If you and your family are running low on storage space, you’re not alone! Many Americans struggle to keep their homes free of clutter. Whether it’s equipment, tools, office supplies, or clothes, some items are hard to store but too valuable to throw away. And that’s precisely where wood sheds can make a difference. These versatile structures work well for many applications and can do wonders for clearing up your interior space. They’re great for farm storage, hunting blinds, kid’s playhouses, mini cabins, and even mother-in-law suites!

So, if you’ve been searching for an all-in-one storage solution, you’ve come to the right place. These buildings are a fantastic, cost-effective way to protect your family’s valuables. They come in a wide variety of sizes and can be customized to suit your exact needs. Because, when you buy a Keen’s building, the only limit is your imagination!

Why Not All Sheds Are Created Equally

When looking over the landscape of storage buildings, it’s easy to see an endless variety of sheds. These buildings are made from various materials and come in many shapes and sizes. But they’re not all the same! So let’s take a quick look at how these building types stack up against each other.

  1.  Metal buildings : These structures are strong but can be prone to rust damage and moisture infiltration if not correctly coated, insulated, and maintained.
  2. Chipboard structures : These buildings use compressed timber fibers that are glued together into planks. They’re a cost-efficient option but can deteriorate quickly and not respond well to moisture infiltration.
  3. Plastic Buildings : Plastic structures are a quick, effective way to store smaller scale items, but if you’re looking for real storage space, the material won’t scale well. Additionally, plastic tool sheds are prone to fading from daily UV rays exposure.

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How to Prep Your Property for a New Shed

When purchasing a shed, it pays to take your time and plan your project ahead of time. This can help tremendously in time, cost, and logistical headaches. To streamline your new wood building purchase, let’s go through some essential steps:

  1. Determine Your Shed’s Use : The first part of your journey begins in your mind! You’ll want to carefully plan out how you want to use your shed. Will it store tools? Are you planning on using it as a greenhouse or nursery? These are crucial questions that will determine the features you’ll need from your new building.
  2. Choose a Roof : You’ll have several roof types available to you, each with its own aesthetics and capabilities. Choose between:
    1. Gambrel Roofs : A gambrel roof has four faces and most closely resembles the roof type found on many barns. This roof type offers plenty of storage room and can be used to make loft areas.
    2. Side Gable roof : This roofing type has two slopes and looks more like the roofing type you’d find on a traditional stick-built structure.
    3. End Gable Roof : An end gable roof is similar to the side gable, except the roof seam runs parallel to the front façade of your building.
    4. Boxed-Eave : A boxed-eave design is similar to a gable style roof but with awnings that extend beyond the side of the structure.
  3. Determine the Wall Height : How tall does your building need to be? What do you plan to store? Do you require a storage building with multiple levels?
  4. Pick a Siding Style : There are several siding types available, including:
    • T1-11 Siding : Also known as plywood siding, this material can be painted or stained, allowing you to easily modify its looks.
    • Hardi-Plank : Tough, durable, and ready to go, Hardi-plank siding is a mixture of wood and mineral fibers fused together to form durable siding planks that resemble wood but last far longer than wooden components.
    • Vinyl Siding : A cost-effective siding solution that’s been around for years, vinyl siding is a great way to upgrade your new structure.
    • Steel : You’d be hard-pressed to find a siding type that’s more capable of withstanding harsh winds, heavy rains, and snowstorms than steel.
  5. Choose Your Doors : Every enclosed building needs doors! And with a Keen’s building, you’ll be able to choose from several different entryway and garage-style doors to suit your fancy.
  6. Think About Ventilation : When designing a shed, you’ll need to keep ventilation in mind to always maintain maximum airflow. This can be achieved with passive ventilation systems like windows and doorways, or you can throw in active ventilation systems like fans and heat pumps.
  7. Choose Your Accessories : You’ll have a wide array of accessories to choose from that give you the power to make your building truly your own. Change the window placements, siding color, roof type, and more!

Available Colors

Barn Red

Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Shed

The foundation of your shed is everything! You’ll need to carefully make sure you’ve picked the right foundation for you and your property! The choices you’ll have are:

  1. Good: Level Dirt Foundations : Having a dirt foundation is a quick, effective option if you’re putting together a backyard tool shed or gardening building. You’ll just need to ensure the build site is completely level before installation.
  2. Better: Gravel Pads : If you need a sturdier foundation than dirt or intend to place your building in a gravel driveway, a gravel pad foundation is a great choice.
  3. Best: Concrete Pad Foundations : The strongest, most durable foundation type is one made from concrete. You’ll just need to ensure your concrete pad is placed and fully cured prior to installation

The Many Applications of Wood Sheds

It may seem like our wood sheds are designed for a single purpose. However, in truth, these flexible structures can be used for a wide variety of purposes. So let’s take a deeper dive into some inventive ways you can use yours!

