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Transforming Your Barndominium Interior: Creative Ideas for a Custom Look

With tiny homes and alternative housing becoming even more popular, barndominiums have become a trend. This is especially true for those who want a residential metal structure. Your barndominium might start as a metal structure, but here are some ways to make it more inviting. Let these barndominum interior ideas inspire you.

Rustic decor in an open concept barndominium

Industrial Chic

Since your barndominium kit is metal, maybe you should take inspiration from that with an industrial twist. An industrial interior design style uses metallic elements and tries to soften them with organic elements. For example, having exposed beams and structural elements would contrast nicely with wood flooring. 

You can opt for leather chairs and distressed cabinets to give your barndominium a comfortably edgy look. You should consider using reclaimed or distressed wood for a weathered look for wall coverings or accents. Creating accent walls with exposed brick, concrete, or weathered wood can bring this barndominium interior idea to life.

You can brighten your space by installing pendant lights with metal shades or even exposed bulbs. Choosing fixtures made from industrial materials like iron, steel, and distressed wood is best. As an alternative, you can add factory-style sconces or pulley pendant lights.

Modern and Clean

A simple barndominium interior design might be the way to go if you prefer clean lines and open space. Barndominiums have an open floor plan, but you can create separate living spaces with your furniture and decor.

You can also position chairs and tables to create small pockets of space. Using rugs and carpets on top of your flooring can help you distinguish between these spaces without closing them off. Sticking to neutral colors like white, gray, or muted tones is excellent for a classy and timeless style.

However, to add a bit of drama and flair, you can \add accent walls with bolder colors or textured wallpaper designs. You could also use large-scale abstract or contemporary artwork as a focal point. Adding mirrors to your space can help to make it appear larger and provide more light. Opt for cabinets with no handles and flat-front doors to reach a modern, streamlined look.

To achieve a modern look, look for furniture with simple shapes and lines, such as geometric forms. Search for pieces that have smooth, polished surfaces and are generally in neutral or monochrome shades. Incorporate glass, metal, and polished wood into the space to make it look more upscale.

Rustic and Cozy

Rustic barndominium interiors are the most popular design for barndominium homes. When building your barndominium, you will need to consider adding vaulted ceilings. Vaulted ceilings are an interior barndominium idea that makes high ceilings seem much more inviting and warm.

Modern interior design idea

Barndominium floor plans are open-concept so you can opt for more oversized plush furniture for living areas. You can also add vintage-style rocking chairs or farmhouse benches for accent furniture and additional seating. Distressed wooden cabinets and wooden panels are another tremendous rustic barndominium interior idea.

You should embrace architectural elements like barn doors or sliding wooden shutters with your barndominium. Bring the outdoors inside by adding natural elements to your home. Decorate with living plants or use dried flowers for an organic feel.

Handmade objects like pottery, baskets, and textiles are ideal for a unique touch. These items add an individual flair and make for great decorations.


Simplicity is always trendy and this barndominium interior design idea takes advantage of the open concept layout. If you are looking at your barndominium as a getaway, you might want something drastically different.

Moving away from design clutter can be a simple way to style your space. You can choose simple tile or concrete floors to stick to the theme. Your color palette should be light to take advantage of natural light and the open concept to style your home.

You can maximize your storage space while keeping your barndominium looking neat with furniture with hidden storage options. There are plenty of options to create an organized and stylish living space without sacrificing style. Options range from beds with built-in drawers to ottomans with secret compartments.

Take advantage of multipurpose furniture and decorations to keep the number of items in your space at a minimum. This way, you can enjoy the full potential of what you have without having to purchase too much.

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