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The Growing Movement of Tiny Home Sheds

More people are recognizing the amazing benefits that tiny homes offer. While housing and rental costs continue to soar, considering a budget-friendly and long-lasting alternative to traditional homes may be the most affordable way to create a personalized home and shave thousands off your yearly payments.

One couple from Atlanta, Georgia even made a profit from their renovated tiny home, but their story has a unique twist – it began as a backyard shed! Nick and Meghan Lucido gained notoriety on TikTok after sharing their story. With $80,000 in debt and a new baby on the way, the Lucidos realized they needed to change their finances and minimize costs like rent. 

That’s when they decided to buy a modest shed in 2019 and turn it into their own two-story full-time living space. After just one year of renovations and making their shed feel like a real home, they were able to sell it for an impressive chunk of change, $225,000 to be exact, and finally pay off their debts. With the remaining profit, they went on to build their dream home in the mountains of Northern Georgia. 

Making the Dream a Reality

The most difficult part in this journey is all the hard work that goes into the transformation from backyard shed into a comfortable living space. Luckily, experts at Keen’s Buildings are experienced engineers and builders skilled in providing cost-effective, sustainable, and attractive housing. 

If you’re looking for tiny homes for sale in Georgia, much like the Lucidos were, Keens inventory includes two-story tiny home sheds with various customization options. We also provide services outside of Florida and Georgia, so give us a call to inquire about your next house-flipping adventure. 

Emphasizing Affordability

Unlike many other tiny home manufacturers and suppliers, Keens aims to cater to all budgets. With our financing options, owning a tiny home from Keens is accessible. Our tiny homes are available with zero-down financing for up to 120 months, with options such as an Interest-Free Account and 12 months same-as-cash financing for qualified buyers.

Once you have your tiny home, you can use it as more than a full-time home. Options like renting to tenants, keeping it as a guest house/ADU, or using it as a creative space for hobbies are all common applications. Investing in a tiny home is often more flexible – and more profitable – than buying a second traditional home. 

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