Quick Tips for Buying a Storage Shed

Storage Shed with Front PorchA storage shed is a versatile and convenient outdoor structure that can provide ample space for storing tools, gardening equipment, and other household items. Whether you have limited storage space in your garage or simply need a separate area to keep your items organized, a storage shed can be a great investment. In this essay, we will discuss the key factors to consider when buying a storage shed.

Purpose: Determine the main purpose of the storage shed. Will it be used to store garden tools and equipment, or will it serve as a workshop or a playhouse for your children? Knowing the purpose of the shed will help you determine the size and features you need.

Size: Choose the size of the shed based on the amount of space you need for storage. Consider the size of your lawn or garden and measure the space you have available for the shed. You also need to consider the height of the shed to make sure that it will not obstruct the view or block the sun from reaching your home.

Material: The most common materials used for storage sheds are wood, metal, and plastic. Wooden sheds are the most traditional seen at Home improvement stores. Metal sheds are durable and low-maintenance, while plastic sheds are lightweight and not of the same structural integrity, or wind load. Make sure to choose a material that fits your preferences as well as long term use needs.

Style: Consider the style of the shed that will complement your home’s exterior and landscaping. There are many styles to choose from, including traditional, barn, and even accented with front porches. Most sheds also come with windows, lights, siding options, and various door options.

Keens-Buildings-Color-ChartColor: (I feel this should be in its own section separate from style.) Colors are another essential features that can enhance the look of your property, depending on if you want it to stand out from the surroundings, or to complement the color of your home or other buildings. The color of your storage shed is going to be key in the esthetics of your outdoor space.

Budget: Decide on a budget for the shed and stick to it. The cost of storage sheds can vary widely depending on the size, material, and features you choose. Consider the long-term cost of ownership, including maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, when making your budget.

Location: Choose the location of the shed carefully. Consider the accessibility of the location and make sure that it is in compliance with local zoning regulations. You also need to consider the orientation of the shed to ensure that it will receive enough sunlight, adequate ventilation, and ease of access.

Installation: Prefabricated sheds are heavy but quick for us to install. You should always consider hiring a professional contractor, like Keen’s Buildings, to install your shed or outdoor building. .

Storage sheds can be a valuable addition to your home that provides extra storage space, protects your items from the elements, and adds aesthetic appeal to your property. When buying a storage shed, consider the purpose, size, material, style, budget, location, and installation to find the best option for your needs.