  1. Art Studio : If you’re a painter, sculptor, woodworker, or craftsman, a wooden shed is a fantastic solution for protecting your work. These buildings give you the power to separate your work, home, and hobbies, keeping everything decluttered and ready for inspiration as it strikes!
  2. Home Gyms : If you’re tired of spending a small fortune on costly monthly gym memberships, a wooden shed can make an excellent home gym or workout area. These adaptable structures can be tailored to fit weight racks, exercise bikes, and any equipment you could need to stay toned and healthy.
  3. Garden Shack : For those with a green thumb, having a dedicated space to store your tools is a must! Easily store your shovels, trowels, pitchforks, fertilizer, seeds, and gardening equipment from the elements, ensuring that they’re safe and secure no matter the weather outside.
  4. Home Offices : If you’ve wanted to separate your work and home life a bit, creating a space for a home office is a great way to use a wood shed from Keen’s Buildings. These structures can be prepped for electricity and finished with insulation and all the necessities you’d need to make a clean, refreshing place to handle bills, projects, and calendars.
  5. Home Theater : We’ll bring popcorn! Cinema aficionados can now have a cost-effective way to build their own home theater! Finish a wood shed’s interior with insulation, and add electricity, plumbing, equipment, and everything you need to enjoy a night at the movies.
  6. Green Houses : If you’ve been planning to construct a greenhouse or nursery, a wood shed is a great, hassle-free choice. These structures can be adapted with plumbing, window panels, and more!

The Benefits of Wood Sheds

Beyond the pale, there are many benefits to owning a wood shed. These versatile buildings offer the strength and versatility to work with you no matter how you choose to use them. And we could talk for hours about how these structures can improve your life, but for brevity, we’ll just break it down into some of the most crucial benefits.

  • Tightly Constructed Engineering : These durable wood structures are built in a modern, controlled environment that allows our certified engineers to check and approve them for quality before leaving the manufacturing floor.
  • Easy Repair : One of the best features of our structures is their easy repair. These buildings use simple, wooden components that can be fabricated and replaced if necessary, saving you tons of time and money for potentially costly repairs.
  • Easy Modification : Using our fabrication system, these structures can easily be expanded and added onto if you should ever need additional space.
  • Strength and Durability : Since our wood sheds are built using high-quality timber and precise manufacturing, they will last for years against incredibly harsh climates with minimal need for repairs.
  • Insulative Capabilities : Unlike other construction methods like metal and plastic, wood has natural insulative capabilities, keeping your structure’s internal temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the hotter months.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Your Wood Shed

Owning any structure carries a particular responsibility to keep it maintained and in good condition. To help you along the way, we’ve developed a small checklist of things you’ll need when checking in on your building.

  1. Check for Damage Monthly : Over time, wood can be damaged by elemental factors like wood, heat and UV exposure. To prevent this, take a walk around your building, checking carefully for any damage that may occur due to storms and exposure. Staying up to date on any cracked components can save you tons of money in repairs or replacement if left unchecked.
  2. Clean Debris and Vegetation : If your portable wood shed has become overgrown with weeds and plants, you’ll want to keep the area trimmed down to maintain safety and prevent the possibility of dangerous pests taking up residence in an undisturbed structure.
  3. Move the Sprinkler System : Sprinklers and irrigation systems can cause moisture damage to a structure over time, so you’ll want to keep the two a distance apart.
  4. Check to Make Sure Your Shed is Level : Even after your building has been placed, you’ll want to occasionally check and make sure that it’s still sitting level. If you use dirt or gravel foundations, structures can settle and shift over time, causing warping and damage.
  5. Maintain the Exterior : Being exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is tough! You’ll need to repair and maintain the exterior of your structure each year with a coat of protective stain or paint. Adding a coat each season will not only keep your building looking brand new, but it will protect the structure, drastically extending its natural life.

Shed Kits: What’s That?

If you have a background in construction or you’re simply handy around the house with a hammer and nails, you may be interested in our wood shed kits! These kits come with all the components found in our traditional wood sheds, but you’ll complete the installation yourself for a discount!

It’s a fantastic way to take on a new weekend project and potentially save some money in the process!

The Cost of Wood Sheds

Wooden sheds are designed to be adaptable, cost-effective structures. However, these buildings are complex in their design and require both components and manpower to assemble. Therefore, wood shed prices are subject to change based on many factors. These factors include:

  1. Lumber and Steel Prices : Over the years, lumber prices have risen dramatically based on supply and demand. Fluctuations in both lumber and steel prices can influence the final cost of your wood shed.
  2. Customization Choices : If you plan to customize your building with additional components and reinforcements, it will require additional components that will raise your building’s final price.
  3. Installation Location : If you live in an area that is hard for our install teams to reach, it may require additional resources and manpower to complete the job. This can influence the final price for your building.

Why Buy Your Wood Shed from Keen’s Buildings

You have a choice in how you want to protect your equipment, tools, and valuables. And when you choose a wood shed from Keen’s, you know that you’ll receive an affordable, customized building built using quality components and made to last for years. Additionally, we offer speedy setup times and delivery to the states of Georgia and Florida, so you can get your backyard shed project up and going in no time!

Keen’s Buildings believes there’s a structure for everyone, regardless of their background and budget. To this, we offer excellent financing packages as low as $0 down up to $100,000 with a same-day approval!

And if financing is not your thing, we’re also proud of our rent-to-own programs! These RTO programs require no credit checks and generate quick results!

So, if you’ve been thinking about an all-in-one backyard storage solution, you’ve come to the right place! Keen’s Buildings is proud to provide you with premium products and excellent service the whole way. Give us a call at +1 (386) 364-7995 and let our team of experts guide you through the process of designing and customizing a structure that’s the perfect fit for you!