Tips to Buying a Vinyl Shed

Storage sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, storage sheds come with so many options that our customers are often faced with the choice of purchasing a shed with aluminum siding, T1-11 siding, Hardi-plank siding, steel panels or vinyl siding. Each type of siding has its benefits to the customer but when a  shed is to be used for at-home-storage, many of our customers like to use vinyl siding. So to help you decide if vinyl siding is the right choice for you, we’ve created this post to discuss what does vinyl siding does for you and what are some things to look for when purchasing a vinyl shed.

Maintenance Free

The beauty of vinyl siding on a storage shed is that it is virtually maintenance free. However, to ensure that it will continue to be maintenance free for several years of storage, there are a few things to look for.  If you are storing larger and heavier items, it is important to look for pressure treated shed joists as well as make your floor a thicker concrete slab by about ¾ of an inch more. If for some reason the floor will be getting wet, (this could be because of wet items being stored immediately or just to hose off the interior of the shed occasionally) then purchasing a floor with water sealer of pressure treatment is ideal. By ensuring you have these things, you can know that you will have a beautiful shed that is maintenance free and that will protect and store your items for the years to come.

Is There Enough Room?

Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of a storage shed and forget to remember if we have enough room for one. The most common base for a vinyl storage shed or building is a base of ¾ inch stone that is 2 feet wider and longer than the shed. This creates a good base with plenty of space for the shed. If you can fit the base, you’ll be able to fit the shed. Also, it is important to consider that while getting a vinyl shed that is already put together and ready for installation is the best way to buy a shed, it can also mean trailers and large trucks needing space to deliver it to your intended spot. So be prepared to accommodate the extra space needed for delivery.

Customizable Benefits

Vinyl siding is perfect for at-home-storage because not only is it maintenance free and durable during all weather, it also has a more stylish look that adds to yards or at home storage areas. Vinyl comes in a large variety of color choices and are completely customizable (metal trim, roof shingle and shutter colors) to match your home. This makes your shed look like it was meant to go with your home and add value to your yard.

Sheds can also be created with windows, window screens and even shutters to create an even more cohesive look with your home. Sheds can also be customized with security systems and temperature control when you are storing temperature or expensive sensitive materials.

The benefits of vinyl for at-home storage is almost immeasurable but hopefully with this quick post and these tips, you can see how a vinyl sided shed may be the right choice for you and you will be able to chose a quality vinyl shed from Keens Portable Buildings.

Deciding What Size Metal Shelter or Shed to Get That Fits Your Needs

Purchasing a metal storage garage is a big decision that takes some time to review and discuss. While there are several things to take into account when deciding on purchasing a metal carport or shed there are two items to think over that are the most important. The first is to determine what your metal storage shed will be storing and how big of a metal garage you will need to shelter those items. To help with those decisions, we’ve created a brief list of what items are most commonly stored in metal storage sheds and how to decide which size shed/garage to purchase.

If You Are Storing A Car

If you are purchasing a storage shed to house and store a vehicle, it is very important to get a metal garage that fits your car with space to spare. You will first want to measure the length and the width of the vehicle being stored as well as how tall the vehicle is at its absolutely tallest point. That will ensure you have a carport that is the perfect fit for your car. But what many people forget is that once the car is snuggly nestled in its new home, you still need to get out of the car without dinging the doors. If you are using your metal storage shed for a car, always give yourself enough width (usually a few extra feet) to get out of the car, as well as enough height to stand up without bumping your head.

If You Are Providing a Shelter for Animals

If you intend to use your metal garage to provide a shelter for animals it is important to take into account the type of animals you intend to house. For larger animals such as horse and livestock, you will want a much larger metal garage with openings for stalls and entrances. For caged animals like guinea pigs or rabbits, measure out the width and stacking height of the cages as well as the depth. Be sure to compensate for a pathway between each side of the cages and take into account whether or not you may need more space in the future and plan accordingly.

