Metal Structures are Just Easier to Maintain

Sometimes we will ask our customers are Keens Buildings why they made the decision to switch to a steel building to house their possessions.  The answer we most commonly get is the fact that they are easier to maintain then other types of structures that may be made of wood for instance.  Have you ever owned a structure that was made from wood?  Did it eventually start to rot and suffer the effects of deterioration?  Those effects are natural in wood based products and come as a result of wear and tear.  There is literally nothing you can do about it.  A metal garage or carport will give you the piece of mind to know that you will not have to deal with that rotting or insect damage that wood structures are often known for.

When is the last time you have seen a steel or metal structure have some kind of mold or mildew issue?  Probably not too often and this is why we are seeing more and more people coming over to the side of metal structures.  People in the past balked at carports or other steel structures because the cost was high.  This is simply not the case anymore.  In fact we find we can almost best the price of our wood-based competitors almost every time.  A more durable product as a comparable if not cheaper price sounds like a no brainer to us.

Are you new to even the concept of a metal carport?  If so, then let us know and we will be able to educate in whatever aspect of the industry you are curious about.  At Keens Buildings this is what we do. We specialize in all things carports and metal structures and our goal is a 100% positive experience for you.

Why We Build Steel Carports

Over the past few decades, steel carports and buildings have grown in popularity. Today’s economic climate and the concerted effort on the part of homeowners and the construction industry to adopt more environmentally sensitive products and methods make steel carports and steel buildings even more desirable.

Metal and steel construction is becoming an increasingly popular choice for warehouses, churches, gyms, community centers, schools, retail outlets, sports and riding arenas, livestock barns, storage facilities, airplane hangars, even homes. And Realtors nationwide say that a steel carport can significantly boost your property’s value.

Quality carports of any type construction are property value boosters. They offer homeowners protection for their cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other vehicles, whether an enclosed carport or open carport configuration. Enclosed steel carports can be used in an endless variety of fashions, from simple storage buildings to decorated kids’ playrooms, professionally outfitted automotive and wood workshops to decked-out man caves. With the right insulation and soundproofing, you can even turn your enclosed steel carport into a working music recording and mixing studio.

Steel carports by Keen’s Buildings are constructed with heavy-duty 29-gauge standard steel panels and 14-gauge standard steel tubular framing. We use steel because it’s durable, environmentally friendly, attractive and economical. A certified steel carport is guaranteed to withstand heavy snow loads and wind speeds of 110mph and 130mph to meet all city, county and state building code and permitting requirements. It’s not at the mercy of wood boring pests like termites, and it’s resistant to mold and mildew growth. And at the end of its usable life, it’s 100% recyclable.

Steel carports are cost effective, too. On average, building a steel carport will cost you 40% to 50% less than more conventional construction materials and methods. Despite the savings, installation of an open or enclosed steel carport will increase your property’s resale value and prompt a quicker sale, according to Realtors.

To learn more about all the benefits of an expertly installed steel carport, contact Keen’s Buildings at 386-364-7995 or via our convenient, online contact form.