Our metal buildings provide you with a durable, long-lasting solution to all of your storage needs. Whether you’re seeking out prefab metal buildings or custom metal buildings, you’ll find everything from 8×10 backyard sheds to RV carports. With their premium security features and exceptional wind load rating, Keen’s metal buildings are some of the best in the business.

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Choose from a Wide Selection of Custom Metal Buildings

Our Metal Building Options 

What types of metal buildings are for sale at Keen’s? You’re sure to find a wide variety of carports, garages, and storage sheds to help you house everything from cars to livestock to gardening equipment.

• RV Carports

Our RV carports will keep your camper, boat, or motorhome protected from inclement weather. These oversized metal carports are expert-engineered and wind load approved, so you can ensure they’re entirely sturdy despite their stature. With customizable length/width options, as well as exceptional clearance, these RV carports know no bounds.

• Custom Metal Buildings

Need a building for commercial or recreational use? Perhaps you’re not looking to store so much as you’re looking to utilize. That’s why you might need a custom metal building configured to your needs. We’ll help you choose everything from color, to roof style, and even door/window placements. With a custom metal building, the options are endless.

• Metal Carports

Our metal carports are ideal for keeping your car covered, while offering a more cost-friendly alternative to a garage. Select from a two-car or three-car carport in a lean-to, side garage, or boxed-eave style. Looking for a metal carport with a little added protection? Choose one with enclosed sides. Roofing options include rounded, A-frame, or vertical – the latter of which is recommended in areas with more rain or snow.

• Metal Garages

Whether you’re looking for a single, double, or triple car garage to tack onto your property, our detached metal garage structures are right for you. These metal garages are available with side wall heights ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet. What’s more, you can choose from A-frame, Rolled-Corner, or Boxed-Eave options to choose an aesthetic that best matches your home.

• RV Garages

An RV garage is an excellent alternative to an RV carport for those motorhome owners who want a more protective, enclosed option. These protect your camper in more turbulent weather conditions, while providing similar sizing and clearance options as our RV carports. Pair it with a lean-to carport for additional storage and coverage.

• Metal Barns

Whether you want to place a barndominium on your property for out-of-town guests or you’re just looking to start a hobby farm, a metal barn is right for you. Not only is it more sturdy than a wood barn, protecting your livestock at all costs, it also requires far less maintenance and upkeep. Choose between Seneca or Step-Down style, both in open-air and enclosed options, to find the right match for your property.

• Steel Sheds

A steel shed is by far the most effective storage solution you can have on your property. Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, these structures are designed in a controlled environment and pre-approved by certified engineers, as well as regulated by the DCA. Choose a small, simple backyard steel shed, opt for a porch model to create a more homey experience, or even choose a two-story shed for more recreational uses.

• Metal Storage Buildings

Looking for a metal storage building for residential or commercial use? Whether you’re looking to store large, oversized items like ATVs (and other motorized equipment) or just declutter your garage, a metal storage building will surely do the trick. It will withstand the elements, provide ultimate security, and blend in beautifully with your home.

• Metal Workshops

Looking to create a detached workshop? Not a problem! A metal workshop gives you plenty of space for a workbench, instrument cart, tool chest, and all of your large power tools. Install wall hooks and floating shelves for additional storage. Or, if you get a gambrel-style metal structure, you can even create a lofted area for overhead storage.

…and more!

Roof Types for Metal Buildings

There are three main roof types you can choose for your metal buildings. The type you select will depend largely on your budget, the aesthetic of your home, and potentially even local climate. Make sure to choose the one that will keep your structure most sound.

• Regular Rounded

Our rounded roof metal buildings are perhaps the most budget-friendly option. They’re practical and get the job done while maintaining affordability. Featuring a gabled peak with rounded corners, it’s a popular option for smaller carports that need to house everyday vehicles.

• A-Frame Horizontal (Boxed-Eave)

Our A-Frame or Boxed-Eave carports are the most popular selection. This midrange option is engineered for wind load and much easier to match to the aesthetic of your home. Featuring horizontal slats, it offers a very traditional appearance at a reasonable price point.

