The Best Tips for Keeping Your Shed Organized this Spring


When spring comes around, the innate desire to spend time outdoors and soak in the sunshine and fresh air takes over. It also signals the start of cleaning up, disinfecting and purging closets, homes, garages, and storage buildings. For more people, the start of spring signals the beginning of spring cleaning, and the best way to go about it is by being organized and getting done with it quickly.

It is a good idea to start cleaning out your storage spaces at the beginning of spring so that you can throw away all the junk you have accumulated over the year. If you have been keeping a lot of stuff in your storage shed, you could face a tougher task than expected. How long it takes you to clean out depends on the size of your shed, and the accumulated clutter. It could take you days, or even an entire week to declutter, clean, and organize your shed.

A well-organized shed is important, since it allows you to store more important stuff, and helps you get to your tools without knocking over other items. So, here are the best tips for keeping your shed organized this spring:

Create more space

The first thing you must do is create more space in your shed so that you have more storage space for important items. Remove all unwanted items, or stuff that has accumulated over the years, which is now practically useless to you.

Clean your garden tools

If you haven’t touched your garden tools in a while, they may start collecting rust. Make sure that you take them out of the shed and thoroughly clean the shears, spades, trowels, and shovels in the shed. Gardening seasoning is starting, and you must ensure that your tools are free of grime, dirt, and rust.

Organize all shelves

You can make your task a lot easier by organizing the shelves in your shed. This will help you keep a sense of order in the shed, and you won’t lose important tools. Get rid of empty boxes and contains, and start keeping an inventory of all supplies in your shed.

Check for signs of pests

Your shed could have become a nest for any number of pests during the winter, so when spring rolls around, you must check for signs of pests. If you do find signs of a pest living in your shed, call the pest control experts to get rid of them in a humane manner.

Wash it down

Before you organize your shed, you should give it a good wash, so that all dirt and dust that has accumulated inside is cleared. You must keep your clean, and give it a thorough mopping, sweeping, and dusting should do the job.

Most people don’t bother with proper spring cleaning since it seems like a chore that they want to get out of the way. If you go about it properly, you can easily ensure that your shed is well-organized, clean as a whistle, and fully-stocked for the coming year.

Don’t know how to clean your building? Take a moment to read one of our blog posts on how to do so:  We like to share relevant content that will make a difference in how you purchase your new outdoor structure the exceeds your needs and expectations.

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Outdoor Storage Sheds Plastic or Metal?

There are many different types of outdoor storage sheds. The two main types are plastic and metal. Plastic outdoor storage sheds are good for a very short period of time. They are very prone to sun damage and have a short life span. However, a metal outdoor storage shed can stand up to the most extreme elements mother nature and dish out. From the blistering sun to the howling winds a metal outdoor storage shed will protect your possessions for many years.

Storage Shed Accessories and Features to Purchase with Your Metal Garage

Purchasing a storage shed is a wise choice and there are several uses and reasons to buy a metal storage garage. Whether for storage or used for a woodworking shop, the accessories to storage sheds are just as important. There several accessories to go inside of or customize your storage garage to fit your specific needs and we’ve created a short list of the most used customizable shed accessories.


Benches are perfect for the gardener who is storing gardening supplies in her storage shed or using it as greenhouse in the winter. Benches make good resting spots as well as storage places for smaller items like gloves and hand shoves. Benches are also nice if the garage has been converted to a man cave and requires extra seating.


Ramps are a great addition to metal garages that are housing RVs, cars, four wheelers, and other motorized vehicles. They allow for smooth pulling into a metal storage garage and reduce the risks of injury when stepping into the shed.


Lofts in a metal storage shed offer owners extended overhead space for more storage of items they may not use regularly. Christmas décor, old children’s toys, etc… all could be stored in overheard lofts and the storage shed protects them from the elements while providing extra space below for larger or more used items.


When storage sheds are used as play or hobby areas, some owners like to have a window to look out of or to peek in on the children at play. Windows can be installed in custom sheds and are also great in metal garages used to house large animals like livestock and horses.


Skylights are also a custom option that is great for air circulation in the hot summers and for light in the winter months. Some owners like them for when they use their storage shed as a greenhouse to provide natural light for the plants.


Adding a shelving unit to your shed is a great idea when the metal garage is being used for storage, as a hobby area or as a car shop. Shelves that are accessories to metal garages can be built in to prevent falling over and the ruining of other property so if you think you may want shelves, purchase them with your metal storage shed.

Work Benches

Work benches provide work areas for the gardener, mechanic, woodworker and toy train maker among many others. Adding a work bench to your metal storage shed is a smart choice if you plan on using your garage for activities that could benefit from a stable and flat working area.

