12x24 shed with roll-up door for storage

The Best Storage Solutions for Powersport Vehicles

How you store your powersport vehicles will impact how well it continues to run each year. Sometimes after buying ATVs and other motorized tools, we can forget that we need to find a quality space to keep it safe and protect its lifespan. Weather, extreme temperatures, and humidity can all affect your items’ longevity. 

Having large powersport vehicles in already crowded spaces like the garage can make space even tighter and run the risk of bumps and scratches. Correct storage is the key to avoid costly repairs and ensure your favorite machines work like new for many years to come. 

ATV & UTV Storage

Investing in an enclosed carport is one of the best ways to protect your ATV & UTV vehicles from hail, rain, wind, and other harsh elements seasonal changes may bring your way. These carports can be custom designed for the amount of machines you have, their sizes, and the general layout of your home. 

At Keen’s Buildings, our ATV storage units are manufactured by exports and inspected by certified engineers. They can also be conveniently pre-built for your needs and preferences.

Our carports don’t just safeguard your items, they also have an attractive finish that is available in a variety of colors and gives your carport and home a more put-together appearance. 

Dirt Bike Storage 

The top storage choice for dirt bikes are 8×6 sheds. They fit nicely in average-sized backyards and are a budget friendly option for extra storage, even for larger items like powersport vehicles. 

One of the most important factors is the material of your dirt bike storage. Choose from aluminum, wood, and metal to suit your unique needs. You may want to consider the look of your home and your desired aesthetic, the amount of wind resistance needed, the amount of extreme weather in your area, and the maintenance of the material.

Metal sheds tend to be the most impenetrable against severe weather, while aluminum is a more lightweight and affordable version. Wood is often considered the most attractive option and easily blends into the setup of your outdoor space. 

Snowmobile Storage

For snowmobile storage, we suggest a 12×21 metal garage. This size should fit an average snowmobile with some room to spare for accessories. However, depending on the amount of snowmobiles you have, you may need to include more than one bay for each snowmobile. 

Storing your snowmobiles outside poses many risks. For example, harsh weather can cause the seat fabric to break, hoses to be damaged, and rust on essential parts of the machine. This means you’ll have to spend more on repairs every year, instead of simply avoiding the problem with adequate shelter. 

Jet Ski Storage

Jet skis can be a lot of fun in the summer, but like other powersport tools, they need to be shielded from harsh winter weather. A 10×10 storage shed is the ideal place to keep a jet ski, but if you have two, we suggest a 10×16 shed for the best fit. This will allow you to free up space in the garage and avoid costly rental fees at your local marina. 

Like dirt bikes, you can choose the material that best suits your environment and needs.