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Pole Barn vs Metal Building: 5 Reasons Why Metal Comes Out on Top

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If you’re looking for an external structure, it can be difficult if you don’t know what is best for your needs. You have many options and might be tempted to go with a pole barn. While these structures are versatile, there are some drawbacks when you compare a pole barn vs a metal building.

What Is a Pole Barn?

Pole barns are typically agricultural buildings made with post-frame construction. These structures are designed to stand the test of time and provide an economical alternative to traditional methods of construction.

Post-frame construction involves setting large wooden poles or posts into concrete or burying them in the ground. This makes them secure and somewhat resistant to the elements. The wood-framed post and beam construction of pole barns replaces the need for a foundation. It provides the necessary vertical support for the roof and walls.

The Difference Between Pole Barns vs Metal Buildings

These are the many factors you need to consider when choosing between metal buildings vs pole barns.

1. Metal Buildings Are More Cost-Effective

You might be wondering if a pole barn is cheaper than a metal building. Pole barns might be cheaper with the initial cost because the construction is simpler than a metal building. While this might seem like a plus, pole barns can end up costly you more.

If you think about it over the years, a pole building can be quite costly in terms of maintenance and repairs. Metal barns and buildings are more cost effective than you think and the upkeep is significantly less. Some manufacturers, like Keen’s Buildings, offer financing options so you can get a deal with your metal building. Keep that in mind when looking at pole barns vs metal building prices.

2. Metal Buildings Are Low Maintenance

Maintenance is another big factor when comparing pole barns vs metal buildings. Metal and steel structures are practically maintenance-free as they’re resistant to pests, mold, and rot. These are all common issues associated with wooden structures.

Metal structures are known for their durability. With proper maintenance, metal buildings can last for decades without warping or succumbing to rot.

Pole barns that are made of wood can require more maintenance. This is due to potential for damage caused by pests, rotting and other forms of damage. Timely upkeep can help minimize these risks, but it comes at an additional cost.

3. Metal Buildings Have Better Weather Resistance

When comparing pole barns vs metal buildings, pole barns are just not as durable as metal or steel buildings. The poles won’t have much weather resistance in extreme conditions like heavy winds.

Metal agricultural storage building

Metal buildings are extremely strong because they have steel frames and can easily handle difficult weather conditions. They can handle conditions like severe winds, heavy snow or even earthquakes better than regular construction.

4. Metal Buildings Are More Versatile

When you are considering a pole barn or metal building, you need to think about how the structure will be used. Both are versatile and can be used as storage, a workshop garage, agriculture, or just some extra space for commercial use.

Although pole barns are cost-effective, they lack the traditional foundation of sturdy construction and this may limit their applications. This can be an issue since they have a dirt floor. When you need to store heavy machinery or items, you will require more stability and a solid level floor. A metal building can give you that.

5. Metal Buildings Are More Durable

The quality of construction determines the durability when comparing pole barns vs metal buildings. Our metal buildings are designed by experts and engineered to ensure they can withstand the elements and be structurally sound.

Metal buildings usually have steel as the building material which is much more enduring than a wooden pole barn. Unlike pole barns and other wooden post-frame buildings, metal buildings have a foundation that gives it structural integrity.

6. Metal Buildings Have a Higher Resale Value

Metal buildings are a popular choice for property owners who want to increase the value of their property. These steel buildings are highly durable, and they will often hold their value better over time than other construction materials.

This is something to consider when looking at pole barns vs metal buildings. Metal buildings are a great choice if you might be looking to sell your property in the future. They can help maximize returns while also reducing the cost of upkeep.

Choose a Metal Building for Your Needs

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