Tiny shed-style home with small porch.

Turning a Shed Into a Tiny Home: What You Need to Know

Converting a storage shed into a tiny home may seem like a strange concept, but shed houses are becoming mega popular as people seek more sustainable and affordable lifestyles. However, there are a large number of considerations before embarking on this process, such as configurations, permitting, plumbing/electrical installation, and more. 

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Backyard shed house with hangout area.

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Shed House?

Shed houses have become all the rage in custom home building over recent years. This is largely due to the fact that building a residential structure has become extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming. As a result of the pandemic, there is a major shortage in labor and resources (specifically timber and steel), leading to a decreased inclination for custom home development. 

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12x16 storage shed

12×16 Shed Uses: What Makes This the Most Versatile Size?

Midrange yet spacious, a 12×16 storage shed is a popular option for homeowners who need a larger storage solution with the option to convert their storage shed into a recreational space. 

With its 192 square feet of internal storage space, it’s a common storage shed size for outdoor enthusiasts, craftsmen, and families that have accumulated a sizable amount of paraphernalia over the years.

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