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Converting Your 10×10 Shed Into a Workshop

Providing over 100 square feet of space, a 10×10 storage shed is the perfect size for your workshop project. Not only does a 10×10 shed provide ample room for your tools, but it also easily accommodates a standard six to eight foot wide workbench. 

However, before embarking on this conversion, it’s important to make note of the various features your shed-turned-workshop must have for enhanced safety, comfort, and usability. Unlike storage sheds used for recreational applications, a shed workshop will need to be up to code with local zoning requirements, particularly because they will require the implementation of various utilities. 

What utilities do I need to set up? 

If your work involves power tools, then you’ll definitely want your workshop to be equipped with electricity. In order to run any utilities – especially plumbing – it’s essential that your shed workshop be elevated to make space for lines and pipes. 

Though you could most certainly work off a portable generator for your shed workshop, it may not be ideal. Consider how many hours you plan on spending, as well as your approximate electrical load. This will depend on your devices as well as overhead lighting – and proper illumination in a workshop is essential. 

For larger electrical loads, adding a new circuit breaker to your house’s main panel and running an underground line from that is the way to go. You’ll also want an abundance of power outlets to ensure easy access to electricity for your tools. A grounded three-prong power outlet is the typical go-to, with the US National Electrical Code designating that they “must be positioned at least every twelve feet measured along the floor line.” 

Keep in mind that fussing around in a workshop can be messy work, so most handy people like to have a sink in the vicinity for quick wash-ups. This will require plumbing installation also, though you could rely on a mobile liquid tank if you’re on a budget. 

What shed type should I choose?

If you’re selecting a shed with a workshop application specifically in mind, it may affect the configurations you choose. For starters, opting for a barn-style shed with a gambrel roof is a favorable pick. This is because gambrel-style sheds offer up to 40% more overhead space for light fixtures, ceiling plugs and more. Having that higher clearance is a major advantage in what can easily turn into a cramped space. 

Furthermore, this barn-style layout is conducive to a loft addition. Adding a ladder-accessible loft to your shed workshop guarantees additional storage space without reducing square footage. You can store and organize various equipment, wood planks, and other paraphernalia up there while maintaining the space underneath for a workbench. 

Natural light is also a must for shed workshops, as light fixtures can only do so much. For this reason, selecting a shed with plenty of windows will go a long way. This will also ensure you have ventilation when you’re doing work such as welding, cutting, or brazing. 

What are some required features?

Beyond your utilities and overall floor plan, there are other features you’ll want to ensure maximum workshop efficiency. For starters, you’ll want to opt for pressure-treated floors like those that are standard in Keen’s Buildings projects. This chemically-treated lumber option ensures longevity and durability by being resistant to pests, rot, decay, mold, and other moisture damage. If these elements enter your workshop, they’ll undeniably cause damage to your materials.

It’s also crucial that your workshop flooring be level as warps, sagging, or slanting can compromise the structural integrity and the quality of your workshop. Rolling shelves and portable workbenches on wheels are popular in shed workshops, but these items require an even surface area. From here, you can add pressure-treated floor joists and anchor your structure for prime stability. Underneath portable storage buildings like those from Keen’s, we place concrete blocks and anchor the structure so it’s completely level. 

When correctly configured and constructed, portable storage sheds serve as some of the best structures for a workshop, giving you a space to create and keep all of your treasured projects.

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