Enjoy an Extensive Range of Uses with Our Portable Storage Building Solutions


Portable storage building solutions have been popular for a long time among people in Florida, as they provide great storage solutions. Keen’s Buildings have been offering reliable, and portable storage buildings, which can withstand all weather conditions, are convenient, and affordable at the same time. The best thing about portable storage buildings is that they are highly versatile buildings, which are easily maneuverable and offer the utility of permanent structures.

The best thing about a portable storage building is that they can be used for innumerable applications, thereby eliminating the need for investing in additional structures. The buildings can be erected conveniently anywhere on the property and can be disassembled as well. Visit our storage building section on our secure site.

Common Uses for Portable Outdoor Storage Buildings

The best thing about portable outdoor storage buildings is that they are incredibly versatile, which makes them perfect for an extensive range of uses. These uses include everything; from offseason gear storage to equipment protection. If you don’t know what to do with a portable storage building, here are some of the common uses they are best for:

1.    Equipment Protection

Snow, wind, and rain can wreak all kinds of havoc on the different components of your equipment. Portable outdoor storage buildings or sheds have been commonly used by people in Florida to store and protect key equipment like tractors and lawnmowers from the elements. By storing your equipment in a portable storage unit, you will protect them from damage and corrosion, while also extending the lifespan of your equipment.

2.    Livestock Feed Storehouse

If you have a lot of farm animals on your property, you must buy their feed in bulk, but where do you store them? Sure, you can store them in a shed if you have it, but a portable storage building can act as a livestock feed storehouse. It will not only prevent any animals from getting access to the feed and will ensure that your livestock feed is well-protected from the elements.

3.    Classic Vehicle Preservation

Are you a fan of classic vehicles? Then you must invest in a quality storage shed to protect your car from the elements and keep it away from careless individuals. A portable storage building can be custom-built from Keen’s Buildings for your classic vehicle to provide it with a protective shelter. The building will not only act as a safe place for the vehicle but will ensure that you preserve its finish and structure for years and even decades.

4.    Offseason Gear Storage

If you and your family are extremely active and into sports or other hobbies, you must have a lot of gear stored away in your garage or attic. That can make your house look cramped. If you tightly pack away items in a small area, you can damage its condition. A portable storage building, on the other hand, offers you the ideal place for storing away offseason gear and accessories. They will stay in pristine condition throughout the years.

Interested in buying portable storage building solutions in Florida? Get in touch with Keen’s Buildings today and discuss about our extensive range of portable storage structure.

Plan For New Storage Shed

Are you making plans for a new storage shed? There are three easy steps to ensure your purchase goes as planned. First, determine what you are going to put in the storage shed you are buying. You want to make sure the storage shed is large enough to accommodate everything you are wanting to store in it. Second, find a good clear location in your yard avoiding any trees, power lines, carports, or other storage buildings. Make sure the delivery crew can get in and out without damaging any of your property. Last, after making your purchase of the storage shed. Schedule a delivery time and leave a three to four-hour window for the delivery crew to set up your new storage shed. Enjoy your new storage building and maybe do a little spring cleaning around your home.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan for your purchase of a new storage shed.

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Tips to Buying a Vinyl Shed

Storage sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, storage sheds come with so many options that our customers are often faced with the choice of purchasing a shed with aluminum siding, T1-11 siding, Hardi-plank siding, steel panels or vinyl siding. Each type of siding has its benefits to the customer but when a  shed is to be used for at-home-storage, many of our customers like to use vinyl siding. So to help you decide if vinyl siding is the right choice for you, we’ve created this post to discuss what does vinyl siding does for you and what are some things to look for when purchasing a vinyl shed.

Maintenance Free

The beauty of vinyl siding on a storage shed is that it is virtually maintenance free. However, to ensure that it will continue to be maintenance free for several years of storage, there are a few things to look for.  If you are storing larger and heavier items, it is important to look for pressure treated shed joists as well as make your floor a thicker concrete slab by about ¾ of an inch more. If for some reason the floor will be getting wet, (this could be because of wet items being stored immediately or just to hose off the interior of the shed occasionally) then purchasing a floor with water sealer of pressure treatment is ideal. By ensuring you have these things, you can know that you will have a beautiful shed that is maintenance free and that will protect and store your items for the years to come.

Is There Enough Room?

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of a storage shed and forget to remember if we have enough room for one. The most common base for a vinyl storage shed or building is a base of ¾ inch stone that is 2 feet wider and longer than the shed. This creates a good base with plenty of space for the shed. If you can fit the base, you’ll be able to fit the shed. Also, it is important to consider that while getting a vinyl shed that is already put together and ready for installation is the best way to buy a shed, it can also mean trailers and large trucks needing space to deliver it to your intended spot. So be prepared to accommodate the extra space needed for delivery.

