Why Keens Wins With The Metal Building Prices

Metal buildings are now a dime a dozen in todays world. There are metal building companies everywhere. I’m sure you can find metal building companies in every state.

Metal buildings can be a very big investment. They’re not easy to put up yourself. If you try to make a metal building yourself, it will probably break down a lot quicker. If you have experience in building metal buildings, that’s when it’s okay to build your own.

The one powerful thing about Keens Buildings is the fact that they last the test of time. Time is what makes Keens the best of the best. The Keens prices aren’t the cheapest prices on the market. Cheap will never define Keens, long lasting is what defines Keens Buildings. Quality is another word that defines keens. If you’re going to make the investment to buy a metal building you’ll want to go with Keens Buildings.  Quality parts go into the make up of each and every building.  This helps the building last the test of time. Not only that, the building will look better and the building will last through more storms and disasters. A Keens Metal Building is so worth the investment.

Deciding What Size Metal Shelter or Shed to Get That Fits Your Needs

Purchasing a metal storage garage is a big decision that takes some time to review and discuss. While there are several things to take into account when deciding on purchasing a metal carport or shed there are two items to think over that are the most important. The first is to determine what your metal storage shed will be storing and how big of a metal garage you will need to shelter those items. To help with those decisions, we’ve created a brief list of what items are most commonly stored in metal storage sheds and how to decide which size shed/garage to purchase.

If You Are Storing A Car

If you are purchasing a storage shed to house and store a vehicle, it is very important to get a metal garage that fits your car with space to spare. You will first want to measure the length and the width of the vehicle being stored as well as how tall the vehicle is at its absolutely tallest point. That will ensure you have a carport that is the perfect fit for your car. But what many people forget is that once the car is snuggly nestled in its new home, you still need to get out of the car without dinging the doors. If you are using your metal storage shed for a car, always give yourself enough width (usually a few extra feet) to get out of the car, as well as enough height to stand up without bumping your head.

If You Are Providing a Shelter for Animals

If you intend to use your metal garage to provide a shelter for animals it is important to take into account the type of animals you intend to house. For larger animals such as horse and livestock, you will want a much larger metal garage with openings for stalls and entrances. For caged animals like guinea pigs or rabbits, measure out the width and stacking height of the cages as well as the depth. Be sure to compensate for a pathway between each side of the cages and take into account whether or not you may need more space in the future and plan accordingly.

If You Are Storing a RV or Boat

RVs and boats can be stored under metal carports or in metal storage garages and each has its benefits. To further protect your RV and Boat form the elements, it is suggested to purchase a fully enclosed garage with a garage door. You would measure this the same way as you would if you were storing a car. Measure the width, length and height of the car and then add a few extra feet to the width to account for opening doors and getting out of the garage. Also, remember that if online prices only go to a certain height, contact us and we can discuss custom carport and metal storage garage options.

If You Are Storing Every Day Outdoor and Household Items

If you are using your metal storage shed to store household items, then you will want to make sure there is plenty of space for your items, with extra space to spare for organizing and walkways. If you have items that are temperature or light sensitive, you can look into custom options that allow temperature control as well as windows, skylights and lighting systems. Other custom features available are security systems for those precious and valuable items being stored.

The Metal Shelter or Shed That Fits Your Needs

Always remember to measure what you are storing and prepare for having walkways, organizing and extra space if needed. One important thing to remember is that we have staff on hand to answer any questions you may have, so if in doubt call us, and we will gladly provide you with the information you need.

10 Uses for a Steel Garages and Storage Sheds

The first thought of many people considering purchasing a steel garage or storage shed is that it can only be used to store cars or to house garden tools but we’ve made a list of 10 (and believe us there are many more) uses for a storage shed or steel garage to help open your eyes to all that a steel storage shed can be.

You can use your storage shed as a…

1.  Animal shelter

Several people use storage sheds and steel garages as a place to keep animals such as bunnies, guinea pigs, and other crated or cages animals. The sheds can be custom made with shelving units to house such animals and are convenient and close to home to care for these animals that may not be allowed in the house. Other people use large steel garages to offer outdoor animals such as dogs, cats, horses, goats or other farm animal’s protection from the extreme weather elements of rain, snow, cold and heat.

2. Place of Business

Renting and paying utilities on a place of business can be difficult for a small business just starting out but to keep your operating costs and over head low, you may want to consider using a storage shed as your place of business until you feel ready for a piece of business reality
3.  Hobby Shop

Many steel garage owners use their sheds as a place to do hobbies that there may not be room for in the home. Whether it is being used for quilting, sewing, or crafting, storage sheds are the perfect place to store all craft and hobby material as well as the best place to step away and enjoy your hobbies.