If You Are Storing a RV or Boat

RVs and boats can be stored under metal carports or in metal storage garages and each has its benefits. To further protect your RV and Boat form the elements, it is suggested to purchase a fully enclosed garage with a garage door. You would measure this the same way as you would if you were storing a car. Measure the width, length and height of the car and then add a few extra feet to the width to account for opening doors and getting out of the garage. Also, remember that if online prices only go to a certain height, contact us and we can discuss custom carport and metal storage garage options.

If You Are Storing Every Day Outdoor and Household Items

If you are using your metal storage shed to store household items, then you will want to make sure there is plenty of space for your items, with extra space to spare for organizing and walkways. If you have items that are temperature or light sensitive, you can look into custom options that allow temperature control as well as windows, skylights and lighting systems. Other custom features available are security systems for those precious and valuable items being stored.

The Metal Shelter or Shed That Fits Your Needs

Always remember to measure what you are storing and prepare for having walkways, organizing and extra space if needed. One important thing to remember is that we have staff on hand to answer any questions you may have, so if in doubt call us, and we will gladly provide you with the information you need.

Planning Your Outdoor Storage Shed

When you’ve run out of storage space in your home and garage, an outdoor storage shed is the answer. Everything from a lawn mower to Christmas decorations can be neatly stashed away in outdoor storage sheds.

Some things to remember when planning to set up the shed:

Check out local zoning and building laws. This is necessary to decide where exactly you can locate your shed, as there are restrictions on how far the building should be from your house and boundaries. There could also be restrictions on size. You would have to apply for a permit to set up the shed. Make sure you comply with the rules that your homeowners association may have regarding outdoor storage sheds.

The place you decide to set up your shed should ideally be level ground. This will save time and money that would go into digging and leveling out an uneven space.

You have to choose between a wooden and metal storage shed. A strong steel storage shed has many advantages compared to a wooden one. A quality steel shed is built withstand harsh weather conditions and would be resistant to corrosion and pests.

Finally, you can purchase a prefabricated structure. Select from a wide range of designs with side panels, roofing, trim and color to blend with your surroundings. You can also ask your dealer to help you custom build and price out your outdoor storage shed.

Setting Up Your Storage Building

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a prefabricated storage building or shed, the next most important thing is installing it. You can choose to set it up yourself or rely on professional installation services. Here are some important points to consider if you are doing it yourself:

  • The prefabricated unit kit would include pre-built floor joist, wall panel and roof truss systems. You need to have the right tools such as carpentry tools, measuring tape, levels and goggles to shield your eyes while drilling
  • The land where you plan to install the outdoor storage shed should be level ground that is easily accessible. Make sure that no underground utility lines come in the way
  • If a permit is required to set up your prefab building, it’s necessary that you get it before you begin. Contact the local zoning and building inspector on how to go about this. Check whether your residents association has any rules you need to follow.
  • Build your shed in a way that you can upgrade it to accommodate your future storage needs

Do-it-yourself is ideal for people with basic technical and carpentry skills, and of course, a lot of spare time. Remember that your storage building company is your best alternative as they can set up your unit quickly and efficiently, and to meet your exact specifications.

How to Choose from Outdoor Storage Sheds

Outdoor storage sheds are the perfect solution to manage and arrange all that clutter lying about in the house. With a little time and effort on your part, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right solution to store anything from your furniture or kids’ toys to your lawn tractor or other gardening equipment. A wide range of materials and customization options are available to choose from. What’s more, you can also get financing advice or assistance from your portable buildings dealer should price be a barrier in you getting the right solution for your home.

Considerations in Making a Choice

Given below are certain factors to keep in mind when making a choice:

  • Purpose – Think about what use you would be putting the shed to and what kind of items you would be storing in it.
  • Material – Heavy plastic and metal are economical options but not as lasting as outdoor storage sheds made out of vinyl or wood siding.
  • Size – This depends on whether the structure is just for storage or multifunctional. If multifunctional, think in terms of space for work space as well as walking.
  • Design – The way the shed looks would affect the way the property on which it is installed looks. Formal features would go well with a formal style of house while a rustic design suits a country-style house.
  • Quality versus Price – When you have to make a choice between quality and price, go for quality especially because you can benefit from financing assistance.

