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Are Metal Garages Worth It?

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The Unrivaled Benefits of Metal Garages: Why They’re Worth It

24x31x10 metal garages worth it

When it comes to constructing a garage, there are a variety of materials to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, steel and metal garages have increasingly become the preferred choice for homeowners and business owners alike due to their numerous benefits. In this article, we will explore the reasons why metal garages and steel buildings are worth the investment and why you should consider them for your next garage construction project.

Durability and Longevity of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings and metal garages are built to last. Unlike traditional wooden garages that are susceptible to damage from termites, rot, and weather-related wear and tear, steel and metal garages can withstand harsh environmental conditions without losing their structural integrity. High-quality steel and metal garages are engineered to be resistant to rust, corrosion, and fire, ensuring that they will stand the test of time and provide you with a reliable storage and workspace solution for years to come.

Low Maintenance of Metal Garages

Another significant advantage of steel and metal garages is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike wooden garages that often require periodic painting, staining, and sealing to maintain their appearance and protect them from the elements, steel and metal garages require minimal upkeep. With a simple washdown using a hose or pressure washer, your steel or metal garage will continue to look like new without the need for any time-consuming or costly maintenance procedures. Metal buildings and garages from Keen’s Buildings also come with a 20 year rust-through warranty.

Customization and Flexibility of Steel Garages

Steel garages and buildings can be easily customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a simple one-car garage, a spacious workshop, or a multi-bay storage facility, metal garages can be designed to accommodate your requirements. With the ability to easily add windows, doors, insulation, and even mezzanine floors, you can create the perfect space to suit your needs. Additionally, these steel buildings can be easily expanded or modified in the future, providing you with a flexible and adaptable storage solution.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Steel and metal garages are also an environmentally friendly choice. Many steel garage manufacturers use recycled materials in their production processes, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the construction. Additionally, steel buildings can be easily insulated with high-quality insulation materials to minimize heat loss, making them an energy-efficient option that helps you save on heating and cooling costs. By investing in a steel or metal garage, you’re making a conscious choice to reduce your environmental impact and save on energy bills in the long run.

Metal Garage Ease of Installation

Unlike traditional brick or wooden garages, which often require time-consuming and labor-intensive construction processes, metal garages can be erected quickly and efficiently. Many metal garages are available in pre-engineered kits that can be assembled by a team of professional installers or even by the homeowner themselves, depending on the size and complexity of the project. This faster installation time means that you can start using your new garage sooner, and the construction process will cause minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Cost-Effectiveness of Detached Garage

Detached steel garages are often more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts, both in terms of initial construction costs and long-term maintenance expenses. The prefabricated nature of many metal garage kits means that material and labor costs are often lower than those associated with brick or wooden garages. Furthermore, the low maintenance requirements and durability of steel and metal garages mean that you’ll save money on repairs and upkeep over the life of your garage.

Increased Property Value with Steel Buildings

A well-designed, durable, and low-maintenance steel or metal garage can add value to your property. Prospective buyers will appreciate the many benefits that steel and metal garages have to offer, making your property more attractive in the competitive real estate market.

Security and Protection of Metal Garages

One of the primary reasons people invest in garages is to provide a secure storage space for their vehicles, tools, and other valuable belongings. Steel/metal garages offer superior security compared to other garage materials. The robust and sturdy nature of steel and metal construction makes it difficult for potential thieves to break in, ensuring that your possessions are well-protected. Additionally, the fire-resistant properties of steel and metal garages provide an added layer of protection for your valuable items in case of a fire.

Aesthetic Appeal of Steel Garages and Buildings

Gone are the days when steel and metal garages were limited to basic, industrial-style designs. Today’s steel and metal garages are available in a wide range of attractive styles, colors, and finishes, making it easy to find a design that complements your home’s exterior and enhances its curb appeal. With options like vertical or horizontal paneling, decorative trim, and a variety of roofing styles, you can create a steel or metal garage that adds visual interest and aesthetic value to your property.

Metal Garages from Keen’s Buildings

Metal garages are a wise investment for those seeking a durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective storage solution. Their versatility and adaptability make them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from simple vehicle storage to expansive workshops and multi-purpose facilities. By choosing a metal garage, you’re not only investing in a practical and reliable storage solution but also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Keen’s Buildings has been providing portable buildings and steel garages for over 24 years and completed more than 75,000 installs.

So, are steel or metal garages worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. With their numerous benefits, including durability, low maintenance, customization options, energy efficiency, ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, increased property value, security, and aesthetic appeal, it’s clear that steel and metal garages provide an unmatched value for your investment. If you’re in the market for a new garage, it’s time to consider steel and metal garages as your top choice for a reliable and long-lasting solution.


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