• Vertical Panel

The most efficient and highest-quality roof type for metal buildings, our Vertical Panel roofing is engineered for wind load, rain load, snow load, and so much more. If you live in an area with turbulent weather, this is the best roof paneling for storm season. The vertical panels allow debris and dirt to easily slide off for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Customization Options for Metal Buildings

The beauty of purchasing a metal building from Keen’s Buildings is the endless customization options. Your structure doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Create a seamless aesthetic between your home and your additional metal building with our wide variety of design choices.

• Size

Our metal buildings can range anywhere from 8×6 to 60×41 depending on their application. If you just need a small backyard storage shed, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you need an extra-large RV carport, we’ve got you covered there too. Whether you choose a portable storage building or an onsite built structure like our two-story onsite built sheds, you’ll find the right fit.

• Color

Choose from 13 different color options for your metal building to achieve the exact look you want. Go traditional and choose a Barn Red shade for your barn-style metal building. Or, you can opt for simple Black or White to keep it neutral. Wanting a quaint, suburban feel? Hues like Evergreen and Slate Blue help it stand out. Check out our Color Chart now!

• Roof Type

Choose between rounded, A-frame/boxed-eave, or vertical roof types. Each of our roof styles accommodates different budgets, climates, and aesthetics. Get the one that will defend your structure against turbulent weather while also matching the roof of your home.

• Windows & Doors

You can completely customize the placement, size, and style of your windows and doors with Keen’s Building. Looking for a standard, industrial-style roll-up door? No problem. We can even go double-wide for carports and garages that need to house larger vehicles. Or, if you’re using your metal building recreationally, you might want a standard on a structure with abundant lighting and windows.

• Anchors

We carefully anchor your metal building structure to concrete blocks for easy placement and eventual portability. Furthermore, by keeping it elevated, we protect it from moisture damage, pests, and an unleveled base. Just select the spot on your property, and we will anchor the metal building to code.

• 12 & 14-Gauge Steel Tubing

To keep your metal building structure durable and secure, Keen’s Buildings uses 2 1/2” x 2 1/2″ square tubing. This tubing comes in 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized steel, based on your preference.

• 26 & 29-Gauge Steel Paneling

While we do offer thin, lightweight aluminum siding for some of our metal buildings, our steel structures are by far the most popular. Choose from either 26-gauge or 29-gauge galvanized steel panels for your metal building siding. This equates to a thickness of approximately six business cards, and is entirely impenetrable.

• Wainscoting

Looking to make the interior walls of your metal building even more inviting? In addition to our 13 color options, we can also add wainscoting to elevate the look of your structure. For two-story sheds and other recreational-use structures, some wainscoting provides a more homey feel.

…plus many more!

Metal Building Uses & Applications

There are many uses for your metal building, both recreational and utilitarian. Whether your metal building is part of a lifestyle, an add-on to your home, or a business venture, you’ll appreciate its versatility.

• Agricultural

Many homeowners use our barn-style metal buildings to house livestock. From hobby farmers to ranchers, these structures are preferable to wooden barns because of their easy cleaning and maintenance. They’re resistant to rot, easier to clean, and far more hygienic, lasting you (and your animals) a lifetime!

• Commercial

Many small business owners use metal buildings for their commercial purposes. They can be used as storage spaces for stock, providing a secure place to house inventory within a warehouse or job site. Or, they can even be used as small kiosks and shacks for bike rental businesses, photography studios, concession stands, and more.

• Industrial

Metal buildings provide many industrial uses, as they can be used as large storage containers for long-distance or overseas shipments. Furthermore, on construction sites, they can be a good place to house offices, keep important equipment, or serve as a breakroom.

• Residential

Turn your metal building into an extra living space on your property. They can be repurposed into pool houses, man caves, she-sheds, art studios, fitness rooms, or home offices. Simply find the right ventilation solution for your structure and furnish it as you please to create an excellent hangout space on your property.