Why Steel Garages are a Great Investment

Steel garages are an ideal option not just for vehicle entry, storage and safekeeping but also for parts storage, equipment layout and workshop space. They are just what people in the process of renovating or building and requiring a detached garage need.

Other Reasons Why They Are So Great!

  • They Last – Non-corrosive steel framework and Colorbond or Zincalume cladding and roofing contribute to the durability of the structures.
  • Low Maintenance – There is no need to repaint them. The exterior may have to be hosed down sometimes or rarely.
  • Customizable – You can opt for your preferred color or cladding and add sliding glass doors, windows awnings or other inclusions as per your requirements.
  • Trendy – Owing to the availability of new colors and designs, today’s steel garages are a trendy alternative to traditional models. You can go for optional cladding on a steel frame if you want the structure to match your home design.
  • Financing – Cost needn’t hinder anyone from purchasing any of these outdoor storage sheds because of the attractive financing options available.
  • Installation – Your portable building dealer would take care of the installation for you.

Set up Storage Sheds to Meet Zoning Requirements

Recently, the Brentwood City Council, CA, rezoned a neighborhood of 78 single-family townhouses to alter the building standards for the existing patio covers, arbors and storage sheds there that fail to meet Brentwood’s accessory building standards. With the rezoning, only six or seven homes will now be out of compliance with the newly approved rezone.

Storage sheds are extremely useful and even necessary to store recreational equipment, play items, lawn mowers and other investments. However, setting up storage sheds to meet zoning requirements is important. Building standards and zoning regulations ensure that a minimum level of safety is ensured for all. Moreover, a uniform set of building standards will provide your property with value and protect your investment.

Every state and town has its own zoning requirements to ensure that their residents do not set up structures that can endanger others or put their safety at risk. There are specific rules on where your storage building can be located. For example, there could be rules that:

  • it may not be set up in the front and street side yards
  • it may not be closer to the street than your main building
  • it cannot exceed a certain height
  • it shall be set back a minimum distance from the rear property line, from interior side property line adjacent to the alley, and from all other accessory and main buildings on the lot, and more

Zoning and building rules vary from state to state. So make sure you are aware of what applies to your area. The best way to ensure compliance is to have your storage shed set up by the company you purchase it from. A reliable dealer can provide you with a quality solution and set it up with the least hassle. Improperly built storage sheds can cost their owners time and money.

Buying a Storage Building for Your Home

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a portable storage building, make sure you go about it the right way. This will save you time and money.

First, consider your purpose. There are many different types of storage buildings – outdoor storage sheds, portable aluminum buildings, steel garages, and carports. Do you want a cover for your car or are you looking for a storage solution for your tools, garden equipment or other stuff? Do you want a barn-type carport? Having a good idea about its purpose can help you make a decision on the kind of portable building you need and its size.

The site of your storage unit is important. It could be set up on crushed stone or rock, a cement pad or level ground. Know your area’s zoning laws and site specifications before you choose the location of your building. Ensure it has proper drainage and all the trees and foliage can be cleared. See that there are no underlying utilities or cables that could interfere with the installation.

Make sure you choose a storage solution that is built to withstand the weather conditions in your area. Certified storage buildings are engineered to meet state and local wind speed and snow load. Your storage requirements would also determine the model you choose.

Access is crucial. It’s important that entry and exit is easy. How else can you put in and take out stuff easily?

Consider your budget. One of the most remarkable things about buying a storage building is that you can customize it to meet your needs. This means that a reliable portable storage building company can help you configure a model to suit your specifications and stay within your budget. Don’t worry too much about finance, though. With the right company, you can get convenient financing with a no credit check option.

Keen’s has all the resources, manpower and technology to provide professional guidance on the selection and installation of a suitable and affordable storage building for your home.