How to Organize Your Shed for Maximum Efficiency

Keeping your shed organized is about far more than just storage space, it’s also about properly optimizing the space available to you. While there are dozens of storage solutions that ensure you can keep all your equipment in the right place, correctly implementing those storage solutions is key. 

Storage shed organization starts with taking inventory of your items, from small to large. What are the bits and bobs that will need to be tucked away in carefully selected containers? Which large tools are regularly accessed and therefore need to be kept within easy reach? 

Whether your shed serves as a workshop, gardening station, or plain old bonus room, here are a few solutions to keeping things in order. 

Useful Shed Organization Hacks

How much you can store relies on the size of your shed, but even more than that, it relies on the way you organize it. These are just a few of the easy, DIY methods to make better use of the space in your storage shed. 

Shelving Units

Perhaps the most intuitive, incorporating some industrial rack shelves is a great way to house mid-sized equipment. Keep things in crates and then place these crates in your heavy-duty shelving. You can also implement floating wall shelves if you want to free up some floor space. 

Hanging tool cabinets also provide wall shelving, but in a more secure fashion with numerous keyed compartments.

Peg Boards

Low-cost and easy-to-install, peg boards are a versatile organization system for smaller tools or even crafting essentials. This makes them a must-have in workshops or hobby sheds. Peg boards can also hold small wire baskets where you can house even smaller items that might need storing. 

Wall Racks

Wall-mounted cantilever tool racks are ideal for holding heavier gardening equipment, such as rakes, trowels, shovels, brooms, weedwackers, and so much more. They can even hold some of your tools, like a chainsaw or ax. They’re extremely secure yet also keep items out of the way. 

Loft Storage

If you have a gambrel-style shed with additional clearance, consider turning it into a ladder-accessible loft storage. This way, you can use the extra overhead space to store items that you need access to less frequently, and place them inside lockable plastic storage bins to prevent them from gathering dust or attracting pests. 

Magnetic Bars

Do you have lighter tools like scissors, knives, wrenches, or pliers that need a place to stay? A magnetic tool bar is the perfect solution, as it keeps them adhered to the wall in a minimalist way while also keeping them within arm’s reach for the craftsman. 


Every shed workshop needs a solid workbench to serve as a workstation and storage system. Many workbenches have built in peg boards or drawers/cabinets underneath so they can house all the necessary tools. Invest in a mobile workbench and you can use the space even more efficiently, allowing you to stow away the workbench when it’s not in use. 

Portable Tool Chest

A portable tool chest can be easily moved around to create surface area where needed and to keep things put away. They can double as a workstation, with a lift-top that allows you to stow things away inside the work surface. They also come with multiple drawers underneath for smaller items. 

Furthermore, they allow you to keep valuable tools under lock and key.