Prefabricated Steel Buildings Manufactured in the USA

Working with Keen's Buildings, you will quickly learn that our attention to details and professional sales team delivers not only an exceptional product but also the best pricing for steel buildings in the industry.

Our steel is commercial grade, and since we've been in business since 1999, we have thousands of satisfied customers around the nation. Our design team can design a custom solution that best fits your exact specifications and needs for your new building.

With every building, you also receive the Keen's Buildings warranty.

We provide:

  • Certified and Non-Certified Steel Buildings
  • Custom designs based on intended use
  • Setup and delivery

We're ready to help you with your next steel building project now. Give us call (386) 364-7995 or fill out the form to start your free quote.


  • Keens-Buildings-Specialty-13
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-1
    Steel Building KB 1 30 X 40 X 12
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-2
    Steel Building KB 2 24 wide 10X10 X 12
  • Steel-Buildings-Steel-Barn-KB-3
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-4
    Steel Building KB 4 30 Wide Barn 12 Foot 12 Foot Enclosed 8X8 36X80 Door Window
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-6
    Steel-Buildings-KB-6 18 Foot Wide Building 12 Foot Wide Lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-7
    Steel Building KB 7 24X14X14-12X12 Doors-36X80Door-12-Foot-Wide-Lean-to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-8
    Steel Building KB 42X45 Barn with 12X25 Enclosed Storage
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-10
    Steel Building KB 10 42x50 barn with sides closed
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-11
    Steel Building KB 11 RV cover with 2 lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-12
    Steel Building KB 12 Vertical roof building with lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-15
    Steel Building KB 15 24x41x12 12x41 lean to enclosed
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-16
    Steel Building KB 16 Side entry building
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-18
    Steel Building KB 18 22x36 8x8 side doors walk in and windows
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-20
    Steel Building KB 20 16 Foot sidewall
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-21
    Steel Building KB 21 Mini Storages
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-23
    Steel Building KB 23 36x21 enclosed barn
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-24
    Steel Building KB 24 22x31x10 8x8 on the side 36x80 walk in
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-25
    Steel Building KB 25 24x36x10 12x41 enclosed lean to 12x41 open lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-26
    Steel Building KB 26 40 wide Building
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-27
    Steel Building KB 27 24x26 with 2 lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-29
    Steel Building KB 29 Side entrance lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-31
    Steel Building KB 31 Pavilion
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-32
    Steel Building KB 32 40x50 wearhouse
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-33
    Steel Building KB 33 28x40x14 12x12 rollup door 36x80 windows Vertical sides ends and roof
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-34
    Steel Building KB 34 24x60x12 10x10 doors on the side 36x80
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-35
    Steel Building KB 35 26x26x12 12x26 enclosed lean to
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-36
    Steel Building KB 36 30x50x10 10x8 36x80 Vertical Roof
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-38
    Steel Building KB 38 40x41x16 Vertical sides and ends
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-39
    Steel Building KB 39 36x36 vertical barn
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-40
    Steel Building KB 40 40x60 vertical side and ends 10x8 rollup doors 36x80 door
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-41
    Steel Building KB 41 24x41 all vertical
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-42
    Steel Building KB 42 24x50 40 enclosed with custom sliding glass door
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-44
    Steel Building KB 44 30x41 all vertical building
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-14
    Steel Building KB 14 30x100x12 10x10 door 36x80 door
  • Steel-Buildings-KB-22
    Steel Building KB 22 24x31x10 10x8 doors 36x80 door with 9 lite window
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