Keen’s Buildings: The End of Summer RV Vacation Checklist

Just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun RV Trip! In fact, the offseason may be the best time to go. With prices dipping due to decreased demand and the weather getting cooler, why not take a cross country excursion? Every trip’s made better when you’re properly prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled this end of summer vacation checklist so you can have everything you need to enjoy your RV trip!
If you’re going on a road trip and taking shelter from the weather in your RV, then you’ll need many of the same amenities you would need for your home, here is a list, so you don’t forget anything.

Clothing and bedding

Clothing and bedding are essential to braving the weather. When you’re packing, be aware that the weather can change, so you’ll want to bring clothing that is suitable for the environment you’ll be traversing in. That means bringing a raincoat, jackets, socks, etcetera. You’ll also want to pack some sheets or a sleeping bag (depending on your needs) and some rags and towels for washing up.

Hygenic items

Be sure to pack any hygienic items you need to stay clean. This includes any of your favorite soaps, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, or anything else you may need to keep you looking and feeling your best!

First aid kits and medication

No one wants to imagine themselves getting hurt or falling ill, least of all while they are on their vacation; however, it can happen. Stay prepared by making sure that you have your first aid kit fully stocked with antibacterial ointments, compresses, bandaids, disinfectants, gloves, and cotton swabs. Additionally, if you or anyone on the trip requires specific medication, be sure to bring it. Being prepared can make all the difference in the world!

Food and cooking supplies

While on vacation you’ll need to eat. So be sure to pack any cooking supplies, oils, pots, pans, dish soap, disposable plates, and uncles. You may also want to carry as any seasonings and the food you want to prepare – unless you plan on purchasing it while on your trip. It’s a good rule of thumb to take a little extra food just in case you need it. Be sure to carry plenty of bottled water on your trip as well.


Lastly, take any items that you will need personally. Some of these items may be obsolete (depending on your situation). Here are a few items you nay need on our trip. Sunscreen, insect repellant, A GPS, solar power charging devices/batteries, cleaning wipes, a tool kit, and a wi-fi hot spot.

When you have everything you need for your RV trip, then you can spend that time enjoying yourself and not being concerned about obtaining necessities.

Keen’s Buildings: Why you should have a metal garage

Metal Garage

A car or vehicle of any sort is an investment, one that many of us rely on to get us from one place to another. If something happens to our vehicle, it can be difficult and costly to recover. But a metal garage doesn’t just have to be for vehicles; many people convert their garages into living rooms, a place to work, or even use them as storage spaces. Regardless of what you use it for opting to go with metal is a far safer and long-lasting alternative.

Today many people are opting to build an external garage. They are customizable, so they can easily suit your needs. Additionally, if you are building with the metal, it doesn’t take as much work to add to your construction, repurpose, or recycles it.

Storing your vehicle from the weather can prolong your vehicle’s life. Sun exposure can damage the paint, causing it to chip and peel, which can expose the metal to the weather, leading to rust. Salt in the air and heavy winds and rain, or unexpected weather (like hail) can also damage your vehicle. With a metal garage, you can limit the exposure to the sun and unfavorable weather.

If you are using your garage as a work area, a metal building can offer a lot of benefits. Firstly, with proper insulation, you can control the temperature of your construction easily, making it a comfortable work environment. Additionally, because the metal is naturally fire-resistant, you can keep any important documents or materials safe in the event of a fire.

A metal garage is perfect for storage. Many of us collect items over time, and it can be expensive and costly renting a storage unit. Dangerous tools or oils can damage or stain the interior of your home. Storing your belongings in a metal garage is a fantastic option for things you may not want in your home.

If you are looking for a garage or a storage solution, then look no further than Keen’s Buildings. We offer a wide variety of completely customizable constructions, with affordable payment plans.


Keen’s Buildings: Why you should choose steel for your garage

Steel is the material of choice when it comes to commercial buildings, and for very good reason. Many of the same reasons why steel is such a desired material for commercial buildings can also be applied to a steel garage.

Low maintenance

When housing your investments, like your tools or a vehicle, you don’t want to worry about the protectant being subject to damage. Steel is resistant to many things that can lead a wooden building to ruin, like fire, water damage, termites. With a protective layer of paint, steel is also resistant to water damage, unlike wood which can swell and rot. If this happened, the cost of repairs for a wooden structure can take a long time to repair and will cost you greatly.