Customizable Benefits

Vinyl siding is perfect for at-home-storage because not only is it maintenance free and durable during all weather, it also has a more stylish look that adds to yards or at home storage areas. Vinyl comes in a large variety of color choices and are completely customizable (metal trim, roof shingle and shutter colors) to match your home. This makes your shed look like it was meant to go with your home and add value to your yard.

Sheds can also be created with windows, window screens and even shutters to create an even more cohesive look with your home. Sheds can also be customized with security systems and temperature control when you are storing temperature or expensive sensitive materials.

The benefits of vinyl for at-home storage is almost immeasurable but hopefully with this quick post and these tips, you can see how a vinyl sided shed may be the right choice for you and you will be able to chose a quality vinyl shed from Keens Portable Buildings.

Why Keens Wins With The Metal Building Prices

Metal buildings are now a dime a dozen in todays world. There are metal building companies everywhere. I’m sure you can find metal building companies in every state.

Metal buildings can be a very big investment. They’re not easy to put up yourself. If you try to make a metal building yourself, it will probably break down a lot quicker. If you have experience in building metal buildings, that’s when it’s okay to build your own.

The one powerful thing about Keens Buildings is the fact that they last the test of time. Time is what makes Keens the best of the best. The Keens prices aren’t the cheapest prices on the market. Cheap will never define Keens, long lasting is what defines Keens Buildings. Quality is another word that defines keens. If you’re going to make the investment to buy a metal building you’ll want to go with Keens Buildings.  Quality parts go into the make up of each and every building.  This helps the building last the test of time. Not only that, the building will look better and the building will last through more storms and disasters. A Keens Metal Building is so worth the investment.

The Strength Behind Aluminum Storage Buildings

The word aluminum can come off rather cheap. One might think of soda cans, and they might think that a building built out of the same materials in a soda can will just just crumble. That’s absolutely false. The aluminum buildings built by Keens Buildings are very strong. They’re not built with a cheap aluminum that’s just skin deep. These materials are literally made to last.  You can count on Keens Buildings to not sell you anything cheap or weak. We really do care about the satisfaction of our customers and you can really see when you work with one of our staff members.

The other myth about aluminum storage buildings is the fact that they might rust. We understand this concern, no one wants to purchase a building that will just be rusted out over time. Our aluminum buildings are rust-free, yep, no rust whatsoever.  We’ve been in business for many years now and we know our buildings are rust free. Sadly, many other companies that sell aluminum storage buildings are so focused on profit, they tend to have cheaper metals and their buildings will rust out, but with Keens Buildings, they won’t.

With no rust, and much strength, aluminum storage buildings are worth the investment. The reason why is because they will last the test of time. Just see for yourself!

Metal Storage Buildings and Their Many Uses

Metal storage buildings come in multiple shapes and sizes to house and support several different uses. Perfect for cold weather as well as hot weather, metal garages are made from thin aluminum, galvanized steel or corrugated iron attached to sturdy metal frames. This makes them ideal for literally hundreds of uses in different climates and perfect for households as well as businesses.

For Households

Many households purchase metal storage buildings to create extra space in a home, a garage and within a yard. Metal sheds are often used as garages for cars and motorized vehicles and can easily turned into a place to work on and store project cars. Metal buildings from Keens Portable Buildings can be custom created to fit motorhomes, cars, trucks, boats and smaller vehicles like motorcycles, four-wheelers and off road automobiles. In fact, each space for motorized vehicles can have its own custom steel garage door, making these motorized vehicles accessible while freeing up yard, garage and driveway space.

Steel garages are also used as work and storage areas for all sorts of hobbies. Many people use smaller metal garages as garden sheds or as a place to spread out tools or hobby parts. Some metal storage building owners use their metal garages as wood working shops, model train building areas and as storage places for outdoor sporting equipment such as bicycles, skis and wakeboards.

Metal storage buildings also work wonderfully as a play area for children. Doubling as a toy play and storage area, steel garages also give children their own person clubhouse that can be customized with climate control for all season play. Boys can spread out Legos and girls setup continuous Barbie towns that are out of the way, keep mom happy and are in a safe and clean metal storage building.

For Businesses

Instead of renting a storage unit and paying a monthly fee, many business owners purchase steel garages to house items to be rented out, seasonal displays and overflow business inventory. These units are ideal for the storage of office and home furniture, pool equipment, cleaning supplies or any other business need as they can come in several different sizes to accommodate different sizing needs. These metal storage buildings also come with climate control and security options to provide business owners with the peace of mind that temperature-sensitive items are safe and expensive items are secure and being monitored through camera.

Businesses with large scale needs such as a storage and work space for company vehicles or for manufacturing also purchase industrial metal storage buildings. These steel garages are ideal because they allow business owners and workspace without the high cost of rent and utilities.

Many Uses

Metal storage buildings have several uses, each more convenient than the last. Whether used to store a boat, as a woodworking shed or as a children’s clubhouse, metal garages and storage buildings from Keen’s supply customers with the best variety and customizable metal sheds.

