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Barndominium vs. Manufactured Home: What’s the Difference?

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As alternative housing interests have risen, so have the options. Barndominiums and manufactured homes are two choices that have a lot of things in common, but a lot of people have asked us, is a barndominium considered a manufactured home?

Both are cheaper, more energy efficient, and are quicker and easier to build than traditional homes. However, they do have many differences between them as well. If you’re considering buying either a barndominium or manufactured home, make sure you’re aware of the differences before committing. 

Is a Barndominium Considered a Manufactured Home?

A barndominium is not technically considered a manufactured home, although there are some similarities. Manufactured homes have a solid chassis that is intended to transport them from the factory to their final destination.

Differences Between Barndos & Manufactured Homes

Barndominiums, a combination of both barns and condominiums, still fall into the shed house or metal building categories due to factors like city regulation, their ability to be personalized, and their general structure. However, they are often assembled on-site by experts.


Part of the charm of barndominiums is the fact that they resemble the traditional image of a countryside farm house, while retaining a lot of the comforts of a condo. They generally have a metal frame and a more spacious open floor plan design. 

Barndos allow for more space if you have a larger family, or you could use the space for your favorite activities.  They also have more flexible design options than typical manufactured homes. Their shape, size, and square footage can all range from very small to expansive. 

More Customizable

Originally, barndominiums began as a place for farmers to rest without making a long trek back home. Now, they can resemble almost any look and floor plan design you desire. 

Whether you’re looking for something higher-end or cozy, barndos are easy and quick to assemble, meaning you can move into a fully personalized home for a lot much cheaper! The unique design of barndos makes it easy for future customization as well. Simply add walls when you want to create new rooms.

If you work with the experts at Keen’s Buildings, you’ll be able to create the barndo of your dreams. Make sure to seek out professionals with experience, like our engineers, when looking to create your own customized barndo.


Barndominiums can be made of many materials, but they are generally made from metal, which has a long durability. You won’t have to worry about endless renovations and repairs, because the types of high-quality materials and the tall and open design help resist weather damage. 


Barndos are prepped and anchored in a different way. They don’t have a permanent chassis, meaning once you create it, it will remain as a lasting and stable home. In this way, barndos resemble traditional homes, just without all the extra costs and effort. 

Building Codes 

Manufactured homes are approved by a US Department of Housing and Urban Development representative, while barndominiums are built and regulated by the International Residential Code. The IRC also approves traditional homes, so your barndo will need to meet all the standards required by your city and state. 

For a smoother experience, reach out to Keen’s Buildings. We can help guide you through the process of choosing which barndominium is best for your area. 


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