Security & Temperature Control

For valuable items, being stored in a metal garage, it may be wise to get a custom accessory of security cameras. For items that are temperature sensitive, another accessory to consider is the option of temperature control.  Both of these options may be good considerations if you are using your storage garage as a play place for children. It keeps them safe from heat stroke or being too cold and allows you as a caring adult to keep an eye on them without needing to be in the shed with them.

Storage Shed Accessories

No matter your reason for owning a metal storage shed, be sure to check out the accessory options they come with so all your needs can be met.

How to Spot Quality Sheds

Once you’ve made the decision to install a shed, there are a number of elements that deserve close inspection to make sure you are getting a high quality structure that will stand up to the rigors of harsh weather and years of use. You need to rely on your shed to protect your valuable possession from heat, light, rain, snow, and more. We understand a shed can be an investment, so you need to make sure you’re investing in something that will last.

So how do you spot a quality shed? How do you know the structure you’re putting up is really going to last? There are a few things you should consider to make sure you get the kind of storage shed you really need.

Materials – It all starts with the materials. It won’t matter how many braces, screws, and 2x4s you put into the shed if the materials you use are second-rate. All wood should be treated to resist moisture and warping, and the steel should be solid, reliable, and rust resistant.

Structural Integrity – What is holding the shed together? Are the components connected by nails or screws? How far apart are the studs spaced? Your shed can take a beating over the years, so you need to know that it has a sound design and will stand up to even the harshest conditions.

The Floor – If you choose a wood floor, it should be pressure treated and sealed so any moisture that gets inside won’t cause it to warp or rot.

The Walls – In a wood structure, the studs should be placed just like they are in a house. The 2x4s should be spaced at regular intervals and provide enough support to hold up the exterior plywood. In steel sheds, the structure may be designed differently, so you just need to make sure that it is solid and stable enough for the job.

The Roof – Just like the walls, there needs to be sufficient rafters to anchor the plywood roof and prevent warping and sagging over the years. The types of shingles you use are also important. You should make sure they are rated to last for 25 years or more.

The Exterior – Siding is about more than just appearance. This is a critical part of the shed that helps keep out the elements. The siding should keep out moisture and heat, and, if possible, match the look of the rest of your home. (Yes, there is definitely still an aesthetic element to this.) Vinyl siding is easier to clean and maintain than wood, but you go with wood you need to make sure it was properly treated to withstand the weather.

The Doors – Your doors should be solid, lockable, and durable. If they begin to sag or deform over the years, it will get extremely inconvenient to use them down the road.

A lot of elements have to come together to create a strong, reliable shed, so as you look through the many options, be sure you consider it from every angle. We want to help you get the one that will safely hold all your valuable items for years to come, which is why we only use the highest quality materials and construction.

The Difference Between a Shed and A Storage Building

Sheds are perfect for storage, and that’s one of their main purposes. The question then might be asked, what is the difference between a storage building and a shed? A shed to a certain degree is a storage building, after all it is a building, and it does store things. There’s a very strong difference though, and it’s important to know the difference.

The Differences

Size– Sheds are usually smaller, although there are some storage buildings that are smaller than some sheds but for the most part, you can notice that storage buildings will usually be bigger.

Design- Storage buildings look like actual buildings where someone can have an office in if they wanted.  Sheds look like they’re just designed to store things. Storage buildings will usually have more windows, and a roof that looks like a real building. The doors can be very different as well.

Purposes- Both the sheds and storage buildings do a great job storing objects.  Storage buildings have more space so they can store more.  Storage buildings can do many other things if you want to be creative.

There are other things different about how they’re built. Each storage shed and storage building can be completely different. These differences don’t apply to all. However, you should have an idea now on the difference.

10 Ways to Use a Storage Shed

Over the years has figured out how to make a storage shed very secure and strong. Preventing theft is very important to us. Now a storage shed isn’t a safe where you would keep thousands of dollars, however for some of your equipment, it’s probably the best place for it.

Here’s a breakdown of some things you might want to consider for your storage shed:

Food Storage or Pet Food Storage, instead of using garage space, which most people do, a shed is great for food or water storage. It doesn’t have to be food storage for an emergency either, this can be regular items in the pantry that just takes up so much space, like flour or sugar. You probably have a few items in your kitchen right now you would want moved.

Hunting Gear Storage, this is very important. We all like to treat all of our gear with respect. However, it can get old just sitting around the closet or in your garage. A storage shed can be a great place to store your hunting gear.

Sports Equipment, if you have kids that play sports, they can rack up a ton of equipment over the years. Having it sitting around the garage can get annoying. Storage sheds work very well when it comes to storing all of the sports equipment. They even work well for golf clubs.

Books, storage sheds can also store those old books out of the way that you don’t want to throw out.

