Preparing a Site for your New Keen’s Portable Buildings Garage, Carport or Storage Building

When preparing the site for your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building from Keen’s Portable Buildings, there are a few things you can do beforehand that will make professional installation easier, quicker and more affordable.

First, it’s critical to know the location of any underground wire, gas lines or utility lines. If the site you choose for your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building does have any of these, extra safety precautions are in order, and you may have to choose a different site if the potential for danger warrants. Please remember that Keen’s Portable Buildings is not responsible for any damages that may occur if our professional installers are unaware of buried objects.

For quicker installation, please level the ground where you want your portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building to stand. If needed, our crew can dig a base rail into the ground for an extra labor charge. Our installers also can adjust the legs up or down two to three inches on the bottom rail of your carport or steel garage if your site is not completely level.

Keen’s Portable Buildings also can install your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building on a concrete slab, stem wall or paved black top. When pouring a concrete slab, keep in mind that the frame for your unit will always be one foot shorter than the roof in length. This will help keep rain and snow from coming into the open ends. Also, know that while we can not bolt any steel building directly to any home or building, we will place it as close as possible.

Our friendly associates and professional installers can answer any other questions you may have about preparing the site for your new portable enclosed garage, carport or storage building. Call us today at 386-364-7995.

Choosing Your “Buy Now” RV Carport or Motorhome Carport

When choosing your new RV carport or motorhome carport, one size does not fit all. That’s why Keen’s Portable Buildings offers a range of “Buy Now” options, plus multiple customization choices. We offer five main “Buy Now” selections:

The first is our 42x26x12 multiple-bay RV/motor home carport with room for your RV plus two additional vehicles or trailers. The enclosed gable roof and steel paneled sides give this carport a stylish barn look. For RVs and motorhomes needing higher clearance, choose our Executive Motorhome Carport, measuring 18x41x12. This option is ideal for oversized RVs, high topped boats or travel trailers and RVs or motorhomes with top-mounted air conditioning units and luggage racks. It features a raised roof centerline for high clearance, plus rounded eaves offering three feet of added side protection.

Keens’ Portable Buildings Triple Motorhome Carport, 18x21x21, features convenient pull thru bays with open sides and ends that offer easy loading access, entry and exit for your RV or motorhome plus additional vehicles. Our Large Motorhome Carport offers even more space, measuring 18x36x12. The increased width makes this option perfect for luxury or executive style RVs and motorhomes. Finally, our Motorhome Carport with Side Panels option, measuring 18x31x10, offers double side panels for added protection from sun, wind and rain.

Each of these “Buy Now” RV carport and motorhome carport selections can be certified to meet your local permitting and code regulations and to withstand heavy wind and snow loads. Professional installation on your level land, concrete slab, stem wall or paved black top comes at no extra charge. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings  at 386-364-7995 and let us know which “Buy Now” RV carport or motorhome carport best meets your needs.

Residential Carports

If you’re looking for a way to protect your vehicles from the sun, rain, snow and falling leaves, a residential, steel carport by Keen’s Portable Buildings is an affordable, effective option. But beyond protecting your vehicle’s paint job, there are multiple other uses for both.

A smaller residential carport can be situated for use as a walkway cover, protecting you from the rain and snow as you dash from your car to your front door. Place a picnic table or patio chairs beneath a carport for a gazebo-like resting spot. Planning a party or family reunion? A larger residential carport is a great way to entertain friends outdoors while at the same time offering them shade from the sun.

Large carports also can be used to cover swimming pools, keeping out leaves and limbs that fall from trees. If you live in a rural area, carports can be used to cover hay and feed. Livestock and outdoor pets also can find shelter from the sun, rain and snow beneath carports of any size. And outdoor workshop areas for gardeners, artists and DIY home improvement handymen can be housed beneath carports. Add roll-up doors and your carport can be fully enclosed to protect your items from thieves and vandals.

Commercial Carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings

Owners of businesses of all sizes enjoy multiple uses of quality, steel commercial carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings. Open carports provide a shady place for employees to park their vehicles, safe from falling leaves and bird droppings, not to mention the scorching sun rays that leave a car feeling like a dry sauna on hot afternoons. This makes for a much more pleasant drive home from work.

Adding a few picnic tables beneath an open commercial carport also affords employees and guests a shady spot for an alfresco lunch or quick company meeting. And larger open carports can shade and protect your company’s equipment, tractor trailers and vehicle fleet from rain and snow.

