Is Your Carport Ready For Winter?

We have almost reached the end of November, and if winter hasn’t settled heavily on your area, it probably soon will (at least those of you in the more northern areas of the country). Your boats and RVs have probably been winterized and put away to hibernate for the season, but if you’re storing them beneath a carport, you need to know they are going to be safe from the accumulating weight of ice and snow.

If you live in an area where snowfall can pile up on the roof of your portable buildings, you better be sure that the structure can handle the extra load. At Keens Portable Buildings all of our steel carports and garages have been designed to handle sever ice, wind, and snow. As you look at your different options, though, there are some points to consider if your area sees a lot of snow every year.

The Right Shape and Materials

If snow accumulates on a flat roof that can cause more wear and tear on the structure. If you expect a lot of snow every year, you will need some kind of round or angled roof that allows the snow and ice to slide off. In many cases, a valance carport is good enough to keep the weather off, but if there’s high winds or an excessive amount of snow, you may want to go with a fully enclosed structure (especially if you’re storing your boat or RV there for months at a time).

A strong, steel frame with heavy duty trusses will help make sure your garage, shed or carport can take the strain. Galvanized steel with some form of rust-resistant coating will help it last for years, avoid corrosion, and provide the protection you need.

The materials used on the roof are also extremely important. We’ve crafted ours to withstand excessive amounts of moisture and the heavy weight of snow. If, however, you have had your carport for a while, be sure to double check the roof and make sure it hasn’t developed any leaks or cracks over the years.

Complete Protection from the Weather

A strong carport or outdoor storage shed will help you protect your important possessions from the ravages of harsh weather. You won’t have to shovel out your car every morning and your tools and other vehicles will be protected while they sit in hibernation.

Seasonal Protection for Your Motor Home

Your motor home is an expensive investment and the last thing you want is weather damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun can make your RV look old and worn out. Many motor homes have a gel coating that gives them that shiny look. Harsh sunlight can cause this finish to fade and it wouldn’t be long before your vehicle wears a dull, unkempt look. Even the interior surfaces that are exposed to sunlight are affected. Sunlight also damages the rubber components. Studies show that tires age sooner in warm climates and direct exposure to UV rays accelerates tire aging. Occasional showers would not affect your vehicle, but rain and heavy snow can cause serious harm and corrosion, most often necessitating an expensive paint job. Hail is another threat. A severe hailstorm can batter your vehicle and inflict extensive damage.

A durable metal motor home cover is the solution to these issues. While top quality prefabricated motorhome carports are available, you can also get a customized solution to meet your needs and budget. You can go in for a fully enclosed or partially enclosed cover and choose from different roofing options. With superior steel tubular framing, these easy-to-install portable buildings can offer you all the seasonal protection you want for your motor home. A certified RV cover is a good idea as it would be rated to withstand snow loads and strong winds.

Carports Keep You Dry

We have all different kinds of clients with all different kinds of needs at Keens Buildings including those who want to take advantage of a carport’s most basic featutre: the fact that it keeps people dry.  Yes it may seem simple, but when you think about it isn’t that the most simple use of any metal protective structure?  Some of our customers were just simply sick of getting out of their car and dealing with their elements as they walked into their house.  They chose to partner with Keens Buildings because we engineer and design carports that fit seamlessly into any driveway and provide people that protection from the elements that they are searching for.

We will work with you to design structures that will fit on your land that you have available.  Do not know where to start as far as building a carport goes?  Well you are in luck because we have years experience in the industry and are ready to educate and guide you through the process.  We provide dedicated staff to your project who will be wit you every step of the way, you never have to deal with a new team member who has to get up to speed.

Some people we know chose to get carports just so their groceries would not have the chance of getting wet.  When you think about it, that actually makes sense given the price of groceries these days and how valuable they obviously are in our day to day life.  Our carports are metal structures that are not only expertly designed, but they are easy to maintain and virtually eliminate the day-to-day maintenance that wooden carports may require.  Contact us today to get a free consultation so we can show you how we can make your worries a thing of the past.

Choosing Your “Buy Now” RV Carport or Motorhome Carport

When choosing your new RV carport or motorhome carport, one size does not fit all. That’s why Keen’s Portable Buildings offers a range of “Buy Now” options, plus multiple customization choices. We offer five main “Buy Now” selections:

The first is our 42x26x12 multiple-bay RV/motor home carport with room for your RV plus two additional vehicles or trailers. The enclosed gable roof and steel paneled sides give this carport a stylish barn look. For RVs and motorhomes needing higher clearance, choose our Executive Motorhome Carport, measuring 18x41x12. This option is ideal for oversized RVs, high topped boats or travel trailers and RVs or motorhomes with top-mounted air conditioning units and luggage racks. It features a raised roof centerline for high clearance, plus rounded eaves offering three feet of added side protection.

Keens’ Portable Buildings Triple Motorhome Carport, 18x21x21, features convenient pull thru bays with open sides and ends that offer easy loading access, entry and exit for your RV or motorhome plus additional vehicles. Our Large Motorhome Carport offers even more space, measuring 18x36x12. The increased width makes this option perfect for luxury or executive style RVs and motorhomes. Finally, our Motorhome Carport with Side Panels option, measuring 18x31x10, offers double side panels for added protection from sun, wind and rain.

Each of these “Buy Now” RV carport and motorhome carport selections can be certified to meet your local permitting and code regulations and to withstand heavy wind and snow loads. Professional installation on your level land, concrete slab, stem wall or paved black top comes at no extra charge. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings  at 386-364-7995 and let us know which “Buy Now” RV carport or motorhome carport best meets your needs.