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Large 16 X 24 2 Story Engineered Barn

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This large 2 story storage shed is great for a workshop, cabin, he/she shed, or a hunting cabin.  Built on site, this shed can be customized with a front porch and the color of your choice.  When it comes to extra storage space this storage shed is perfect for a variety of uses and is built on site.

At Keen’s Buildings, we work closely with you to choose your exterior colors and ensure you new structure meets your desired needs. Customers who have ordered this building has used it for a weekend cabin, workshop, and a destination for custom projects.

Our engineered shed is durable and will last for years. This ensures your possessions will be secure and you can visit our blog section to learn about care, and seasonal maintenance.

Available sizes: 14X20, 14X24x 16X20, and 16X24

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