4 Lighting Solutions for Your Storage Shed

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Imagine you’ve created your ideal shed setup. You’ve picked the colors, size, and location, but something important is missing – the lighting. Shed lighting ideas have more options than most consumers realize. Without the right lighting for your needs, the space can’t achieve its ultimate potential. 

The most essential factor in choosing your lighting setup is how you plan on using your space. An outdoor art studio, vacation spot, storage room, and kids’ playroom will all have different needs. Luckily, we know a lot about which lights suit each of these needs. Keep reading to find out more. 

Shed Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

After how you’ll use your space, the most important factors to consider before choosing the lighting for your shed are the size, location, and how much lighting you’ll need daily. You’ll also want to ensure you pick something economical and durable. 

Some areas are blessed with natural lighting. Open spaces that aren’t blocked by trees and the side of your home will fare even better. However, if you live somewhere that has a lot of shadow, weather changes, or dark winters, you may need to consider a permanent lighting setup. 

Generally, the more time you’ll be spending in your shed, the more you’ll likely want to invest in lighting. If you only use your shed as a storage space, a more frugal option may be better. If it is easy to see the items in your shed by simply leaving the door open, you’ll need even less lighting, if any at all!

Lastly, you must consider how often you’ll be using your space during the evening and night. For people using their shed as a home away from home or after-work entertainment area, they’ll need adequate lighting to make the space more comfortable and avoid safety hazards. 

Natural Lighting

Natural light includes the amount of illumination your room receives from its doors, windows, skylights, or other openings to the space. If your shed is sunny right now, don’t forget to consider the time of day, the seasonal changes, and weather patterns in your area before deciding to opt for only natural light. 

Solar Lighting

If running traditional electrical lines to your shed is too costly or complicated, you can consider solar lighting. This eco-friendly type of lighting uses the sun’s energy to charge its batteries and create its light. 

The solar light must get sufficient sunlight to function properly, so make sure it is located on the shed’s roof or the south wall, which usually gets the most direct natural light. These lights typically last at least around 5-8 hours after charging, which should get you through the night. 


Battery-powered lights are usually brighter and may last longer than typical solar lights. You won’t need to rely on the amount of sunlight you get and you can bypass the need for complicated electrical installation. This is a great option for anyone wanting a rapid fix to a moderate-sized area. 

Standard LED Lighting

Before installing standard lighting, make sure to consult an electrician about your best options. Electrical lighting gives you the ability to choose from a variety of lamps and overhead lighting fixtures for your shed. 

You’ll also have a lot of choices of bulbs. LED lighting is efficient, luminous, has many color options, and typically lasts longer than other bulb types. They are also less likely to catch surrounding items on fire as they produce less heat.