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Storage Sheds Prices

Storage sheds are extremely affordable and multipurpose structures that you must choose to buy. Storage sheds from Keen’s Buildings require significantly less maintenance and keep your valuables organized and safe. In fact, our sheds are portable, so you don’t need to buy or invest in a new one every time you move. These storage sheds can be customized according to your needs; whether you want to declutter your home or start something of your own, these sheds are the best cost-effective option. Need help in customizing? Connect with our experts today at (386) 339-1676 and get your dream storage shed.

Custom Storage Sheds with Pricing   Call 386-339-1676 for Storage Shed Pricing

Yellow Pine or Steel Frame, Order your next Storage Shed or Building from Keen’s

Keen’s Buildings makes owning a storage building affordable and straightforward. Rather you need a certified or non-certified building, at Keen’s we build to the standard of our industry. Each building is design or customized to exceed your expectations.

We proudly offer the following options:

  • Choice of 2X4 yellow pine or a c-channel steel frame
  • 2X6 Floor joists on 16” centers
  • 4X6 pressure treated skids
  • ¾” pressure treated flooring
  • Keen’s uses screws to attach floor on select models. Be sure to ask if this option comes with your model.
  • Aluminum siding
  • T1-11 wood siding
  • Hardi-Plank
  • Vinyl siding
  • Steel panels

Learn about our siding options

  • T1-11 Siding – This popular wood-based siding has a more natural wood-grained look when installed on your outdoor shed than most aluminum siding or vinyl siding products. Once considered to be the siding material of choice, T1-11 has seen newer products like steel siding, aluminum siding, composite siding and vinyl siding enter the marketplace. If you’re looking for a more natural siding material for your portable building or storage shed, T1-11 is a proven product.
  • Hardi-Plank – As conservationists push for green siding products, Hardi-Plank offers a sustainable alternative to traditional siding for your portable storage building. Hardi-Plank, or fiber cement siding, is a composite material that saves endangered trees and does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. This new age siding material is a combination of cellulose fibers and a bonding cement that produces a finished product that looks almost as thick as wood when used as siding on your portable storage building.
  • 29-gauge steel panels – If you are looking for the most durable siding material for your portable building, steel garage, storage shed or shelter, steel panels are your best choice. A steel building from Keen’s Portable Buildings will last a lifetime, and you can match or complement the color of your house. You can purchase our buildings as non-certified or certified for wind speed or snow load requirements.
  • Vinyl siding (with OSB backing board) – In recent years, vinyl siding has become one of the most popular siding materials for homes and portable storage buildings. Since its introduction, vinyl siding has proven itself as a low-maintenance building product that which is competitively priced, and beautiful once finished. Our storage buildings feature vinyl siding installed over OSB (oriented stand board) backing board for strength and endurance. Unlike T1-11 wood siding, this durable plastic will not rot or flake. Like steel siding or aluminum siding, vinyl siding is available in dozens of colors.

(Note: our storage buildings come standard with hurricane clips, and computer stamped trusses for the highest accuracy.)

Standard Size Options

8′ Wide 10′ Wide 12′ Wide 14′ Wide
8×6 10×6 12×6 14×20
8×8 10×8 12×8 14×24
8×10 10×10 12×10 14×30
8×12 10×12 12×12 14×32
8×14 10×14 12×14 14×36
8×16 10×16 12×16 14×40
8×20 10×20 12×20
10×24 12×24
10×30 12×30

Multi-Sections (Double Wide)

16′ Wide 20′ Wide 24′ Wide
16×16 20×20 24×20
16×20 20×24 24×24
16×24 24×36 24×30
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