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Steel Buildings Florida

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With 4 locations across the state of Florida, we know about the tropical and subtropical climates Florida has to offer. Our certified Steel Buildings are equipped to deal with the uncertainties Florida weather has to offer along with protecting your investment.

At Keen’s Buildings, our buildings are engineered to follow the strict building codes for steel buildings in Florida

Visit our Steel Garage gallery and Specialty Steel Building gallery for design and implementation ideas.



With all of the growth and new development across the state of Florida, Keen’s Buildings is strategically positioned and qualified to build your next residential or commercial building.

We’ve worked with hundreds of developers, builders, and homeowners across Florida because it has been proven a Keen’s Building uses some of the strongest steel and adheres to all of the Florida Codes.

At Keen’s Buildings, we have proudly built: Steel Garages in Florida, Steel Barns in Florida, Steel Commercial Buildings in Florida, Residential Steel Buildings in Florida, Steel Warehouses, Steel Churches, Steel Recreational Buildings, and much more. Give us a call today at 386-364-7995 to get started with your project.

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We know living and working in Florida comes with plenty of lightening. As a matter of fact, Florida receives more lightning strikes than any other state in the U.S.A.  That said, our engineers make sure all of our steel buildings are well grounded.  Our steel framing conducts lightning to the ground harmlessly.

Our customers have ordered all types of steel buildings structures from Keen’s Buildings including:

  • Steel Buildings for Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Industrial Steel Buildings
  • Residential Steel Buildings for Garages
  • Residential Steel Buildings for Storage
  • Multi-purpose Steel Buildings
  • Aircraft Hanger Steel Buildings

Our professional sales team is ready to help you choose your next Keen’s Building Steel Buildings. Simply call us at 386-364-7995 or contact your nearest location by click here: https://keensbuildings.com


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