4. Game Room/Man Cave

Every man deserves a place to go hang out with his buddies and play poker, pool or just to watch the big game. Using a storage shed as a man cave and game rooms gives the man of the house a place to escape to and enjoy.

5. Workshop

Larger hobbies such as welding or wood working can take up a lot of space in a home and cause unnecessary dust and dirt. To combat this, many wives are suggesting their husbands do these hobbies out in the steel garage. This gives men a place to work that they won’t have to clean up every time they step away and keeps dust and dirt away from the house.

6. Place for Home Storage

Old couches, Christmas décor and old toys can all be stored out of the way in a dry and protected place when they are stored in a metal storage shed or garage. These storage buildings can house all the extra home items you don’t have room for, don’t need to be used at the moment and don’t want to get rid of.

7. Pool House

Storage sheds as a pool house offers a place to change for the outdoor pool can house a Jacuzzi or even just store the pool supplies out of the way but close to your outdoor pool.

8.  At-Home Gym

Going to a gym can be time consuming and expensive but using your storage shed as a workout area allows for easy access, no travel time, no membership fees and complete work out privacy.

9.  Mediation Area

Steel garages can easily be turned into a place of relaxation and mediation that can be accessed year round. A storage shed is the perfect place to perform morning mediation, yoga and pray and also offers a secluded place to relax and study.

10. Guest House

If you need some extra space for those guests on the way, convert the steel storage shed. With a few modifications, these metal garages can transform in to a spacious temporary living quarters for visiting family and friends.

Metal Storage Buildings and Their Many Uses

Metal storage buildings come in multiple shapes and sizes to house and support several different uses. Perfect for cold weather as well as hot weather, metal garages are made from thin aluminum, galvanized steel or corrugated iron attached to sturdy metal frames. This makes them ideal for literally hundreds of uses in different climates and perfect for households as well as businesses.

For Households

Many households purchase metal storage buildings to create extra space in a home, a garage and within a yard. Metal sheds are often used as garages for cars and motorized vehicles and can easily turned into a place to work on and store project cars. Metal buildings from Keens Portable Buildings can be custom created to fit motorhomes, cars, trucks, boats and smaller vehicles like motorcycles, four-wheelers and off road automobiles. In fact, each space for motorized vehicles can have its own custom steel garage door, making these motorized vehicles accessible while freeing up yard, garage and driveway space.

Steel garages are also used as work and storage areas for all sorts of hobbies. Many people use smaller metal garages as garden sheds or as a place to spread out tools or hobby parts. Some metal storage building owners use their metal garages as wood working shops, model train building areas and as storage places for outdoor sporting equipment such as bicycles, skis and wakeboards.

Metal storage buildings also work wonderfully as a play area for children. Doubling as a toy play and storage area, steel garages also give children their own person clubhouse that can be customized with climate control for all season play. Boys can spread out Legos and girls setup continuous Barbie towns that are out of the way, keep mom happy and are in a safe and clean metal storage building.

For Businesses

Instead of renting a storage unit and paying a monthly fee, many business owners purchase steel garages to house items to be rented out, seasonal displays and overflow business inventory. These units are ideal for the storage of office and home furniture, pool equipment, cleaning supplies or any other business need as they can come in several different sizes to accommodate different sizing needs. These metal storage buildings also come with climate control and security options to provide business owners with the peace of mind that temperature-sensitive items are safe and expensive items are secure and being monitored through camera.

Businesses with large scale needs such as a storage and work space for company vehicles or for manufacturing also purchase industrial metal storage buildings. These steel garages are ideal because they allow business owners and workspace without the high cost of rent and utilities.

Many Uses

Metal storage buildings have several uses, each more convenient than the last. Whether used to store a boat, as a woodworking shed or as a children’s clubhouse, metal garages and storage buildings from Keen’s supply customers with the best variety and customizable metal sheds.

Why You Might Want to Customize Your Metal Storage Building

Metal storage buildings can be customized when you go through KeensBuildings.com. We know the importance of fulfilling all of your storage needs. One thing to understand about metal storage buildings is we can make them very tall and very wide. Your metal storage building can be built to cover your motor home, along with your 5 cars. It’s just vital to break down everything that you think would be perfect for your metal storage building. Then you may want to envision it in your head. From that point you’ll want to consult with a Keens Buildings Rep.  Once you discuss things with a keensbuilding rep, you’ll be shocked that it usually doesn’t cost as much to add on another section of your metal storage building.

This is the wonderful reason on why KeensBuildings.com is the best place to buy a metal storage building. We really do care that we get it right the first time. We want to be honest with you, we want you to be so satisfied when you buy from us that you’ll recommend us to your friends. If none of your friends buy, we know you might maybe another product of ours, like a portable storage building in the future. The point is, our number one goal is to make you happy with your investment into a metal storage building. Don’t be afraid to contact us today, we would love to work with you.