8x10 shed converted into a playhouse

Turn an 8×10 Shed Into a Playhouse

Want to create an engaging and entertaining space for your little ones? Plastic playhouses just don’t cut it. If you want stability, versatility, and quality, you can convert an 8×10 metal shed into a kids’ playhouse in your backyard.

Regardless of your home’s size, you can keep your kids happy in their own special and cool playroom. Listed below are some awesome arrangements that will help you to turn your old ordinary garden shed into a playhouse — or perhaps you’ll want to invest in a brand new one and surprise your kiddos. Either way, not only will your kids be delighted to have their own structure, but you’ll get a welcome reprieve from toys littered throughout the house.

An 8×10 metal storage shed is the perfect size for this project because it’s just small enough to act as a cozy play space, yet large enough to also provide storage for their toys. What’s more, you can repurpose it back into a storage shed when the kids are grown and make sure it never loses its value. This is the main benefit of choosing a metal storage shed over a wooden one for this project, as it won’t rot or weather as easily. Perhaps it’ll even be passed down for generations to come.

Turning a Shed Into a Playhouse

You can easily create a fun and whimsical playroom for your kids by customizing the features and design of your storage shed. When choosing an exterior storage shed color for this project, we recommend something light and cheerful like our Barn Red or Blue shades. Classic wood floors then complete the picture and you can make it a more kid-friendly space by overlaying them with cushioned mats so they don’t get hurt.

Once this is done, turn the shed into a playhouse by placing a toy crate and playsets like kitchens and other small furniture items. You can also convert the playhouse into more of an activities center if you prefer, dedicating it to crafts like painting by placing an easel inside.

Consider the Exterior

In order to give the exterior more of a playhouse-inspired feel, add small features like window boxes, a dutch door entry, and other decorative touches like silly roof decorations or wall decals. Also consider setting up a perimeter around the playhouse with a small picket fence. Within the confines of this perimeter, you can install a sandbox, swing set, or a small slide. This allows your little one to have their own connected playtime complex.

Treehouse Meets Playhouse

Elevate your kids’ play shed and give it a treehouse vibe by placing it on wooden stilts instead of directly on the ground. Make sure the wooden stilts are properly grounded and that there are still wooden joists underneath the structure to keep it supported. This option opens up a multitude of possibilities, including:

  • Setting up a slide outside the play shed so they can “wheeeee” their way back down to ground level.
  • Creating a play area underneath the shed or using this space for toy storage — an excellent option for more compact yards.
  • Assemble a small deck/balcony area in front of the shed entrance using wood paneling. Make sure to install a safety railing!

By placing a ladder along one side of the deck for easy climbing access and a slide along the other, you can really enhance the creativity and enjoyability of this structure.

Other Safety Measures

By choosing a sturdy structure like an 8×10 metal shed over the traditional, pre-made kids’ playhouses on the market, you’re already making an extended commitment to your child’s safety. Not only are these portable storage buildings from Keen’s Buildings highly customizable, they’re also quality constructed. Well-ventilated, Florida-windload approved, and expert engineered, your child’s playtime is in secure hands. You can add additional precautions as well, such as window restrictors, entry ramps, and interior padding to prevent injuries.

If you do opt for ground-level installation, then these sheds are anchored to code so they don’t tip or shift. With a wide variety of customizability options, experts like those at Keen’s Buildings can help you find the right configurations for a dream playhouse.


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