9 Ways to Use Storage Sheds for Your Business

Looking to turn your portable storage building into a shed for a small business? Many small business owners use sheds to serve as retail locations or other supporting structures for their commercial ventures. 

Commercial sheds offer many business applications, but there are a few popular case uses that stand out. Not only can a storage shed be converted into an actual place of business, but it provides a way for small business owners to cut down on the expenses typically associated with running a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Here are some ways entrepreneurs and other small business owners can transform their portable storage buildings into fully-utilizable commercial sheds. 

Bike or Boat Rental Shack 

You’ve seen these little shacks a million times on your favorite boardwalk or by the lake. A larger 12×20 shed can easily serve as a rental shack for a large inventory of bicycles and even sizable boats like kayaks and canoes. 

With some wall-mounted pegs and a small concession-type window cutout, you can set up your shed in a tourist-populated location and watch it thrive as a rental hut for various recreational outdoor paraphernalia. 

Pet Groomer

All you need to start a pet grooming business right out of your backyard is an 8×10 shed. Not only will neighbors delight in having a pet groomer nearby for their furry friends, but you’ll be able to maintain a solid side hustle. 

In an 8×10 shed, you can easily fit a small shampooing station, grooming table, and mobile storage cart for your necessary tools. Invest in a porch shed and turn the outside deck into a pleasant waiting area for their owners.

Inventory Storage 

Whether you run a small retail shop or an e-commerce store, you need a place to keep your stock that is secure, well-ventilated, and offers plenty of storage space. Using a small backyard shed to house your inventory helps keep it separate from all your personal belongings, while still allowing you to keep it under lock and key. 

By enhancing your shed with wall-shelving, it’ll be easy to visualize your product and know what needs replenishing. 

Construction Site Office

Every construction site typically requires an office facility be present to accommodate site supervisors, provide a breakroom area for workers, and serve as a conference space. When workers and site managers need to step away from the hubbub of the construction site and into a secure indoor space, an oversized storage shed is usually the way to go.

Since this shed will need to accommodate multiple desks, a water cooler, and potentially even a small conference table, a 14×40 shed can be the way to go. You may want to implement multiple sheds across the work site, including one to keep valuable tools under lock and key. 

Personal Training Station 

Whether you’re a certified personal trainer looking to expand your at-home practice or just getting started, a shed can easily be converted into a gym/fitness studio for you and your clients. A 10×12 shed will provide plenty of room for a small weight station, treadmill, and stretching space. 

Line the walls of your shed with mirrors, add windows for plenty of natural light and ventilation, and it’ll be a great detached workout area.


Perhaps you’re running an at-home daycare or independent learning program. No matter what type of educational setting you need to turn your home into, having a dedicated space for it is important – especially where kids are involved. Once again, a 10×12 structure can provide ample space for this venture. 

A 10×12 shed is enough room for 4-5 standard school desks and even a whiteboard. To achieve a traditional schoolhouse feel, choose a barn-style shed with a gambrel roof type

Concession Stand 

Much like with a bike or boat rental shack, a concession stand can be a successful feat in tourist-heavy areas. Turn your shed into a snack shack or even coffee kiosk, serving culinary delights that don’t require any heavy-duty kitchen or cooking equipment. With some electrical hookups, you can set up the minimal appliances needed for coffee-making, refrigeration, etc. 

Create a cutout along one wall to serve as a sales window, with security shutters to keep it safe while you’re away from your post. 


Yet another lucrative side hustle, akin to the pet grooming business. With a small 8×10 shed, you can once again accommodate a shampooing station, barber chair, and mobile storage cart for your tools. 

While you’ll need water hookups (or at least a portable water tank) to get this business off the ground, you’ll save a lot more money than if you tried to rent a chair at your local brick-and-mortar hair salon – and gain a lot more convenience. 

Photography Studio 

With the help of a sizable backdrop and quality lighting, you can transform an average shed into a fabulous photography studio for your clients. Not only will having a smaller detached space help you control the lighting and ambiance better, but it’ll also help you keep your equipment secure in one place. 

Furthermore, many amateur photographers rent out their studio premises to other aspiring photographers for photoshoots. Having a detached structure from your home for this will surely incentivize potential clients.