1230 storage shed with rollup door

Will a 12×30 Shed Meet My Oversized Storage Needs?

A 12×30 metal shed can provide a lifetime’s worth of storage space for many homeowners. With 360 square feet of ample room, this shed size is pretty much designed for oversized storage – or for recreational applications. 

Whether you’re someone with a lot of equipment or just a couple of large items that require shelter, a 12×30 storage shed is typically a safe bet for your needs. Let’s explore some of the various storage applications for this large structure. 

Oversized Vehicle Storage

You might be wondering: Why would I opt for a 12×30 storage shed in place of a metal carport or custom metal garage for my vehicle needs? Typically, the kinds of vehicles you want to store in this type of shed aren’t cars, but rather UTVs or riding lawn mowers. As such, using a storage shed cuts down on costs and makes for easier portability. 

This shed size can easily fit up to two recreational vehicles like ATVs, along with bicycles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and other motorized gear. 

We offer many 12×30 configurations with roll-up doors along the sides for easy access, so that you can drive these vehicles in/out easily. Place a ramp in front of the door for even more ease of use. 

Equipment & Tool Storage 

There are many individuals that like turning a 12×30 structure into a shed workshop – and for good reason. Not only does it easily fit a workbench inside, but it also provides plenty of room for shelving, overhead storage solutions like lofts, and important power tools. 

A 12×30 storage shed will provide room for your tools and your gardening equipment, with more than enough room for your weedwacker, hedge clippers, leaf blower, bags (or even pallets) of fertilizer, soil, and pots.

12x30 shed diagram

If you don’t plan on storing anything extra large or motorized, you can opt for a 12×30 storage shed featuring a single-door entry. This will provide you with more storage surface area – and it also makes it easier to convert this space to something for recreational use further down the line.

Inventory & Stock Storage

Our 12×30 storage sheds are also a popular choice for commercial purposes, as they can be used on farms, nurseries, automotive repair shops, construction sites, boat centers/marinas, and more. These oversized storage structures are ideal for housing inventory for industrial businesses that need to store various hardware. 

In fact, many business owners might even find they could run their business out of such a shed, creating a transaction window and keeping their stock in one place. They’re popular for bike, surfboard, and kayak rental shacks. 

Many individuals who run e-commerce businesses from home also use these sheds for housing their supply. Beyond that, these sheds also provide the durability and security required for commercial applications, with durable metal framing and lockable doors/windows for complete peace-of-mind. 

Although placing such a large structure on a piece of residential property might require undergoing more rigorous permitting requirements, its versatility and usefulness is sure to pay off.