Introducing Keen’s Buildings 3D Shed Design Tool

Customize Your ShedReal-Time 3D Customization Shed Design Tool

Exciting news from Keen’s Buildings! We’re proud to unveil our Online Shed Design Tool, revolutionizing the way you conceptualize and create your outdoor structures.

With our innovative 3D Shed Builder, not only can you personalize your shed, but you can also see it take shape in real-time, plus get pricing and payment options! Witness the magic of your designs coming to life as you make each selection.

🔹 Customizable Size Options – Choose the dimensions that cater to your storage requirements, whether it be for a cozy garden hideaway or a spacious workshop.

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Steps for Installing a Storage Shed

Lofted Barn Shed InstallationInstalling a storage shed involves several steps and considerations, especially if you want to ensure it is securely anchored with tie-downs. Here’s an overview of the installation process that a shed builder would typically use:

1. Select the Location: Choose a flat and level area for your shed. Avoid low-lying areas that accumulate water. Consider accessibility, as well as local regulations regarding setbacks from property lines.

2. Check Local Regulations: Before you start, check local building codes and homeowners’ association rules. Some areas might require a building permit for sheds over a certain size.

3. Prepare the Site: Clear the area of any debris, rocks, or vegetation. You may need to level the ground if it’s uneven. In some cases, a gravel or concrete pad may be necessary to provide a stable base.

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Top 10 Reasons DIY Garage Kits Aren’t for Everyone

Metal GarageDIY Garage Kits are a popular option for people looking to add a garage to their property without the high costs of hiring a contractor. However, they are not suitable for everyone due to various reasons. Here are the top 10 reasons why DIY Garage Kits may not be the best choice for everyone:

Time-Consuming: Assembling and constructing a garage kit can be very time-consuming, especially for individuals who have never taken on such a project before. For some, it may not be worth the amount of time and effort required.

Permit and Regulation Issues: Every area has different regulations regarding construction. DIY enthusiasts may not be aware of, or may underestimate, the complexity involved in securing permits and ensuring that the garage complies with local codes.

Quality Concerns: Some DIY Garage Kits may not be of the highest quality. Depending on the manufacturer, the materials included may not be durable or suitable for long-term use.

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Customization and Modular Storage Sheds

In an ever-evolving world where adaptability and customization have become paramount, modular storage sheds are revolutionizing the way we think about space. Gone are the days when storage sheds were merely small, nondescript spaces for keeping garden tools or old boxes. With advancements in modular construction and customization options, these buildings have morphed into incredibly versatile structures that can be adapted for myriad purposes, ranging from simple storage spaces to complex, multi-functional facilities. This article explores the limitless possibilities offered by customizable and modular storage sheds.

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Disaster Resilience of Metal Buildings

High-Wind Rated Sheds for Florida WeatherIn an increasingly uncertain world where natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires are becoming more frequent, the resilience of the built environment is paramount. Metal buildings have emerged as a frontrunner in this regard, offering unparalleled disaster resilience compared to traditional construction materials like wood and concrete. This article examines the properties that make metal buildings exceptionally resilient to natural disasters and discusses how this resilience makes them a smart choice for construction, especially in disaster-prone areas. Additionally, we spotlight Keen’s Buildings, a leader in the construction of metal buildings, and their contributions to this field.

Hurricane and Wind Resistance

Hurricanes bring not only torrential rain but also devastating winds. Conventional buildings can be severely damaged or destroyed by the force of hurricane winds. Metal buildings, however, are engineered to withstand high wind loads. The inherent strength and flexibility of metal, combined with aerodynamic designs, significantly reduce the wind pressure on the building. Moreover, metal roofing systems can be securely fastened to the structure, preventing them from being torn off by strong winds. In coastal areas and regions prone to hurricanes, metal buildings offer a robust shield against the relentless winds. Read more