• Storage

Perhaps the most popular use for our metal buildings is as a storage solution. Plenty of homeowners turn to our metal storage sheds as a backyard add-on for their tools, gardening equipment, or clutter from their garages. They provide a secure and efficient space to keep important gear.

Advantages of Metal Buildings

What are the benefits of metal buildings? There are many unique selling points, most of which revolve around convenience, affordability, and overall appearance. Read further to learn more about why people choose metal buildings for their structural and storage needs.

• Lightweight & Portable

Our prefab metal buildings are built to travel. That’s why we pre-build them with our team of certified engineers on our lot and then deliver them to your home ready to install. When it comes time to move, your metal carport, garage, or storage shed can transport with you.

• Tons of Customization Options

With metal buildings, you can choose a wide variety of configurations, colors, and more. Select from three styles of roofing, including rounded, boxed-eave/A-frame, or vertical paneling. Find the right shade for your structure with 13 different color choices. You can even choose the types of doors and windows you want to place and where you want to place them.

• Cost-Effective

Our metal buildings are reasonably priced and available with zero-down financing or our rent-to-own program. No matter what your budget, we can work with you to find what’s right. Furthermore, because metal buildings are built to last – unlike wood – you’ll get a better ROI in the long run. They require less maintenance, and you won’t need to replace it.

• Eco-Friendly

Steel is one of the most environmentally conscious building materials. It is endlessly recyclable, meaning it has an infinite lifecycle and can be constantly reused for different purposes. It also requires relatively little energy to produce/manufacture, making it far more Earth-friendly than its timber counterparts.

• Quick Turnaround

With a metal building, you’re looking at a much quicker turnaround time. Most Keen’s structures can be completed within five business days and on your property in no time. All we have to do upon arrival is block and anchor your structure, ensure its leveling and structural integrity, and you’re free to enjoy your new metal building.

DIY with Metal Building Kits

Sometimes, you’re seeking out a project that’s entirely custom-made, without additional support for installation. If you’re a builder who wants to tackle the metal building project on their own, you can now do so with a metal building kit.
We’ll provide you with the supplies you need based on the structure you have in mind, and you can go on a DIY adventure to get it exactly how you want it. Just make sure to consider placement, permitting, entryways, ventilation, paneling, and your foundation before you get started. Do you have enough space? Are you well within setback lines?
Once you have the blueprint in place, we’ll supply you with everything from:

  • Steel frames & tubing
  • Roofing & siding panels
  • Fastening hardware
  • Anchoring hardware
  • Custom add-ons (trim, interior elements, etc.)

Metal Buildings Pricing

Though the cost of your metal building will vary widely depending on size, roofing, and any add-on features you implement, you’ll still find ours to be one of the most affordable options on the market. Firstly, metal buildings from Keen’s come with a 10-year paint warranty and a 25-year overall warranty.

That ensures that you’ll get bang for your buck. We hold true to our promise of a quality product, and you won’t find yourself paying for something that lets you down in a few years. With a promise of longevity, your dollar goes a much longer way with our metal buildings.

No matter what your financial situation, we’ll work with you through our two friendly and flexible financing options. Opt for our rent-to-own with NO credit check if you’re interested in working your way up to ownership via a one-time deposit and easy monthly payments.

An alternative is our zero-down financing with same-day approval. If you meet the requirements, we’ll connect you to a suitable lender to whom you’ll pay monthly installments.

Why Choose Keen’s for Metal Buildings?

Keens offers state-of-the-art, expert-engineered metal buildings that are of the highest quality at the lowest prices. When you purchase with Keen’s, you can rest assured that all structures are constructed in a controlled environment per engineer specifications with state-of-the-art technology.

They are certified, with an engineer’s stamped approval, and wind load/snow load approved for turbulent climates. Our structures can withstand gusts of up to 160mph, making them hurricane-safe and extremely sturdy. Furthermore, they are installed by experts who will block and anchor to code, so that your metal building remains structurally sound.

Our metal portable storage buildings are also regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs and Department of Business & Professional Regulation for maximum assurance. Call us today at +1 (386) 364-7995 to get a free quote for your dream metal building.