Why Modern Barndominiums Are Perfect for Eco-Friendly Living

Have you ever dreamt of living in a home that flawlessly blends modern aesthetic with the rustic charm of a barn? Modern barndominiums, or “barndos” as they are affectionately known, are the latest architectural phenomenon that promises to transform your eco-friendly living dreams into reality. Here’s why.

Rustic decor in an open concept barndominium

What Are Barndominiums?

Barndominiums were originally barn houses, meaning they were barns converted into living spaces. Now, modern barndominiums are custom built with the home plan meticulously designed to suit every modern homeowner’s needs. They provide an open space floor plan, the cornerstone of every modern barndo, that lends itself to create versatile living space. From spacious kitchens to comfortable living rooms, the floor plan can be modified to suit any lifestyle or family size.

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Transforming Your Barndominium Interior: Creative Ideas for a Custom Look

With tiny homes and alternative housing becoming even more popular, barndominiums have become a trend. This is especially true for those who want a residential metal structure. Your barndominium might start as a metal structure, but here are some ways to make it more inviting. Let these barndominum interior ideas inspire you.

Rustic decor in an open concept barndominium

Industrial Chic

Since your barndominium kit is metal, maybe you should take inspiration from that with an industrial twist. An industrial interior design style uses metallic elements and tries to soften them with organic elements. For example, having exposed beams and structural elements would contrast nicely with wood flooring. 

You can opt for leather chairs and distressed cabinets to give your barndominium a comfortably edgy look. You should consider using reclaimed or distressed wood for a weathered look for wall coverings or accents. Creating accent walls with exposed brick, concrete, or weathered wood can bring this barndominium interior idea to life.

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5 Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Residential metal building

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) offer a cost-effective and efficient construction method. You can find pre-engineered metal builds used in many applications, from commercial buildings to industrial storage.

By fabricating the components off-site, they can be shipped to the building site for assembly. removing costly on-site labor and reducing construction time significantly. Architects and contractors can design and build faster, safer, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound buildings with pre-engineered metal buildings.


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