Turn Your 10×30 Shed Into a Weekend Cabin

Did you know you can use a typical backyard shed as your own personal weekend cabin? Garden sheds are no longer just a space to hold backyard tools, but instead can be totally transformed into your own private oasis, a true home away from home. 

Shed cabins are a great way to have a nice place to go to enjoy the outdoors alone or with loved ones. Plus, creating your own DIY cabin shed is a fun process for the entire family to enjoy. Choose your own interior design scheme to personalize your space and even landscape the area like you would your own home. 

Whether you would like your own hunting or fishing cabin, a craft studio, or a destination space to enjoy the outdoors, shed cabins are an easy way to enjoy your favorite activities without spending on hotels and large building fees! Shed cabins let you go on vacation without all the typical stressors involved. 

Follow the tips below to get the renovation started.

Add a Porch

Porch sheds are a great design setup for anyone looking for a space for leisurely use. A porch gives an extra room for friends and family to gather and enjoy the scenery. Decorate with a few patio chairs and bask in the view. Porches create an intimate, cozy, and warm appearance to shed cabins. 

The residential design suits anyone looking to convert their cabin shed into a weekend cabin, guest house, or even a tiny house if permitted. 

Go Portable

Weekend cabins are usually made to connect with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of typical city life. Therefore, you won’t need many utility hook-ups. 

Choose portable items like water tanks, power generators, solar lamps and chargers, and camping shower kits to help supply what you’ll need to be comfortable during your stay. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about investing in typical plumbing and electrical wiring. 

Choose the Right Size

A 10×30 shed is ideal because it offers 300 sq ft of living space, so you’ll have all the room you need to appreciate your weekend away, while still remaining portable. This type of cabin shed can be moved to your favorite outdoor location or even follow you to your next home. 

Cabin sheds of this size can be crafted quickly and with expert engineering. You can even customize the siding options, colors, and window styles to match the aesthetic of your home. 

Furnish Accordingly

Choose furniture that is lightweight, easy to move, and saves room. Cot bunk beds are perfect for fitting two people and leaving space for your daily activities. If you’re in a 10×30 cabin shed, you’ll even have room for a small kitchenette and a petite dining space for two. 

Destination cabins are perfect for adding comforts and design pieces like rugs, reclining chairs, or couches. For fishing or hunting sheds, you’ll likely only need the bare necessities, so pick just a few quality items like a small bed and storage space. 

Find a Plot of Land

Where you build your shed cabin is of high importance. You’ll likely want a nice vacation spot close to lakes, forests, or mountains if possible, but it also needs to be accessible and legally viable to stay there. 

Find a realtor that can cater to remote plots of land on more exclusive destinations like national parks. Places like this come with a lot more restrictions so you will need the help navigating the purchasing process and environmental requirements. However, shed cabins remain the ideal setup for anyone who wants to live off-the-grid in a sustainable way.