Quick to construct

A steel building is constructed significantly quicker than wooden buildings. Depending on the type you can have your steel garage constructed and ready for use in a matter of weeks (as opposed the several months, as is common with most wooden buildings).


Steel is not only durable and long-lasting, but it’s also cost-effective. With proper cleaning and maintenance, when required, your steel garage can last for an incredibly long time. Steel buildings have been known to last for upwards of 80 years! And even when they have outlived their use, the material can easily be moved and recycled.


Steel is significantly easier on the environment than wood. Wood takes years to grow and with the water, and minerals needed to produce a healthy tree a lot of resources are used. Steel, on the other hand, can be recycled and used without adding further damage to the environment.

Reduced insurance cost

Because steel is so durable, many insurance companies will reduce your insurance rates for steel constructions. Additionally, you’ll increase the value of your property if you ever decide to sell it.

Steel is a fantastic material to construct garages from. If you need help selecting a style for your garage, or just want to know your options, Contact us today!


Storage solutions: Should you rent or buy?

It doesn’t take much to acquire a lot of things before you’ll need a storage solution. Over the years, between all the gifts, tools, and just day to day living we acquire many things. However, as our belongings increase our ability to store it more or less stays the same. That is, unless we take matters into our own hands. If you have an attic, garage, or basement that is overflowing then it’s time to consider another storage option. There are many alternatives at your disposal.  But one looming question remains. How do you know whether you should rent or buy a storage unit? That is the question we have set out to answer.


Rent is good as a temporary solution but it’s a far cry from an optimal solution in the long term. If you are trying to move, then a rented area may be best, but honestly, there are more downsides to renting. Firstly, rented storage units are often very expensive. Renting storage may cost anywhere from $150 to $250 per month or more (and that depends on a variety of factors, such as the storage location, amount of storage space, and the company). You also will not be able to access your belongings outside of business hours or keep an eye on your belongings.


Purchasing a storage unit offers more convenience.  You only have to make a one-time payment for the storage solution. If it is on your property, you can also keep an eye on it. You don’t need to worry about waiting for certain times to access your property. Additionally, if you are having the storage solution built, you can request to have it constructed to your specifications.

If you are looking for the perfect storage solution, call Keen’s buildings today. We offer high-quality metal constructions that are completely customizable.


Examining Some of the Greatest Metal Constructions in the World

Metal’s been used for centuries as a building material for some of the most famous, durable, and spectacular structures in the world. Because metal’s so durable the structure built with it can last an incredibly long time. As you will soon see some of these metal buildings have been around for decades.

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building’s one of the most easily recognized metal construction in the United States. This is likely because it was an amazing engineering feat of its time. Residing in New York City and towering at a whopping and impressive 1,454 feet tall. The empire state building is nothing short of engineering genius. This impressive metal building remains standing after almost an entire century and held the title of world’s tallest building for approximately three decades.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower’s famous throughout the world and easily recognized as a dazzling landmark of France. Constructed back in the 1800s the Eiffel Tower’s considered to be one of the world’s most valuable and treasured metal constructions. Also, this iconic tower has a price tag that easily reaches into the billions.

The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is a beautiful example of why metal’s such an amazing building material. It looks pretty much the exact same as it did when it was first built in 1963. Residing in Missouri, these two structures serve as a claim to man’s ingenuity and the incredible things that’s done with steel.

The Statue of Liberty

Many of us have read stories of people in the past. Immigrants, who upon entering America, were greeted by this beautiful statue. France gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States of America. Because the Statue of Liberty’s thin copper plates that cover the putside this once brown statue now has a unique color. As years passed it changed to the now-familiar shade of green because of the reaction between the air and copper (though the environmental conditions played a huge role in this as well).

Metal is truly versatile and very durable material. As you can see, it has the capacity to last hundreds of years. So, if you want to capitalize on the many benefits of steel, Keen’s Buildings for your next metal building! We have countless options to choose from. Because we put your needs and satisfaction first all of our buildings are completely customizable!


