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Tiny Homes for Sale—What You Should Know

Tiny home sales are growing and are a popular building trend among those seeking to downsize, move loved ones onto their property, or seek a great affordable housing solution. These compact living spaces utilize interior space differently and are built to standards that often meet or exceed those of traditional homes.

Tiny homes designed by Keen’s Buildings are engineered specifically to be built on location atop a permanent concrete foundation. Buyers will find the Keen’s Buildings tiny homes have a wind load rating of up to 155MPH, exceeding the highest wind zone level requirements for manufactured homes. These compact living spaces are built on-site and give you more options for size and customization without sacrificing quality.

When it comes to quality, all Keen’s Buildings’ tiny homes use the correct R-Value for insulation, provide weather-tight residential doors, including double pane windows filled with Argon gas, and a 26 gauge metal roof. Manufactured homes don’t meet any of these requirements. Because our buildings are built site, this removes the width and height restrictions from the Department of Transportation. This is how Keen’s Buildings help you to get the most bang for your buck and achieve our two-story models. You’re never limited by height or width.

Financing Options for a Tiny Home

Keen’s Buildings offers direct financing on a tiny home so you can quickly establish living space for less than a traditional home. The 16X24 option payments are as low as $638.00/month with 20% down. Another financing option is $0 down, with same-day approvals. Eligibility is based on approved credit. Our financing process is streamlined for quick review and approval.

Tiny Homes for Sale by Size

At Keen’s Buildings, our 16′ homes are available in four sizes: 16×24, 16×28, 16×32 and 16×36. While all these structures are habitable, you have to take into account local zone permit laws and impact fees based on the county you’re looking to have your tiny home built in as well.

Size 16X24

A 16×24 tiny home has 768 sq. ft. (+/- depends on the layout), ideal as an add-on to already established living spaces. You could make it a workshop or an office. The compact size features plenty of cubic space with 8′ ceilings and room for a full bath. 

Size 16X28

The square footage on a 16×28 unit is 896 sq. ft. (+/- depends on the layout), similar to many efficiency apartments. This would be great as a functional guest house or detached entertaining space. 

Size 16X32

At 1,024 sq. ft. (+/- depends on the layout), a 16×32 unit can house everything in a one-bedroom apartment. This size is a great addition whether you want an in-law suite or a rental unit.

Size 16X36

At nearly 1,152 sq. ft. (+/- depends on the layout), a 16×36 unit can contain two bedrooms, plus a living area, kitchen, and full bath.

Thoughtful use of space makes these homes an affordable alternative to building traditional new construction. These might be ideal for retiring couples who want to downsize or for first-time homeowners just starting their property journey. 

The commitment to minimizing material waste while maximizing square footage helps keep the tiny homes for sale affordable. If you want a larger tiny home, check out our Barndominium options from Keen’s Buildings, but keep in mind local regulations that may impact your choice. 

You Have Options – Shell Only or Turnkey

Want to customize your own space? You can purchase the “shell only.” without compromising quality or build time.  

If finishing the interior of your new tiny home isn’t your thing, our “turnkey” solution is designed with you in mind. We will complete your tiny home in a timely manner and hand you the keys once we’re done.

Tiny Home Plans and Build Quality

When you buy a tiny home from Keen’s Buildings, the fully-engineered plans come with the option to purchase the shell or a completed finish unit, as mentioned. We handle permitting and help you navigate any site-specific details that are required by your county. 

Our packages include all materials, ensuring you meet or exceed local standards. For example, we use engineered trusses with hurricane straps to better withstand the storms rolling through Florida each Fall. You’ll find our Tiny Homes are engineered for strength using high-quality goods like yellow pine lumber, a roof live load of 20 PSF, and a 26 gauge metal roof for additional protection. 

Getting Your Tiny Home Up and Ready, Fast

With the Keens Building certified engineered plans, you have everything you need to put up a fully functioning living space in just a few weeks, not months or years. We are here to guide you through each step of the way, from local permitting processes to ensuring your tiny home adheres to specific local ordinances. 

Our two story tiny homes are approved as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) because it is a permit structure. We strive to have the best site-built tiny homes in the country. 

Contact our team today for more information or a free estimate! We have 7 locations throughout Florida and Georgia to provide personalized, local service. We are celebrating 24 years in business. 


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