-Yard & Lawn Equipment, probably the most used for storage sheds. Storage sheds work perfect for the lawnmower though. It takes up a lot of space in the garage and storage sheds are already out near the lawn, it can create a nice convenience as well.

Car Parts & Mechanical tools, sometime the garage just isn’t big enough for all of your car equipment and mechanical tools. Storage sheds can be built to have the right amount of space for your mechanical equipment.

Household supplies, it’s nice having some of your supplies all in one spot. Even though underneath the kitchen sink you might store a lot of cleaning supplies. Having an area set aside that has all of your toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and even trash bags is a great way to use your storage shed.

Pool Supplies, storage sheds are perfect for pool cleaning supplies. If you have a pool but no shed, we would strongly recommend a storage shed just for your pool. It’s a great place to hide the pool toys as well.

Holiday Stuff, yep, Christmas presents are so easy to hide from the kids when it’s in a storage shed. It can get old going to the basement to store all of your Christmas lights, Halloween decor, and 4th of July decor as well. Storage sheds are perfect when it comes to storing all of your holiday stuff.

-Closet Junk,  sometimes you buy too much stuff in life and you don’t like it hanging around the house. Storage sheds are perfect for eliminating junk from the house that you’re not ready to throw out.

Now do you see why you might want to get one of those beautiful storage sheds from KeensBuildings?


5 Reasons Why Sheds are Worth the Buy

Outdoor storage sheds may seem like they’re not important or even worth the purchase.  Sheds however can do a lot more than just store things.  There are 5 reasons on why outdoor storage sheds are important.

Here’s a breakdown of each reason:

1. Protect Assets– Yes, If the shed is built well, like our sheds at you’ll notice that anything stored in the shed will be protected from the external forces mother nature can bring. Over time you’ll pay a lot of money for tools and equipment that you’ll use around your house. This will protect equipment from rusting and all other sorts of external damage the equipment can face. With a keensbuilding shed you’ll be able to protect everything stored in it.  Our sheds are very tough, strong, and long lasting, making it an investment that overtime can carry a return by just protecting all of your equipment.

2. More added interior space– With all of the clutter we tend to purchase these days, it can be very annoying to have clutter all around the house. Sheds can clear up the clutter with the extra storage space.  This is actually very mentally clearing and it will benefit the mind emotionally. More space is always a beautiful thing!

3. Make your home or business look great- Here at keens buildings we actually try to make our sheds look great. We know looks aren’t everything but they can add value to the look of your home or business.  Sheds can then help your real estate just look great.  For example, if you have a lot of equipment in your garage and if that was all moved to the shed, it will make your garage look great and of course our sheds will make your house look great.

4.Organization- At Keens we have big outdoor storage sheds. These work miracles with organization. Our 12×24 shed is a great example… it’s huge and with all of this space, you can organize all of your stuff so well. Whether if it’s for office storage, or equipment storage, this will be the best out storage investment you’ll ever make.

5. Portability –  Besides the amazing amount of added space, storage sheds can be portable. No need to fear your next move. This shed can be your lifetime real estate with its easy ability to move.

All of these benefits are just reasons on why it might actually be worth the buy the next time you get frustrated when you know you need extra added space around.

Options for Your Outdoor Sheds

Outdoor sheds are desired by many homeowners for a multitude of reasons.  Outdoor sheds provide extra space, hold yard and garden equipment, and can be used as a hobby room or play space for children.

Some people opt to build outdoor sheds themselves while others purchase them from local and online suppliers.  If you discuss your purchase with a vendor, they will fill you in on available options you may not know about.

Read the following options to provide you with some ideas and help make your outdoor shed take shape.

A lot of people use their outdoor sheds to house equipment such as mowers, bikes, and tractors.  Depending on the size of your equipment, you may want to think about installing a ramp to help get vehicles in and out of your shed.  For instance, if you are housing bicycles, then getting them in and out of the shed should not present too much of a problem.  On the contrary, if you are storing a motorcycle, ATV, or larger motor vehicle, then you will want to make it as easy as possible to get them out.  In addition to a ramp, think about purchasing an outdoor shed with an enlarged door way to ensure large items can fit in and out.

Depending on how your estate is structured, you may or may not have a garage.  A garage is an optimal place to store tools – especially if you are a contractor or handy person who makes a living from using them.  Those with a lot of tools may opt to have outdoor sheds constructed with built-in shelving.  Shelving provides enough space to neatly stack tools and easily find them when needed.

Some people may plan to spend a lot of time in their outdoor sheds in order to perform work, arts and crafts, or other tasks.  If you intend to spend time in your shed then think about installing a skylight to brighten the interior.  In addition, fix gable or ridge vents to your shed so hot air can escape from the inside.