The great thing about FL storage sheds is that they can be used for a wide range of applications, depending on what you need and what you are interested in. The following lists provide some of the most popular uses for storage sheds in Florida:

  1. Chicken Coops: Our storage buildings can be tailored to make great homes for your hens. Keep your fowl-legged friends warm, cozy, and producing no matter the season!
  2. She Sheds and Man Caves: For those that need a place to escape from the rat race, we have the solution for you! These storage buildings can be adapted and finished with insulation and drywall to make beautiful places to meditate, relax, and center yourself.
  3. Pool Houses: If you’ve been itching to build a backyard pool, our storage buildings make excellent cabanas and pool houses. These structures can give your family and guests a cool area to relax, change, and recharge after being in the sun.
  4. Playhouses: A storage shed is a great way to give your kids a safe place to play. There is no limit to what you can do with our buildings. Finish them with insulation. Wire them for electricity. Make them your own!
  5. Golf Sheds: If you’re a golfer, you probably have more clubs and bags than you can handle. And that’s if you don’t have your own carts! These storage sheds can provide you with plenty of space to keep your golf supplies dry and safe from the elements.
  6. Art Studios: Much like an entertainment room or a man-cave, our storage buildings can be built to offer ample amounts of room for workshops and art studios. It doesn’t matter whether your passion is painting or working with wood; you’ll have the space to work without cluttering up your home environment.
  7. Vehicle Storage: Let’s not forget that these buildings are up to the challenge of protecting your automobiles! With excellent strength, you’ll never have to worry about storms or falling debris damaging your cars.

Popular Florida Storage Shed Sizes

While there is always the option to create a customized Florida storage shed, there are also several commonly popular sizes ready and available for you to choose from. At Keen’s Buildings, the most popular FL shed sizes include:

  1. 14’x20’ Storage Sheds: A 14’x20’ storage building is large enough to accommodate a small vehicle or several larger pieces of equipment. These sheds also make great places to store gardening tools or supplies that normally sit around the house.
  2. 12’x12’ Storage Sheds:This is a smaller shed that’s still big enough to hold all your yard maintenance supplies. This option is great for those who don’t have a lot of storage space  in their yard to spare.
  3. 24’x30’ Storage Sheds:This Florida shed is large enough to hold several vehicles and just about anything else you need to keep from being exposed to the elements.
  4. 16’x36’ Storage Sheds: This size storage shed is fantastic for transforming into a greenhouse and can easily be adapted with windows and transparent roof paneling to let tons of natural light in.
  5. 12’x30’ Storage Sheds:A 12’x30′ storage shed is great for holding equipment like travel trailers, all-terrain vehicles, and even some watercraft such as jet skis and boats.

All you need to do is let us know what you are looking for or allow our team of experts to provide  recommendations based on your needs.

Customization Options for Our Storage Sheds in Florida

Creating a customized Florida storage shed is not just about picking the right size for your needs. There are a plethora  of options you can choose from, allowing you to get a truly bespoke result that works the way you need. Some of the main customization options you can choose from include:

  • 2X4 yellow pine option or steel frame
  • 2X6 floor joists and pressure-treated floors
  • Wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding options
  • Range of color choices
  • Accessory choices including doors and windows
  • And more!

You can design, change, and tailor almost every aspect of your Florida storage shed to meet your needs. It’s easy to change the sizes, add reinforcements, windows and doors, and much more. You can even choose the color and type of your Florida shed’s trim! No matter what you intend to do with your new storage shed, you can rest assured knowing it’s designed exactly how you want it.

Understanding How Storage Sheds in Florida Are Priced

When you have decided to invest in a yellow pine or steel Florida shed, you are sure to want to understand how they are priced so you confidently make your choice. Rather than having one specific price to consider, each storage shed price in Florida depends  on a wide range of factors.

This includes the sizing and customizations you have chosen. At Keen’s Buildings, we are always happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for the shed you want and can also help you source finance if you are keen to spread the cost.

What Are The Benefits of Investing in a Storage Shed?

When you decide to invest in an FL storage shed, you will not just be getting access to an additional space that you can use. There are  also several  other benefits of Florida sheds you can enjoy too. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Being able to declutter your home
  • Raising the value of your land and property
  • Keeping your family safe and secure
  • Providing you with a specialist storage area
  • Enabling you to protect your valuables in a dedicated area

Let Keen’s Buildings Support Your Storage Sheds Needs in Florida

If you are keen to invest in a yellow pine or steel shed in Florida, you want to be confident that you have chosen the best provider. Keen’s Buildings is here to help you find the best Florida shed. Whether you need a small equipment building for storing the family water hose or a larger Florida shed to accommodate tractors and lawn equipment, we’ve got the premium building you’ve been waiting for.

We have many years of experience as Florida shed builders , but we pride ourselves on creating solutions that work for you and will last for years!

Get in touch with our expert team today at +1 (386) 364-7995 and let us help you design the storage space you need in Florida – we can’t wait to help you!