5 Fun Uses for a Porch Model Shed

Sheds with porches are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek ways to add aesthetic value to their portable storage buildings. This add-on can give a shed all kinds of new potential uses. Porch model sheds are great recreational units for homeowners that need an extra area to entertain, relax, or practice their craft. 

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Two-Story Tiny Homes: New from Keen’s Buildings

Long-time Keen’s Buildings customers are surely familiar with the wide range of two-story sheds we’ve been offering for years. But now, Keen’s Buildings now offers habitable structures and tiny homes for sale in Florida & Georgia. This is a game-changer in our mission to secure more affordable and sustainable housing solutions in these regions. 

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A 12x20 home office storage shed.

Using a 12×20 Storage Shed for Your At-Home Office

Gone are the days of working out of your garage. At the onset of the pandemic, more and more homeowners tried to find ways to make their work-from-home lifestyle feel less like a stuck-at-home lifestyle. As a result, many are trying to find a home office solution that’s still at home, but with a much-needed change of scenery. 

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