How to Recover Expenses for Damage from Hurricane Idalia

High Winds in Coastal Florida WeatherIf your steel building, garage, or shed has suffered damage due to a recent storm, your best opportunity to recover the expenses incurred for repairs is by initiating a claim with your home insurance provider.

Quick tips to help file a claim.

  1. Document Everything: Once it is safe to do so, carefully assess the extent of the damage. Be sure to thoroughly examine roofs, windows, doors, as well as the interior and exterior of the building structure. Take pictures for evidence of the areas affected by damage. It is advisable to take a variety of pictures from different angles and levels of zoom.
  2. Prevent Further Damage: Depending on the type of damage you may need to do a temporary repair to prevent any further damage. Consider placing tarps or coverings over broken windows or openings until proper repairs can be completed.
  3. Don’t Wait to File your Claim: Timeliness is key. It is imperative to promptly inform your insurance company about all the damage incurred.
  4. Be Thorough when Making your Claim: When preparing your claim, the best strategy for filing insurance claims is to fully document your claim and supplying all the requested information to the insurance provider as soon as possible.

Coverage B, also known as Other Structures on your policy, provides coverage on property that is not attached to your home. Some examples are sheds, unattached garages, swimming pools, gazebos, fences, and driveways.

Here at Keen’s Buildings we have friends, family, neighbors, and businesses that were effected as a result of Hurricane Idalia. So we know it is important to help our communities get back up and thriving again. We want to help you with providing information you need to help navigate what to do now.

If you bought your structure from Keen’s you or your adjuster can reach out to us with any additional questions by calling 386-647-4995. You can also read our expanded article to help you file your claim and recover expenses from the storm.

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