8x10 storage shed turned tiny home

Turning an 8×10 Shed Into a Backyard Sanctuary

The transformation from storage to sanctuary may not seem so intuitive, but it can actually be fairly easy. While an 8×10 shed is frequently used in backyards as a place to keep equipment, you might consider the alternatives the next time you declutter. 

An 8×10 storage shed could be seen as an additional 80 square feet of living space that’s not being utilized. Give yourself space to dream: How could you turn this structure into a haven away from home? What do you envision? The possibilities are endless: a reading room/library, a meditation space, a pool house, or a she-shed/man cave.

Either way, this shed size is perfect for creating a peaceful hideaway intended for relaxing and recreational use. While you’ll want to opt for a larger shed size for your home office, hobby room, or guest studio, an 8×10 shed will serve you well as a more casual setting. 

Spruce Up the Space 

It’s hard to relax into your sanctuary space when it feels like a storage room. To give it the feel of a living space, you’ll want to make a few improvements.

  • Insulation: Nothing breaks you out of a calm and meditative state quicker than a room that’s too hot or too cold. Not to mention, a poorly insulated shed opens the door for potential pests. You can easily insulate the shed yourself by picking up some spray foam insulation and making it a DIY project.
  • Ventilation: You can line the walls of your shed with beautiful windows and even feature windowed doors for plenty of ventilation. Outside air not sufficient? A twin window fan is an easy, manually implemented ventilation system that should be more than suitable for an 8×10 shed.
  • Weatherstripping: Further insulate and soundproof your space for optimal relaxation by weatherstripping doors and windows. Weatherproofing plastic strips are available online or from your local hardware store.
  • Drywall & Trim: Give the inside of your shed even more homey vibes by installing drywall after the insulation is complete. Add trim and crown mouldings, followed by a paint job for your interior walls.

Furnishings & Finishing Touches

Now that the logistics are complete and you’ve created an ultra-cozy space, you can begin dressing it up however you want. Generally, an 8×10 storage shed is just the right size for a loveseat, coffee table, and perhaps a couple of other small touches like potted plants to brighten up the space.

Interior layout of 8x10 storage shed

To enhance the plush vibes, place down a 7×9 area rug for even better insulation and added warmth. If you’re creating a reading nook, line the long wall with bookshelves and place a small armchair on either side. Or, if you’re creating a zen meditation escape, put down potted plants in each corner, a cushion or yoga mat in the center of the space, and surround the perimeter with candles. 

Though 8×10 is hardly large enough for a multifunctional space, it’s just the right size for a detached structure that you want to dedicate to hanging out and relaxing. This also eliminates the need for plumbing and electrical hookups, which helps simplify the permitting process too.