Enclosed carports are great for warehousing of products and supplies; workshops; offices; and staging areas for employees and vendors to pick up supplies or drop off deliveries. Keen’s Portable Buildings offers enclosure of open carports with roll-up doors of up to 16 feet wide and 14 feet high. Carports also can be used to hide unsightly items such as trash bins and dumpsters or equipment awaiting repair.

Keen’s Portable Buildings’ can engineer your commercial carport to meet city, county and state permitting and code regulations and to withstand heavy snow loads as well as wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph, assuring protection of your company assets. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings at 386-364-7995 and talk with a friendly associate about your company’s needs.

Portable Buildings – Not Just for Storage

Any Realtor will tell you that storage space is a big priority among homebuyers, especially today, as cash-strapped Americans are looking for ways to cut costs. Rather than pay for off-site storage rentals, many people are opting instead for affordable, portable storage buildings and sheds to keep their belongings safe and out of the way. But portable buildings can be used for much more than storage.

A portable building by Keen’s Portable Buildings can serve dozens of purposes. A top use is as a workshop for crafters, silk floral arrangers, woodcarvers, artists and those who love to tinker with small electronics. Pet and animal rescue organizations add climate control and outfit portable buildings with kennels for dogs, cats and other rescued critters. Does your teenager have at-home band practice, or worse yet – a garage band? Line the interior walls of your portable building with acoustic panels and let the kids jam. Younger kids will enjoy a portable building as a playhouse. And the “big kid” of the house surely has ideas for turning that portable building into a man cave already.

If you’re looking for some extra room either for storage or for a host of other possibilities, call Keen’s Portable Buildings at 386-364-7995 and let a friendly associate know what you have in mind. Our professional installers can customize a portable building just for you.

Store Your Valuables in a Metal Shed, Storage Building or Garage

Important documents, Grandma’s antique armoire, family photos – These are all things that anyone would want to save and protect. To make sure your favorite memories and critical documents are safe for years to come, consider a metal shed, storage building or garage from Keen’s Portable Buildings.

There are multiple safety advantages to metal structures. They are highly resistant to damage by exposure to the sun, snow and rain and resulting moisture damage, such as mold. Certified metal sheds, storage buildings, garages are guaranteed to meet city, county and state permitting and code regulations and can be engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and, because metal sways, wind speeds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph. Steel and metal also are resistant to fire damage and pests such as termites.

Keen’s Portable Buildings offers metal sheds, metal storage buildings and metal garages in dozens of different sizes, configurations, roof styles and colors to fit your specific needs and match your home’s style. Financing is available and damaged credit is no problem. Professional installation is no extra charge and can be completed within days. Call Keen’s Portable Buildings at 386-364-7995 to find out how you can affordably and effectively protect all your family’s most important and beloved items.

Carports and Steel Sheds and Garages Add Resale Value to Your Home

In today’s economy, it’s a buyer’s market. To ensure you get the top resale value for your home, consider adding a carport or steel shed, storage building or garage by Keen’s Portable Buildings.

Small properties that lack room for large garages can still offer protection of vehicles and boats from the sun, rain and snow, plus tree sap and falling leaves and branches, via an open carport. Carports by Keen’s Portable Buildings or its sister company, Carport Empire, come in single carport, double carport and triple carport sizes and in a range of colors and roof styles to match your home. Open carports also can be enclosed with roll-up doors for protection from thieves and vandals, and can be configured for access from the front, back or sides.

An enclosed steel garage, steel shed or steel storage building by Keen’s Portable Buildings/Carport Empire adds even more value to your property. Not only does an enclosed garage offer more protection for your vehicles, but garages, sheds and storage buildings can be out fitted as laundry rooms, workshops, even playhouses for your children.

Call Keen’s Portable Buildings today at 1-386-364-7995 to learn more about affordable, effective ways to boost your home’s resale value with a quality carport, steel garage, shed or storage building.

Portable Buildings

Portable Buildings are an affordable alternative to permanent buildings. As one of the largest portable building distributors in the United States, Keen’s Portable Buildings, offers some of the best prices on portable buildings and other modular storage buildings. Don’t waste your time looking at cheap portable buildings that won’t stand up to wind, harsh weather and daily use. Our portable buildings have been designed to last using quality products and we stand behind our installed portable buildings. Our portable buildings come standard with a 30-year warranty for metal buildings and a 20-year warranty for wood buildings. In addition, we provide free re-leveling for the life of your portable building. Contact us for more information about your new portable building. Call us today and ask about our Rent-to-Own with No Credit Check as an option when you buy your portable building or storage shed from us.