Camper Carports vs. Traditional Storage: Why Sheltering Matters

Owning a recreational vehicle can be quite a financial commitment. It promises the allure of limitless travel and an unconventional lifestyle. Naturally, safeguarding this investment becomes an utmost priority for RV owners. When storing your precious RV, you may find yourself torn between the traditional storage options and the idea of a metal camper carport. 

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Why Does Shelter Matter? 

A camper shed goes beyond mere concealment. Custom RV carports prolong the lifespan of your RV, maintaining its appearance, functionality, and value. A camper carport can give you protection from the elements:




  • Sun: If you’re not careful, extended exposure to UV rays can wreak havoc on your precious RV. The paint can fade, the exterior finish can be damaged, and even the interior furnishings and fabrics may deteriorate over time. Taking precautions to protect your investment from these harmful effects is essential. 
  • Rain: Even the smallest cracks or gaps can be vulnerable to water infiltration, causing problems such as mold growth, mildew formation, and water damage. 
  • Wind: Don’t let strong winds ruin your RV’s exterior. With their powerful force, winds can easily carry debris that has the potential to cause scratches or dents. Protect your investment by taking necessary precautions during windy weather conditions. 

If you avoid exposure to harmful elements, you can reduce the need for pesky cleaning, repairs, and overall maintenance. This saves valuable time and helps you save significant money in the long run. 

Traditional storage options for a camper include: 

  • Renting outdoor RV storage lots 
  • Renting covered RV storage 
  • Parking in your driveway/backyard 

None of these are ideal because of the additional recurring cost of renting space or exposure to unwanted elements. 

7 Reasons to Consider a Camper Carport over Traditional Storage

Do you want to spend money every month paying to protect your camper? Renting a space isn’t as convenient as having your camper close to home. And, the storage facilities you pay for are shared facilities where you depend on them. Here are some reasons to get your own carport for your RV. 

1. Durable Protection

Regarding durability, metal camper carports stand out. Its resilience means it won’t rot, warp, or attract termites. Additionally, its fire-resistant properties provide an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. With RV carports, you can trust that they will withstand even the harshest weather conditions like rain, hail, heavy winds, and the damaging effects of UV rays. 

2. Cost-Efficient

Constructing a metal RV carport is a cost-effective alternative to building a fully enclosed garage and offers long-term savings. With lower construction expenses and minimal maintenance costs, a portable RV carport can be durable and accessible. 

3. Multipurpose and Versatile

These RV carports offer more than just storage for your RV. They are versatile spaces to host gatherings, BBQs, or outdoor activities. With these camper carports, you can make the most of your property by adding a functional and adaptable feature that enhances the overall living space. 

4. Customizability

Experience the ultimate customization options with our wide range of metal RV carports. Our engineers understand that every customer has unique needs, which is why we offer a variety of options to choose from. We have covered you whether you prefer a specific size, style, or even color. Rest assured that our flexible designs will provide the perfect fit for your RV and enhance your property’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

Aerial view of campers parked in a traditional parking lot

5. Ventilation

Camper carports offer a unique advantage with their open design, ensuring ample ventilation. This prevents moisture buildup, addressing one of the most common concerns associated with fully enclosed storage options—mold growth or mildew. With a camper shed, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected without compromising air circulation and maintaining a healthy storage environment. 

6. Property Value

By installing a metal RV carport on your property, you not only add value to your home but also provide a practical solution for RV owners or anyone in need of additional sheltered storage space. This versatile addition will undoubtedly be appreciated by those seeking convenience and protection. 

7. Easier Access

Investing in a camper carport lets you conveniently keep your beloved RV on your property. No more hassle of having to drive to a storage facility or deal with navigating through large lots. Having your RV readily available means you can hit the road whenever inspiration strikes without any delays. 

Get the Best Camper Carport for Your Needs

Keen’s Buildings offers hassle-free installation of RV carports, providing reliable protection for your valuable vehicles. Whether you own an RV, camper, motorhome, truck, ATV, or boat, our camper carports shield them from the potential damages caused by harsh weather conditions. Invest in our sturdy carports and enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicles are safe and secure all year round. 

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