Keen’s Buildings – Steel Buildings: The Eco-Friendly Option

Going green has increased in popularity over the past few years as more and more people grow environmentally aware. Currently, our way of life is not sustainable, but if we all pitch in and do our part to help the environment, we can make a tremendous difference. Opting for a steel building as opposed to a metal one can go a long way in helping the environment.

Recycled material

Metal buildings are often made out of recycled metals making them a significantly reusable resource. Additionally, recycled metal won’t decrease in strength or possible uses like other materials.

Product emissions

Metal does not result in the same amount of emissions as when working with other materials. Steel production plants produce little waste, and some penalties are so efficient that they don’t produce any carbon dioxide, the water used in the production and manufacturing of steel is recycled.

Energy efficient

The energy used to heat and cool a typical building often accounts for about half of the total energy. With a steel building, good insulation, insulated panels, and a reflected roof, you can dramatically cut your expenses. The cost of making your steel building as efficient as possible will pay for itself.


Metal buildings will last a long time and require little to keep up and maintain. While easily overlooked, the durability of a building is an essential aspect of going green. Unlike wood, steel is naturally pest and fire resistant meaning that a lot less can damage it. A mishap that can completely annihilate a wooden building may not even phase a steel building.  Treated wood may be more resistant to pests, fire and water damage. However, the chemicals used to treat wood can pose health risks, this is particularly true for animals who may be interacting with the wood.

Steel buildings are an excellent investment, not just because it’s beneficial for the environment, but for your wallet, as well. If you need help deciding which building will work best for you or want to consider more options, call Keen’s Buildings today! We would love to hear from you!


Steel Building Ideas for the Summer

Summer is a great season to relax and spend time with loved ones, friends, and family. It’s also a fantastic time to start on a project, and what better project than one that can last and be of use to you for decades to come? Summer is known for its hot temperatures, rains, and strong winds. If you are looking for a way to protect your property from the harsh summer elements, we have one simple solution, a metal building.

Because metal buildings are durable they are perfect for withstanding elements, making it the ideal material for protecting your property. Here are a few ideas you can use to keep your property safe all summer long.


One way to really enjoy the summer is a golf cart ride. If you have a golf cart, you’ll want to keep it safe, and the summer elements can reap havoc on your golf cart. Between the paint peeling, sun and the heavy rains that can lead to rust summer can be an awful time for vehicles.

Beat the summer heat

Many of us like to spend time outside during the summer, but the summer heat can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. But here at Keen’s Buildings have the solution for you!

Picnic shelter

You see them in parks, zoos, or other outdoor environments, Steel and wooden overhangs that offer shade and a small place to take respite from the summer heat. These shelters can be a saving grace for anyone adventuring out during the summer. Many of these shelters will also have a grill and park benches so you can meet and cook with family and friends, without exposure to the sun.


If you are looking for you are looking to add a little shade and a comfortable lounging area to your yard, then consider a gazebo. These beautiful structures come in a variety of styles and sizes. A gazebo makes a perfect addition to any yard. You can also add accessories, plants, and other beautify elements, so you can make your gazebo look nice and feel more like home.

Keen’s Buildings: Metal Versus Wooden Arenas for your Horse

Having an arena for your horse is a wonderful thing. It can allow you to train and exercise your horse regardless of the weather. Some people choose to have a riding arena built on their property, while others may go to a nearby facility. Either way, the material of an arena of can play a massive role in the health and safety of your horse.


Wood is a great material, and with treatment, it can even become water, fire, and pest resistant. However, this may not always be a good thing if you have horses or other animals. For the safety and health of your animals, it is actually best to utilize untreated and unpainted wood. However, that can come with a few noticeable downsides, such as the risk of the wood swelling and rotting because of water exposure or pest infestations. Rotting, compromised, and unstable wooden constructions can give way and weaken over time, creating a fall hazard for your animals. There is also the risk of the wooden arena catching fire if not treated. Horses may also gnaw on the arena; this is particularly dangerous if your wood has been treated as it can make your animal sick. To eliminate these threats consider getting a metal riding arena.


Metal is naturally fire and pest resistant, so you ensure the safety of your arena and your horse at the same time. Unlike wood, metal requires very little to keep in good condition. Metal is also durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Additionally, horses are significantly less likely to gnaw on wood than metal, so another risk is eliminated simply by opting to build with metal.