Rising Demand for Steel Buildings

The popularity of steel buildings continues to increase. Steel is one of the most innovative products for commercial and residential construction. It is durable, hardy, recyclable and environment-friendly, features that people look for when choosing building material. The popularity of steel has also been fuelled by the issues that affect wooden construction: mold, mildew, termites, and lack of resistance to rough weather conditions.

The market is flooded with pre-fabricated steel buildings including storage sheds, carports, horse barns, pole barns, aircraft hangars, and more. The demand for steel structures is all set to attain a new high with falling prices. The latest Producer Price Index report from the United States Department of Labor indicates that in May 2012, iron and steel prices fell 0.9 percent.

A leading industry dealer, Keen’s Portable Buildings offers an extensive range of high quality steel buildings that offer great all-weather protection. You can choose from various DCA inspected and State certified models and several colors for roof trims and exterior panels, and aluminum lap, Hardi-plank green siding, wood-based and vinyl siding, and steel panels. The company offers customization support as well as speedy installation. While all the portable steel buildings that this dealer offers are competitively priced, customers can also benefit from easy financing plans for the purchase of any type of steel structure.

Setting Up Your Storage Building

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a prefabricated storage building or shed, the next most important thing is installing it. You can choose to set it up yourself or rely on professional installation services. Here are some important points to consider if you are doing it yourself:

  • The prefabricated unit kit would include pre-built floor joist, wall panel and roof truss systems. You need to have the right tools such as carpentry tools, measuring tape, levels and goggles to shield your eyes while drilling
  • The land where you plan to install the outdoor storage shed should be level ground that is easily accessible. Make sure that no underground utility lines come in the way
  • If a permit is required to set up your prefab building, it’s necessary that you get it before you begin. Contact the local zoning and building inspector on how to go about this. Check whether your residents association has any rules you need to follow.
  • Build your shed in a way that you can upgrade it to accommodate your future storage needs

Do-it-yourself is ideal for people with basic technical and carpentry skills, and of course, a lot of spare time. Remember that your storage building company is your best alternative as they can set up your unit quickly and efficiently, and to meet your exact specifications.

Facts You Should Know About Portable Buildings

Today, portable buildings come in various designs, shapes and sizes and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from conventional structures. Here are some facts you should know about these buildings:

  • When you shop for a portable building, look for quality. Portable structures should be judged with the same yardstick as other structures. Consider the suitability for purpose and context, its aesthetic appeal and economy.
  • They do not require a conventional foundation and can be set up on concrete slab, black top or plain level ground. This makes them easy to set up.
  • They serve a wide variety of purposes – to store seasonal equipment, fixtures and furniture, for tack and feed; as a workshop; as an enclosed play space for children; as an office space, and much more.
  • They can be customized and upgraded. You can add doors, windows and other options as well as choose from different designs and colors for trim and roof. They come in different sizes to suit almost every kind of need.
  • You may require a building plan review and permit to set up a residential accessory building. Additionally, any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work may require a permit. The location you choose to set up must meet zoning regulations.
  • Their efficiency and durability depends a lot on material used. High quality steel and aluminum storage buildings are resistant to termites and pests, and are suitable for all-weather use.

Purchase your portable building from a reliable dealer to ensure quality as well as design and installation to suit your specifications.

Any residential accessory building larger than 200 square feet will require a building plan review and permit. Regardless of size, any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work will require a permit and all building locations must honor zoning and subdivision set backs.

Enhancing the Durability of Portable Storage Buildings

There is no doubt that portable storage buildings are a great way to improve your home’s storage capabilities without having to spend on costly construction. Proper set and maintenance can extend the life of your storage solution. Here are some useful tips:

  • Ensure proper ventilation. Keep your storage shed well ventilated to prevent moisture from building up, especially during rainy and cold weather conditions. This is important to safeguard the items you have stored. You can have vents or windows set up to ensure air circulation. This will prevent condensation from occurring. Some people have fans installed to keep the air dry. Large storage buildings may need more than one fan.
  • Prevent rot and rust with an economical metal storage shed. You can choose from a wide variety of steel buildings, aluminum buildings, and vinyl siding buildings. Galvanized and vinyl-coated steel are great options.
  • Have a secure base built for your shed. This will prevent water or moisture from seeping in. A concrete slab is the ideal option. You can improve its resilience and durability with pressure-treated flooring to prevent penetration by water or frost. Secure anchoring for your storage building is also an important part of improving its durability. Have screws rather than nails to attach your floor.
  • Choose proper frames and roofing for your storage shed. Options available include standard frames with hurricane clips, computer stamped trusses, pressure treated skids, and more. Snow brace kits can be attached to the underside of the roof. Brush off snow build-up – this is easier when you have a sloping roof.

Portable storage buildings are an economical choice and easy to set up. Purchase from an established dealer ensures that you get a durable, dependable and customized solution.