Metal is a relatively easy material to work with and it takes less time to finish constructions with than wood. If you want to provide your horse with the best and safest riding arena as well as, have an investment that can last for decades, call us today!


Keen’s Buildings Metal Barns: Keep your Barn, Fodder, and Animals Safe

Hay and other fodder are essential for keeping livestock, but having a high quantity of feed in a single area can present problems. If exposed to water hay can quickly rot, it can also present a tremendous fire hazard if exposed to even the smallest of embers. Both of these can completely render your fodder useless, however, with a steel building you can keep your fodder dry and safe until you need it.

You’ll also want to keep your livestock safe from the weather and other hazardous conditions. If not adequately sheltered your animals can get sick. Some buildings can pose health and safety risks to your livestock. Lose panels and exposed sharp edges can lead to injury and even infections in animals. If your steel slides then panels may come to lose, posing potential health and safety risks to your animals, and potentially compromise your fodder.

Here are a couple of other things to consider that will help you keep your fodder and animals safe no matter the season.

Roof panels

Be sure that your steel roof panels are securely in place so that they will be able to withstand strong winds. Strong winds can cause debris and other materials to become airborne and potentially injure your animals and life stock. With Keen’s Buildings, you can rest assured that your metal building will be of the highest quality.

The interior

With so many barn styles and options to consider, it can be difficult to select one, however, no matter what you choose, you should keep these tips in mind. One thing that should be used to govern the style of your barn you choose is what you intend to use it for. A horse barn, for example, usually has a straight aisle down the center, which can be used to drive a truck or other vehicles carrying supplies into the barn to make it easier to load and unload supplies.

The stalls will need to be in a location that is easy to access, to make the cleaning process easier. You’ll also benefit from having your tack room and washing stalls close by as well.

There is a lot to consider when having your steel barn constructed. We at Keen’s Buildings would love to help.  To learn more about our services and products call us today!


Tips to Keep your Shed in Good Condition for the Summer


With summer in full swing, you’ll want to be sure that your shed stays in good condition. Here are some things to help keep your shed in running order for the summer.

Outside maintenance

Remove any debris

Between dirt, fallen leaves, and pollen chances are that the outside of your storage shed has gotten dirty. Cleaning the outside of your storage unit can help it last longer as trapped moisture can create mold, moss, and mildew, which can build up over time. Giving your building a good wash can help improve airflow (which will prevent mold from growing). Additionally, cleaning and removing any debris and accumulated leafy can deter critters from hanging around your shed.

Trim grass

Grass or plants touching your shed can make it easier for critters to access your shed. To prevent this, keep bushes, grass, and trees trimmed. Also, if you have any heavy branches over your shed that can potentially break consider cutting the branches away, so it doesn’t fall on your roof in the event of a storm.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Paint can add an extra layer of protection to your building. Wind, shrubbery, and day to day events can damage the pint, so adding another coat will not only help keep your building safe, but it will also add to its aesthetics.

Check the roof

Your roof will take the brunt of the rain and the sun. Sun can lead to moss build up. If you have moss build up, you can remove it with a gentle brush and a detergent. Be sure that the detergent you use is safe for shingles or the type of roofing you have. Check for damages or missing shingles.

Inside maintenance

Check the interior

You may be surprised just how fast outdoor buildings get dirty. Do a thorough job cleaning the inside of your storage shed. Remove all the sheds contents for the best results.

Checks for damage

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your storage unit take the time to check for any damage. Check the doors, windows, leaks.

Pest control/prevention

If you notice any damage from pests, it’s best to have your shed treated. The risk of pests making a home out of your shed increases, particularly if they need to stay warm in the colder months. Be proactive and have your building treated. Trim and grasses that is touching your shed and remove anything pests may eat.

Inspect your accessories

Be sure also to examine any shelves or other accessories you have in your shed. Check for signs of wear and aging. The last thing you want is to have your property damaged because of a faulty shelf. Look for any compromised wiring, broken outlets or lights that may have burned out.


When you are replacing all the contents back into your storage unit, take the time to organize the contents of your shed. If anything is broken or damaged replace it. If anything is wet be sure it dries completely before putting it back in your sherd. The leading cause of mold is moisture.